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    Same time, Within the Kixeye fleet...

    Aboard his Sea Scorpion Admiral Todd Dredge watched Jessica McGregor's Fortresses move he'd heard of the attack on her precious base, he'd hoped she would see sense and abandon it to support the destruction of the UEF but it appeared not. "Can we raise McGregor on comm?" He asked watching her speciality Fortresses accelerate designed for speed, so far they hadn't taken part in this fight but Todd could have used them later in the fight.

    "No sir" the communications officer said. Todd watched as the ships pulled out of formation leaving a gap which UEF forces immediately moved towards he could do everything in his power to counter them but it was just one problem he'd encounter. His ships were under supplied due to their long stretch waiting in Sector 10 for the UEF, some were damaged due to the UEF's decoy attack launched against the forces there others were low on fuel due to the long trip to Sector 6. Now he had ships abandon their posts he shook his head if McGregor survived this little trip he'd have her executed.

    "Pull us out." He ordered "have as many forces as possible disengage with the UEF and fall back to Ocean's position." He said, his own fleet of Sea Scorpions would be easily able to disengage, some of the other units would as well but he'd lose ships in this, something else he'd have to thank McGregor for.

    Same time, Jessica McGregor's Flagship

    "Sir message from flagship, we are to return to our previous position and prepare for a frontal assault on the UEF."

    "Disregard all communications from Mr Dredge" Jessica said from her Fortress' central chair "plot course for Black Box, communications send a single message to them 'it's time to pack'" She ordered "then take us to communications silence, rig for maximum speed." She ordered, her Fortresses were designed for speed it was time to show this accelerating as fast as a Sea Wolf the formation of five ships slipped into transport formation, one ship behind the next. Their Siege Cannons were able to dissuade any form of pursuit from the UEF and from Dredge's forces. "Intelligence, I think it is time for to open orders plan nine." She said looking over at the Intelligence Desk and the two crewmen seated there, she remembered when she used to sit there receiving the orders. She knew what Orders 9 was while few others did. This time next week her ships may be plying the shipping lanes as an independent pirate force, she could imagine worse fates including what would likely happen to those still with Kixeye at the end.

    Shortly after, Captain's Fortress UEF

    The Captain stood on the bridge of his ship watching in amazement as the Kixeye fleet appeared to splinter then break, it had started with the five Floating Fortresses heading off on their own. The UEF had moved to take full advantage of this and charged to fill the gap splitting the Kixeye Corporation fleet, more UEF ships charged into the gap forcing the gap wider fighters from the Enterprise heaping further damage on the Kixeye vessels. This seemed to break up the Kixeye fleet, soon after formations of Leviathans, Wolves and Fortresses all began break away heading in their own direction courses all away from the UEF. Some were damaged enough to retreat but others were in almost pristine condition and could have fought on for hours. He couldn't understand it the large Sea Wolf-type ships in the centre of the formation had been firing missiles constantly for the entire engagement but now even they had begun to retreat.

    "You cowardly bastard" The Captain said trying not to smile.

    "Captain?" Commander Harsell asked looking over at his commander, now the Captain did smile, for the first time in weeks one of his crew had used his true rank.

    "That cowardly bastard at the centre of that formation" he same pointing at the now retreating Sea Scorpions "he can't match us. He can't even stand up to us or risk losing, instead he engages and retreats." The Captain said smiling "order all forces to regroup, salvage operations to commence on any and all damaged vessels, see if the Enterprise can stay with us, I'd like Duinhir to be with us until the end he's owed that much, if not offer him guest quarters if any survived the battle. And send word for our supply ships to make their runs as soon as they are able, I want to be repaired and ready to sail as soon as possible." He said making a series of orders he noticed that the Enterprise had fallen yet further behind the rest of the fleet, he doubted it could be patched up in time but it had served them well so far and its commander was due a seat at the final battle.

    "The course? Captain" the commander asked again using the Captain's true rank, it was one of those types of days everything had its time and place and this was just such a time.

    "We're going to end this war, pursuit course of those five ships, right to the heart of Kixeye held territory, no more road stops, no detours, no more targets but them we're going to end this." The Captain said triumphantly taking his seat at the centre of the bridge. The Commander stood there for a moment, bringing himself to full bearing he saluted the Captain holding the pose for almost a minute before barking a series of orders. The Captain sat there his eyes barely leaving the screens in front of him as he watched Kixeye's commander retreat again whispering a promise to low for anyone else to hear. "Only surrender or death, no retreat, it's you or me."  

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    "I never found the term ENDGAME fitting. War is not a game, war is deadly, brutal and sometimes completely unfair. Anyone who believes war is a game should have their head examined and take a good long look at life."

    - Flag Admiral Artan B Duinhir, Sector 73

    Somewhere over Sector 56,

    The winds buffeted the aircraft as it carried Flag Admiral Artan Duinhir over the Forsaken Seas. Sitting in the rear seat the Admiral was nothing but a passenger on this specially built aircraft. Shipped in pieces to the Enterprise it had been constructed for this one and only flight, it had no weapons to speak of, limited radar and radio equipment and one massive fuel tank. According to his engineers the aircraft had been lightened so much that it could potentially fly from Sector 1 to Sector 100 without stopping. Duinhir was very happy he didn't have to test that today, what he needed was in Sector 56.

    "Admiral, we are over the target area" the pilot shouted from the forward seat Duinhir looked out the canopy and saw them below. In the centre was the Hornet, a sister ship to Enterprise, she was flanked Four Floating Fortresses one of which would be the Electra his old trusty flagship, further out there was ten Sea Wolf-type destroyers providing a wider perimetre. All in all around ninety percent of what remained of the Admiral's surface fleet, the other two "Flat-top" carriers, more Sea Wolves and his salvaged Draconian Battle-cruisers and Battleship would still be in Sector 73 protecting his rebuilding Island and protecting the remains of his civilian population.

    Ir brought a glimmer of hope to Artan to see the old Electra back making a difference again, Joshua Holloway had kept her out of sight and out of mind for so long most had probably missed the fact it had not been in port during Kixeye's raid, it had survived intact and operational fighting Holloway's war. "I'm taking us down Admiral, I suggest you assume the crash position, this could get a little hairy." The pilot warned, Duinhir hated not being able to do anything but this was well beyond his expertise ducking down he braced himself for the worse. Moments later there was an impact and a screech from the aircraft's wheels as they impacted the Hornet's deck there was a strange but immediate sense that someone had grabbed the tail at the rear of the aircraft and was pulling back as the plane slowly slowed in momentum.

    The landing was not world class but the aircraft was intact and both of them were able to walk away from it which from what Duinhir had seen of his "great experiment" was not something to ignore. His people had done an awesome job in bringing aircraft back to the forces of the Forsaken and the aircraft aboard Enterprise had been decisive so far in countering the aircraft deployed by Kixeye.

    Moving deep into the bowls of the ship Duinhir was far more at home, after spending nearly a year aboard Enterprise as part of the UEF fleet he knew the corridors of Hornet like the back of his hand. The ship was nearly identical to Enterprise even after the battle damage both ships had taken during their service and the various repair jobs. He entered one of the main briefing rooms near the centre of the ship a marine guard shouted "Flag Admiral Duinhir entering!" As he moved into the room, at the table near the centre of the room he found Admiral Joshua Holloway and the ship's commander Captain John Ezchukwu the towering olive skinned man dwarfed both superior officers, both men saluted Duinhir as he approached which he smartly returned before extending his arm.

    "Mr Holloway, it's been a long time." He greeted as Holloway met him shaking his hand. "I see you've recovered?" He asked looking at Holloway during their time apart Joshua had ran a few operations of his own using the Electra and Hornet as his main base of operations, staying away from Duinhir's island he'd aimed to minimising the association the ship had with the place trying to avoid retribution strikes. During one such operation the Electra had been set ablaze by Draconian boarding forces as the crew fought a brutal hand-to-hand battle, Holloway had been caught in an explosion and received extensive burns to his back and arms, since then Holloway had recruited dozens of people foreign from the Admiral's island as he and his crew recovered from the battle.

    "Mostly, sir, although still tender in places." He admitted Duinhir nodded he'd known Joshua Holloway for a long time, sometimes the man acted on instinct before using his brain but more often than not he turned out to be one hundred percent right which gave Duinhir a lot of time for the man. "Sir, we're in position over the facility" he said turning to the table, Captain Ezchukwu manipulated the controls and a holographic representation of the Hornet appeared above the table Duinhir was impressed perhaps Hornet did have a surprise or two over the Enterprise. The image zoomed out showing the Hornet near the top above a moving line which represented the surface of the sea, under it four smaller images hovered over a structure. "As you can see our Predators are holding position over it acting as defence and as our eyes."

    "Is our prize intact?" Duinhir asked feverishly this one question would determine the value of this operation and perhaps the outcome of the war.

    "It would appear so, Admiral. There will be some work required to do but it should be ready." Holloway confirmed on the hologram the structure was now marked with a yellow trefoil symbol, the age old recognisable symbol for radiation, a nuclear facility.

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    UEF fleet, Sector 3,

    All resistance from Kixeye appeared to have fallen to pieces with nearly all their forces abandoning their bases and operations falling back to Sector 1. The UEF had been allowed to continue on nearly completely unmolested gathering numbers as they moved with further ships arriving with the supply convoys. Unlike the outnumbered fleet that had faced Kixeye in Sector 6 the UEF now numbered nearly seven hundred fleets of ships over one thousand individual ships and their crews, it was a gigantic armada which the seas had never seen. Not all the ships would see the final battle, some were too badly damaged and would be forced to return home, others were supply vessels making their final runs before others were ready almost itching to deliver the final blow against Kixeye's Headquarters the massive ship known as Ocean.

    "To attack Kixeye's Headquarters en-masse would be detrimental to our success." The Captain explained, "we need to approach Ocean just like we have approached Blackheart and the others that have stood and fallen against this fleet." He said around the table were the senior commanders of the fleet minus Admiral Duinhir who had chosen to leave the fleet with the Enterprise instead of remaining as a passenger aboard another ship. The Captain had been sorry to see him leave but understood his choice he wanted to make sure the crippled carrier made it home.

    Following Duinhir leaving the Captain had privately wondered if he could serve on another ship he'd become quite attached to this vessel and had a feeling he'd be like a captain of old taking the ship to the depths. "Instead we will break into individual battle groups each with an assigned task. If each of us attend to our duties we will be successful." He promised, there was few things in war that could be guaranteed but the Captain was certain that they could not be stopped. "Task Force Alpha, commanded by the Commodore Rick will strike at these two Battle Barges and their defences." The Captain said circling the Battle Barges attached one end of the massive ship Ocean he said glancing at the first forsaken pirate he'd met all those months, no years ago.

    "Not much of a target." Rick complained although the Captain knew he was probably wanting to complain more about the honour UEF rank than the mission, the Captain smiled.

    "Trust me, Commodore" he said making Rick as uncomfortable with it as the Captain himself felt "there is more to it, your forces will then rally here with the Legionaries as a ready reserve force." He said circling another part of the map turning to Admiral Johnson. "Admiral, we haven't fought with you much, I'd rather your remaining forces were in a position to go with the flow of combat. If any particular Task Force is struggling you are free to assist or you rendezvous with Rick's people. As an official member of the UEF I'd ask you to defer to his judgement."

    "Of course Commodore" the Admiral said using the Captain's UEF rank. "We have been ordered to do anything that you command." He said neutrally glancing at Rick "I have heard of Commodore Rick by reputation only an honourable man, for a pirate, I believe from your Sector 73 also?" The Captain nodded "we will support his efforts where possible.”

    "Task Force Beta, commanded by Commodore Simon Hell will do the opposite of Rick's forces and eliminate these two Battle Barges and draw their defences out of position." He said drawing a third map circle creating a third reserve point.

    "Why have three reserve points?" Hell asked "shouldn't we all go on the offence, once our objectives are made."

    "I'll explain" The Captain said continuing "Task Force Gamma, under command of Admiral Alacamenous Duinhir will be stationed here." He said drawing yet another position on the map this one far from battle.

    "Commodore, please my father may have been forced to retreat but my people are fully ready for combat and committed to this cause." The younger Duinhir protested the Captain knew that Alacamenous had offered his father a position aboard his vessel which he'd also refused.

    "I know Alan" he said using Alacamenous' given name "your force will be committed to one thing, anti-air protection. Ocean is a floating airstrip far larger than the Enterprise or her sisters. This thing is a monster more than likely full of aircraft. Your ships are covered in missiles with extended fuel cells and sophisticated targeting systems perfect for anti-air defence, I need your people to keep their fighters off me." The Captain stressed, Ocean was the site of KIXEYE's power he knew it also had to be the home of their air forces and these forces would be capable of turning the battle against them without a counter.

    "If we have no evidence of aircraft may we join you in the main assault?" Alacamenous asked almost pleading, he was young and needed tempered by time. The Captain intended on giving him that needed time.

    "Negative you will rendezvous at this point and form reserve four, and if able provide counter fire against Ocean's guns." The Captain said raising his hand to forestall an argument. "Gentlemen, all of KIXEYE's forces have recalled to Sector 1 but Todd has a force smaller than that he had in Sector 6. I smell a rat, a trap bigger than we've encountered so far. I don't intend on falling into it." He said drawing a final circle around the largest of the ships on the table "this is Task Force Omega, it will be under my direct command. We will assault Ocean directly and counter this formation of ships." He said pointing at a small group of ships closest to Ocean.

    "How do you know they won't be drawn away by either Rick's or my own attack?" Hell asked.

    "Because this fleet is commanded by the same man who led the force in Sector 6 and he doesn't want to face us in combat." The Captain said being more polite about his opponent than he had been previously on the bridge of his Fortress.

    "Commodore, I do not mean to offend but there are others in this fleet that has more fire-power that may be able to complete this mission better than you." Rick said trying to remain diplomatic, he was right the Captain's ships were not the toughest but this was something the Captain had to do.

    "Two more Floating Fortresses and two Leviathans with extended cell missiles arrive with the fleet tomorrow. They will augment my current Fortress and Leviathan force." He said two of his Leviathans were already on their way home due to battle damage although this would take the Captain's personal force to seven ships. He wasn't looking forward to coordinating them but the numbers would make up his fire-power nicely. "We will be ready, Ocean will fall in two days time."

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    You must have put so much effort into this story. I believe this should be the new Book of 2015! Lol
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    You must have put so much effort into this story. I believe this should be the new Book of 2015! Lol
    It was originally written in 2013 just had a few tweaks to it.  But I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far.


    Ocean, Sector 1

    "You are an absolute disgrace." Admiral Dredge said staring down at his son. "Not only did the UEF break your force in Sector 6 you retreat further scattered our forces! You couldn't even hold them together!" His father shouted angrily "you are hear-by reduced in rank to Captain, I will leave you in command of your Sea Scorpions, please prove your worth in command of these craft."

    "Father..." Todd began but saw the Admiral's face darken "sir, McGregor left our forces, she gave the UEF the opportunity it needed to strike us. With UEF forces inside our lines I had no choice but to fall back reorganise and prepare for the next battle."

    "McGregor, was following my orders, she has...." he paused covering up details Todd was not privy to "other problems to deal with." He said Jessica McGregor's force was currently embattled with the Legionaries in Sector 6 at her so called secret Intelligence Headquarters. Dredge hadn't heard from her since her Fortress squadron engaged the enemy forces, for a dead alliance they had truly returned with vengeance.

    "Sir, the UEF now approach here, when does Ocean move?" He asked normally when someone got close enough to threaten the massive twenty-one thousand ton vessel would change position keeping KIXEYE's leadership from danger and retribution.

    "We are going nowhere." Dredge told his son "I have ordered all your auxiliary forces to fall back here and support us. I have heard nothing from Daemonicus?"

    "He betrayed us, his fleet charged mine in Sector 6, his ships mixed with ours then the UEF attacked, I am unsure if he was killed or not."

    "If he didn't then he'll be another loose end to tie up." Dredge said shaking his head he'd thought his son was ready, perhaps he'd been wrong. "The rest are falling back from Sector 10-15 to support us. They will fall onto the UEF's back, between their anvil and our hammer we will crush them."

    "When will our reinforcements arrive?" Todd asked

    "If they remain in Sector 3, their first elements will be on them in two days if the UEF travel here three days." Dredge said, now it was back to a waiting game, the UEF had forced their hand by coming here now KIXEYE Corporation would survive as an entity on the high seas or it would survive as it had the years before the floods as an entity behind closed doors. Dredge had already made plans, KIXEYE Corporation would survive Jessica McGregor's Project Black Box was just part of the contingency, even if she failed Dredge had sowed the seeds for his people, and his plan to succeed."

    UEF Fleet, Sector 2. Captain's Fortress

    The two days ticked by slowly the Captain went over the plan one hundred times and put out what seemed like a dozen bush fires amongst his UEF allies as tempers frayed and nerves began to show. The fleet sailed through Sector 3 and into Sector 2 without a single challenge, in these sectors they found destroyed island after the next. Without anything pressing to concern himself with he'd taken to spending time with Rachel and his young daughter Jaylen, although he knew their being here would endanger their lives he was glad for it now, here at the end.

    "It'll be over quicker than we know then we can go back to our lives." Rachel sad trying to keep his spirits up, she was a bright light in his life. She'd always seen the bright side of things even when they were both injured following Blackheart's attack, she had reminded him almost daily that it was that attack and the injuries they sustained that brought them together.

    "It will be over one way or the other" he said quietly Jaylen now almost two years was growing fast crawling everywhere moving faster than the Captain could walk and she was into everything. The Captain had thought a raiding pirate was inquisitive but they had nothing on his daughter. By the time they returned home the Captain had visions of her running around the Fortress. The Captain made a mental note to have the engineers make safe his quarters rounding off sharp edges and such. "I need you both to remain below during the attacks behind as much armour and bulkhead as you can find." He said looking at his wife who offered him a smile.

    "I helped Owen complete the designs on this thing, I know what makes her tick and where to go during a fight. Won't make much difference anyway one spark of the ammo and this thing will go up like a rocket." She reminded him the Captain had to admit she was right if the Shockwave mortar ammo was hit they'd be dead, but so far the ship's luck had held, just a little further.

    "If we get boarded, I have a squad of marines with orders to get you off the ship and into open seas. Cougar's wolves or one of our allies will pick you up." He said still worrying about the details of battle, an experienced combat veteran now even he should know that rarely does plans survive a coming battle, especially when there were other forces acting.

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    Fortress Electra, Sector 56

    It was time. Duinhir's engineers had done everything in their power to make the facility operational and it's single missile active. Some of them had spent nearly nine days straight underwater in the submerged facility. According to all reports they were ready to launch "direct all ships to clear the launch path, I don't want anyone caught by this thing's wake." Duinhir ordered

    "Sir, incoming surface contacts!" One of the crewmen shouted before anyone could even answer Duinhir's order.

    "Cancel launch orders." Duinhir said looking at Holloway "what are they?"

    "It appears to be a group of forsaken ships" he answered looking at the radar readouts "fighter CAP, confirms a group of thirty Forsaken Warships."

    "Hail from the lead vessel." The communication's officer announced activating the bridge speakers

    "I repeat this is the Forsaken Loyalists, Admiral Duinhir, you will stand down operations immediately or be considered a hostile and eliminated." The female voice said, her voice seemed familiar but it was so distorted Duinhir couldn't place the name. He reached for the controls to reply to the communications then remembered he was aboard the Electra and she didn't have all the technical improvements his other ships had, reaching above his head he grabbing the hand microphone.

    "This is Admiral Artan Duinhir, who do you think you are ordering me to stand down?" He asked annoyed he was a pirate, he did as he chose no-one ordered him around like an underling.

    "Your wife." She replied Duinhir was stunned, was he so far removed that he couldn't even recognise is own wife's voice? "I know what your plan is Artan, I won't let you do it." Duinhir's mind was racing Rowen had been attacked by KIXEYE as well she knew their destructive power, how could she stop him now? His mind raced where did she find the ships for this interference?

    "It has to be done."

    "You will kill them all their people, our people, your own son. I won't let you do it, and others agree with me. If your ships attempt to clear a launch zone we will blockade it, if you try to defend it we will attack you."

    "Rowen..." he began to argue but couldn't find the words, his own wife had turned against him, through everything they had suffered, it was the last thing he'd expected.

    "We can destroy her force." Holloway cautioned Duinhir before he made a choice "we have the air power and the ships. Our crews are more experienced our weapons more powerful. And I can have reinforcements here to support us when needed"

    "She is my wife" Duinhir said angrily at Holloway, of all the things he wouldn't do was fire on the one person he loved and who loved him back. Grabbing the microphone he tried to speak again "Captain Rowen, what do you suggest we do instead? KIXEYE cannot be allowed to prevail."

    "Replace the warhead with a conventional one, trust your son and his allies." She said her ships continued to close the Electra's sensors identified each ship as carrying short range weapons and noted that all the ships were targeting Duinhir's ships. He almost smiled, one reason this weapon had not been used was because of the strategy that involved it. Known as M.A.D it stood for Mutually Assured Destruction, the idea being that if someone used this weapon others would use their and destroy them in an equally devastating counter attack. Although his opponent did not have the weapons to match Duinhir in destructive capability they did have enough to destroy his forces in the coming battle despite Holloway's assurances.

    "That could take days." He protested, he knew her answer before the reply even came. “We do not have the time!”

    "It would be time well spent and time for your son to succeed."

    Alacamenous flagship, UEF fleet, Sector 2

    For years Alan Duinhir had been in his father's shadow, simply put his father had more fire-power, experience and in some cases more drive than his son. When his father's Enterprise had retreated Alan had offered his father a place on his ship, it was the right thing to do, but when he'd refused the younger Duinhir was quietly pleased. Finally he'd have a chance to make his mark without his father's presence. Now however he was again in the shadows this time from the Captain of Michaels Island who had as much drive and motivation as his father if not more.

    Alan respected the man, he couldn't not respect him, he'd come from nowhere and brought down a pirate lord who had troubled two sectors by sheer force of will and personality. He'd forged the UEF by carefully selecting allies who would support the same goals, Alan himself included, and he'd focused them all on a common enemy. But now in those last days when Admiral Alan "Alacamenous" Duinhir had his chance to take the fight to the enemy, to force KIXEYE to its knees, he had been reduced to a support role. The Captain's arguments that Alan's ships were designed for long range combat were completely correct, Alacamenous liked missiles he had wolves, leviathans and fortresses all with missiles all very destructive all very capable. But the role he'd been given eliminating KIXEYE's air threat was a limited one, one that would offer little glory.

    Sitting in his quarters he quietly wondered if anyone ever wrote a story what would the story of the great Admiral Alacamenous Duinhir be, would he be the man who's ships were instrumental in the destruction of KIXEYE Corporation or would he be the footnote? Always overshadowed by other pirates in the history of the Forsaken. Could he live with being a footnote? Or would he stand up and be counted when it mattered more than anything else? The time on the clock struck 06:00 he'd gotten no sleep, the alarm rang echoing against the bulkhead, it was time for the attack to begin.

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    "It is the actions not words of a man that define him."

    - Admiral Alan "Alacameonous" Duinhir, Sector 73

    UEF, Sector One

    Ocean was massive, even at a distance, the Captain could see the remains of the ship that was once part of the British Royal Navy before the world went to hell. He could see where Kixeye had added storage areas to the front and aft of the vessel where a construction and maintenance shipyard had been added to one side of the vessel and a where a docking and resupply area had been added to the other. These additions had made the ship nearly twice its previous size making its ancient engines unable to effectively move the vessel Kixeye Corporation had added four Battle Barges to the vessel allowing it to move while two Leviathans had been added along the sides of the shipyard and docking area adding armour and and defensive weapons the bulk of these vessels added to the size and width of the massive vessel. Finally along the vessel's huge flat topped hull there were additional missile, cannon and mortar turrets as well as flak and anti-mortar emplacements. One side of Ocean was a large cargo carrier vessel half the size of Ocean but still massive, it carried hundreds of containers stacked up on the decks almost like bricks. The other vessel looked like a floating shipyard covered in cranes and gridders everything one would need to build a ship at sea.

    Their main target was as massive as the Captain had feared, and as heavily armed, a tough nut to crack. As the UEF approached from the upper deck of Ocean four attack helicopters raised into the air. Unlike the tilt-rotor aircraft previously seen these were traditional helicopters like those seen previously over Michaels Island a single rotor over a double cockpit, two stubby wings carrying missiles and a single large cannon under the cockpit. Further out UAV craft circled the vessel creating a defence perimetre.

    "Task Force Omega, Alpha and Beta move to first stations. Task Force Gamma first targets in play." The Captain transmitted to the other formations. From the flanks of the Captain's force both Commodores Rick and Hell brought their forces forward engaging the Leviathans and Battle Barges along the flanks and at either ends of the Ocean's hull. Missiles and mortar fire engaged from both sides ships on both sides took hits as additional Leviathan, Battle Barge and Floating Fortresses moved to assist in the Ocean's defence. Ships commanded by Captains Buk and Alex War assigned to the two Task Forces fell out of formation or were completely destroyed by the Kixeye counter fire. Over them all missile fire from Alacamenous' Task Force Gamma filled the air cutting two of Kixeye's helicopters and several UAVs from the sky, the remaining aircraft tried to keep as close to the waves as possible under Alacamenous' cover fire.

    Sector 56, Command Fortress Electra

    "We've had reports that the UEF have engaged Kixeye Corporation forces within Sector 1 possibly against Ocean itself. Our new high altitude recon aircraft are on their way." Admiral Joshua Holloway said entering the bridge, Duinhir almost smiled he hadn't been aware the special project aircraft were operational yet. "We've completed removal of all but one of the warheads on the missile, we can use the others later..." He said his voice trailing off as he saw Duinhir was staring at one of the monitors. "I assume Captain Rowen has refused to back down?"

    "She has continued to remain against our plan to launch." Duinhir confirmed, Joshua shook his head remembering when they were all together in the Old Republic, thinking of Duinhir's plan for the future and what could happen. "She continues to hold position along with the other Forsaken Loyalists."

    “That could be a problem." Holloway said quietly "now that the missile is prepared, we can launch when ready." He said stepping in front of Duinhir "frighten her off." he urged.

    "She's still my wife." Duinhir said quietly "I won't kill her unless I have to." It was a line he didn't want to cross "have our special squadron move into position." he ordered looking at Holloway, "I will try to reason with her again. Have launch control ready, as soon as we move they are to launch."

    "If she doesn't move..." Holloway asked leaving the question asked

    "I'll make her" he confirmed Holloway nodded and headed away from the Flag Admiral who reached up for the microphone it was still strange after so long on the Enterprise and his Draconian vessels to have a phone on a cord again. "Enterprise Actual to Captain Rowen."

    "Rowan here"

    "As a Flag officer of the Old Republican Guard I order you to stand down."

    "The Republic is gone Artan, stop living in the past, it fell most of its members dead and buried. We are now all Forsaken just pirates." She said it pained him to hear her speak in such a defeatist tone. "Our only chance is for Kixeye to be defeated by the UEF."

    "And my plan guarantees it!" Artan screamed into the phone.

    "At the cost of our son's life." Rowan reminded him.

    "Did you know it was his Slayers that made finding the facility possible?" Duinhir said "he knew all about the plan and he agrees with it."

    "Did he know about the part where you run away with Joshua?" Rowan taunted him Duinhir had asked his son to join them but he'd refused he wouldn't abandon the UEF. He said it was his place to be and whatever Duinhir had to do he would understand. The Admiral hated that this was the choice left to him but what needed to be done needed to be done.

    "The Republic must continue!" Artan shouted finally losing patience with her did she not understand he was the Republic's last hope. "Captain Rowan, you and all Forsaken Loyalist forces get one chance, stand down or I open fire."

    "We aren't going anywhere. Burn your last bridge." Rowan replied it was a defiant call that Duinhir understood if he fired she'd want nothing to do with him ever again. Duinhir returned the phone to its holder.

    "Sir, burst comm. signal from Rowan's flagship, unknown destination." The communication's officer warned

    That broke it for Duinhir one last betrayal from his wife. "Joshua, give the command weapons released, Helm all ships push forward." He ordered Joshua began to call our commands, behind and around Rowan's fleet four Dreadnoughts appeared from almost nowhere all four were equipped with a new weapon in Duinhir's arsenal high-speed rail-cannons the hyper-velocity slugs slammed into the rear of Rowan's formation as the Wolves and Fortresses of Duinhir's fleet pushed forward. To either side of the Loyalists Stalker and Slayer Submarines engaged the Loyalist forces. "I want any survivors recovered if possible." Duinhir said quietly as he watched Rowan's flagship torn open by a massive impact. The new weapon was developed to be housed on a base emplacement, only the Dreadnoughts captured by Joshua were capable of housing them each weapon took up two conventional weapon turrets and they made it nearly impossible for the ship to move and fire at the same time but they were devastating weapons. Even with only four ships equipped with them Duinhir's forces would tear the Loyalists to pieces.

    As Duinhir's forces pressed forward the Loyalists began to buckle and break, behind Duinhir's fleet the Peacemaker X Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launched from under the waves it's solid fuel booster pushing it out of the water on a ballistic trajectory towards Sector 1. The bridge if the Electra erupted into cheers and applause but the Admiral could not join them "forgive me, my son." was all he could whisper watching the rear monitors as the missile raised into the atmosphere.

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    UEF Fleet, Athens, Sector 1

    Although he hated being in a reserve position Admiral Alacamenous understood the Captain's plan and could see wisdom in his Task Force's mission so far they had swatted eight Kixeye manned aircraft and twice as many UAVs from the sky. And they had kept their enemies in position unable to flee with Task Forces Alpha, Beta and the Legionaries helping there was no-way any of the Kixeye forces could escape.

    Task Force Omega was pushing the attack now closing on the Sea Scorpion fleet they'd encountered in Sector 6 and the Ocean herself. The massive Behemoth was on fire in many places and couldn't move it was a sitting duck. Most of its defences had been damaged or disabled by the other Task Force elements during their initial attacks. If the Sea Scorpion's could be stopped then Kixeye's Headquarters would fall against the massed forces of the UEF they had no chance it was only time now. Even from his distant position Alacamenous could see that the Captain's plan had always been to safeguard as many as possible but still guarantee the end of Kixeye Corporation. His forces had taken the heaviest damage of them all and he was making one last push under their covering fire.

    "Sir, burst communication from Captain Rowen." the Comm. officer called out passing it to Alacamenous' screens, he scanned the message quickly, which was brief almost immediately he was on his feet.

    "Helm alter course fifteen degrees to starboard. Communications to all Task Force Gamma units cease fire. Repeat CEASE FIRE!” He bellowed surprising everyone “Immediately reconfigure weapons to long range dispersal fire. Flak fire coordinates to follow." He said moving to the map table looking at Sector 56 then at Sector 1. He input some commands then send the coordinates to firing control. "Weapons coordinates sent fire when ready. Communications distribute as needed." To his crew's credit no-one questioned his orders instead moving the massive Fortress to it's new position.

    "How many barrages?" The crewmen asked still reconfiguring the weapons firing control.

    "Until our magazines are dry, Communications copy to all units in this task force. Copy it to all other task forces." Alacamenous ordered hoping he'd been quick enough. He knew the plan, but now they didn't need it, his father didn't know how much they'd accomplished without their final solution. Alacamenous wondered what it had cost his mother to send the message when she had and how far his father had gone with his master plan. Had he seen the birth of the new tyrant of the waves or a saviour.

    UEF Fleet, Task Force Omega, Sector 1

    As Omega moved forward they moved as a pyramid of fire with the Captain's augmented fleet of three Fortresses and four Leviathans leading the way, followed by four Dreadnoughts from Captain Nine-won-three and PBO, behind them Fortresses of Christopher Seaking and Mark Red and behind them dozens of Wolves, Battle Barges and even Marauders from nearly everyone of the 500 Sectors. The Captain had seen ships from all over the globe travel here to join them proving the UEF was not just one rebel sector it was everyone raising up to say their oppressors could no longer continue down the same path. The Draconians were still powerful and numerous but the Forsaken could manage them now it was Kixeye's turn.

    "Helm all ahead" he ordered the entire formation began to move. Around them Kixeye helicopters buzzed Task Force Omega "see if Gamma can give us more cover." He called out as the ships continued to move forward, the two Thud Leviathans were torn to pieces by the defence barrages of the remaining core Kixeye formation the ships following them pushed through past the wrecks the Captain focused on the flame painted vessels that had avoided him since Sector 6.

    "Sir Task Force Gamma has ceased it's barrage!" Someone shouted as the Fortress rocked under fire "they are targeting... the sky!" The Captain looked at the screens which confirmed the warning, he was tempted to counter-order Alacamenous but he knew the man must have a reason.

    "Alacamenous knows what he's doing" the Captain said as the Fortress took further hits from the remaining helicopters, UAVs and turrets of Ocean "Helm, we need more speed, weapons target those ships as soon as we are in range." He ordered pointing at the flame painted vessels. Fire from both sides intensified ships fell out of formation mangled beyond recognition, others burned white covered in flame. Alongside them several Kixeye vessels also drifted with no power taking on water.

    Kixeye Defence Fleet, Sea Scorpion Prime, Sector 1

    The entire battle had flashed past in no time at all Todd thought if you blinked you would have missed it. Now it was coming too close to home directly opposite his forces. The front formation was led by the same ship that had pushed him in Sector 6 and now hounded them here. Behind them other forces of the UEF were arrayed Kixeye would fall today however Todd did not plan on following them. As the formation of UEF vessels continued to close Todd watched as the missile ships began to fire into the skies filling the sky with fire.

    "There is out gap!" He said triumphantly, our ships can outstretch those against us, we have a chance to live..." Todd whispered however looking at their faces he could see that they were not willing to run, there were civilians aboard Ocean families of the crew. "I didn't want to live forever" he quickly added regaining his composure. "Helm, all ahead full, we'll tear through them." he ordered the Sea Scorpion was in effect a more armoured, better armed Sea Wolf and they acted like the smaller vessel shooting forward at speed larger vessels simply could not match. Behind them the remaining Kixeye Floating Fortress guard fleets followed guns blazing.

    Missiles, cannons and mortars from both sides slammed their opposition, the four Leviathans escorting the three Fortresses at the front of the UEF formation were tossed aside cut to pieces by missile and cannon fire from Todd's ships, their destruction exposed the remaining ships to fire however had cost Todd's force three of their Sea Scorpions. More fire from the UEF massing against them told all the story Todd needed to know he was doomed to fail. Even as he ordered his ship into a suicidal charge against the lead fortress he knew then end was close. Behind this force was another, and another, and another...

    Captain's Fortress, UEF, Sector 1

    "Commodore the last ship is charging us! They are trying to ram!" one of the watch officers shouted across the bridge the Captain looked, the last battered flame painted Kixeye ship was supported by six Fortresses.

    "Have PBO and Nine-won-three engage the starboard opponents, Seaking and Red to engage the port. We will take the last ship" the Captain said his ship was battered weapons and armour destroyed by weapons fire but he wouldn't back down not now, not this close. Ocean's guns had all but fallen silent now, long range missile fire from the Legionaries Reserve force had silenced them.

    "Incoming airborne target!! It's massive." Another officer shouted, most of the Kixeye's helicopters and UAVs were destroyed, maybe they had left their last surprise until the end.

    "Show me" the Captain ordered, external cameras were down all the captain could see was a heat signature moving rapidly towards the centre of Sector 1 it's altitude was all wrong and its speed too fast for anything Kixeye had developed. "What on earth...?"

    Over Sector 1, ICBM S137PMX

    Launched from Sector 56 the Peacemaker X ICBM had flown in an arced trajectory its booster engines slowly breaking of as it reached its peak altitude and began its decent. The small computer brain controlling the weapon went about its task without a care. The builders of the weapon had been careful and methodical in their programming of the intelligence that controlled the missile and its payload. Although it was not a true Artificial Intelligence it could adapt to make sure it hit its programmed target. For many years the missile had been left untouched, unvisited, until recently where it had been brought back to life, finally the missile would fulfil its purpose. For some reason the humans had modified the missiles payload removing several of the warheads encased in its nose cone, fortunately they had left enough for the computer to complete its primary mission to deliver a nuclear detonation on target. They had finally decided to launch the missile hours after arming the warhead only for the missile to find itself launched through water instead of the air it had expected. The solid fuel boosters had taken longer to force the missile through the thick water than it would thin air but then it had soon been airborne destined for its target.

    "TARGET CHANGED POSITION - NEW COORDINATES 432,671" the sensors detected, within a nano-second the computer had deducted the corrections.

    "Fire thruster 1, 2 second burst" the computer ordered, the missile followed it's commands and effortlessly slipped through the air.

    "TARGET REAQUIRED." Moments later however another sensor beeped "OBSTRUCTION IN PATH, ALTER COURSE OR RISK DAMAGE TO PAYLOAD, TARGET LOST. REAQUIRE, REAQUIRE." The computer analysed the obstruction hundreds of detonating warheads in the atmosphere, probably not enough to damage the missile but maybe enough to spoilt the direct hit. The computer quickly made a choice.

    "Fire thruster 3, 3 seconds, reacquire target and compensate." The missile began to shift but something went wrong Thruster 3 refused to fire, damaged during the missile's water launch. The computer brain compensated ordering the missile to roll and use another thruster but it was too late the missile ploughed through the exploding missiles. The Computer lost all connection to the missile, the tiny brain unable to control its decent had only one option. "Fire final stage."

    "FIRING, IMPACT SIXTY SECONDS, FIFTY-NINE..." the countdown began, if the missile had been human it would have felt the massive G-forces being put on the missile by the firing of the last booster, instead the computer had nothing to do but wait.

    The seconds ticked down slowly and finally impact. Water! The computer controlling the missile would have screamed if it had lungs, and could understand, it had missed its target instead hitting water. As it plunged into the water the engines cut out, the missile could detonate now any time instead it would follow its orders and wait thirty seconds after impact. The missile was designed to burrow deeply into the ground before detonating, it would have likely torn through its target and exploded in water anyway but now sinking into the water the computer only had one thing to do.

    "Execute final sequence authorization: GOODNIGHT" the computer ordered it was a simple code for a brain controlling a weapon intended for so much destruction. Roughly sixty metres below the water, less than one hundred metres from its target, the 300-kiloton warhead exploded.

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    "We have been called many things friends, allies, family, enemies, nemesis, but in then end we are all just... Pirates"

    The Captain, Sector 73

    15 Years later, Senior Classroom, Michaels Island, Sector 73

    Everyone had heard this story a thousand times from a thousand mouths however this was the first time that it had come from someone who was so closely connected to the origin of Michaels Island's introduction to the world they lived in, so close to those who had made the decisions that had shaped the early Draconian and the Kixeye Corporation conflicts. The classroom sat stunned, the teacher almost smiled his star pupil had pulled off a master-class presentation, it was easily the highest mark of the day for presentation now he wondered how she would deal with the questions. Presenting a story was important being able to justify it was another matter it often made this part of the lesson interesting especially if the pupil did well.

    "What happened to them?" Paul asked sitting near the front the ginger headed boy always ready for a quick comment or to bring someone down, this time asking an honest question. "I mean to the Duinhirs, Dr Rachel and the others... were they all killed."

    "Some were." Steven said grimly answering the question "they died horrible deaths, burned alive by radiation and with fire that would not go out. Others drowned unable to fill their lungs with air." He said there were screams from other students as Steven began to become more graphic.

    "Steven, be quiet, your presentation was yesterday. It is Jaylen's turn to answer questions." The teacher said looking back to the young woman standing at the front of the class "please continue."

    "Thank you" she said graciously "as Steven said, some died. The explosion from the nuclear warhead was massive beyond anything anyone had seen since the world war, the water had dampened the explosion but not by much. Instead it created somewhere for the pressure to build up the explosion created a tidal wave the washed over all the remaining Kixeye and UEF forces present. The water outright sank some ships smashing them to pieces others it crippled beyond repair, hundreds upon hundreds died, some just washed completely off their vessels. Ocean Kixeye's massive base ship was crippled by the explosion and wave half overturned by the blast the ship took on so much water that Kixeye abandoned her to the sea. Admiral Dredge head of Kixeye's defence was killed, on the UEF's side both Mark Red and Christopher Seaking, the Captain's who had supported the Captain's ship to the end, were killed, Captain Alex War and Sub-master Angelique both supporting Alacameonous's forces were also killed as the wave carried on snapping Angelique's subs like twigs while sinking Alex War's entire war fleet none of them to be seen again.

    "The wave continued on swamping multiple Forsaken islands, Kixeye bases and Draconian Outposts as it went. The biggest wave known to mankind devastated the area, thousands paid for it not just our enemies." She said raising her arms to take them all in. "As for the Duinhirs, Admiral Artan Bacius Duinhir formed the New Republic based on O'ahu island. The ancient Hawaiian Islands had raised during a massive volcanic explosion during the great flood. He his wife Rowen Duinhir and much of her surviving crew as a traitors to the Republic and installed Joshua Holloway as his Warlord commander while Duinhir styles himself as President of the New Republic."

    "And Alacamenous?" Another asked "he didn't die? He was my favourite character!"

    "Alacamenous survived the tsunami however his warship fleets were crippled, he disappeared for a about three years. Some believe he joined his father's New Republic instead when he returned he reformed his mother's Forsaken Loyalists which continues to oppose many of the things his father's New Republic tried to put in place. Soon after Alacamenous' return his mother also reappeared in public giving up all claims to a pirate fleet she joined Alacamenous on his island and attempted to organise efforts to oppose the Republic." She said pausing briefly "ever since a cold war..." she glanced at the teacher making sure it was the right term when he nodded she continued "a cold war has existed between the Loyalists and the Republic. Although they rarely come to blows they are opposed to each other's policies. We and other forces of Sector 73 have found ourselves in the middle of their conflict even as the Draconians and Reavers continue to attack our islands." Another student raised his hand a question already playing on his features "Yes Allan?" She asked ready for the next question already she'd been asked more questions than anyone else during their talk however the teacher had not stopped them.

    "Dr Rachel McManus" he began thinking carefully Jaylen remained silent "she is your mother?" It was part a statement part a question Jaylen blushed slightly as the truth was revealed. "You were the baby in the story." He said this time a statement of fact and not one Jaylen could deny "and that would mean." He said continuing to his conclusion "that The Captain, and later Commodore, was your father." Jaylen could feel the tears forming at the corner of her eyes as she remained silent "but the Captain's ship and crew..." he said breaking off mid-sentence. For so many years Jaylen's true past had been obscured her mother had ordered it following the Battle of Sector 1. Her daughter would be treated no differently than other children and nor would others treat her wrongly because of the past the Captain had led many to their deaths. Before anyone else in the room could speak and before the tears ran from Jaylen's eyes there was a clapping from the rear of the room all eyes turned to see the newcomer.

    "You did well." Senator Rachel McManus said "a more true telling of our history and of our sacrifice than I think anyone else has told" she said moving gracefully past the tables around the room "Mr McKenna may I be allowed to address the class?"

    "Please Madam Senator" he said stepping back away he and other teachers had known about this story and about Jaylen's true past but few had spoken of it or questioned the commands from the Senator. "I hope you all listened well to this tale." She said quietly "our people paid dearly for Jaylen to be able to tell the story and for you to live the lives you do now." She said looking at them all Michaels Island was rarely attacked by pirates or Draconians the Reavers, who had capitalized on the failures of Kixeye and the Draconians added a new layer of threat but even they were held back by the island's commited defence fleet. "As the story tells the battle ended unresolved both the Forsaken and Kixeye existed beyond it. Kixeye a diminished force continues to exist in forms we see every day." She said referring to the slow but steady return of air power to the skies and the Forsaken forces beginning to act with Draconian Imperial Forces. "If you take nothing from this story other than this please remember everything in life costs something. We all pay the costs of who came before us, their mistakes their actions, make sure your children don't regret what you do with your life." She said as she finished Allan rose his hand again.

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    "Senator, your husband the Captain..." He began but couldn't finish

    "My husband, his crew and his ship are still listed as missing to the seas" she said quietly recalling the events of the battle and the aftermath. "When the remaining Legionaries arrived from Sector 6, it was a mop-up and Search and Rescue Operation they found us" she said putting her arm around Jaylen "in a life raft, the marines my husband had assigned to our protection had made sure we escaped the ship before it disappeared. No sign or trace of the Fortress was ever found nor was any sign of Todd's vessel both lost to us forever. His disappearance made me choose to return to a more and to take a more active role after the war had ended, when I returned I became a Senator and was determined that all of you would be prepared for our future." She said looking at them all meeting each person's gaze "Senator Michaels chose to become commander of our ships at sea carrying on the Captain's work until his daughter Laura could take over. We have all agreed that past differences no longer matter the Future is what is important to our people." She said finishing from one side Mr McKenna was the first to start clapping he was quickly joined by everyone else in the room from the door others could be seen clapping as well the story had gained much attention.

    "I think that is it for today." Mr McKenna said as the applause slowly died down "we'll see to the grades tomorrow. Class dismissed" there was a cheer the class as everyone piled out of the room as quickly as possible Senator McManus slowly guided her daughter from the room steering her from the school suite of the outpost down towards the Shipyard docks.

    "Where are we going?" Jaylen asked curious, she was rarely allowed into the docks on her mother's explicit order now she was being taken there. Slowly entering Owen's office which hadn't changed in years she saw the old Tech Captain sitting in his mobility chair, he'd given up using his artificial leg years ago now content to using the chair, something he detested in his youth.

    "Ah, our star storyteller." He said smiling as she entered with her mother out of the window Jaylen could see a massive vessel under construction. "So you finally finished the story was it worth it?"

    "It felt nice." Jaylen admitted, for years she'd hidden her true history her father's true story. No longer was he another pirate name on the board of remembrance, finally he would have the acknowledgement he deserved at least in her mind.

    "About damned time." Owen said chuckling away to himself "I told you she'd want to tell it one day." She said looking at Rachel the Senator nodded smiling "your father would have been so very proud of what you did and what you will do." He said Jaylen felt strange gaining trust and support for something she'd yet to prove but was glad she had the support behind her. Her intentions were simple join the naval academy and become a ship commander like her father, she'd made it clear the day her mother had told her the story. She'd seen the haunting in her mothers eyes at the chance of losing her only daughter, and she'd seen the pride of this child willing to follow in her father's steps into the unknown. "Well now I guess you're wondering why you're here?" Owen said changing the subject as he saw both Rachel and Jaylen's reaction to the plans for the future.

    "Yes" Jaylen whispered again looking out the window at the ship under construction. It was as larger than any other warship ever built at the shipyard a single massive hull with almost twice the firepower of a Floating Fortress. The ship even in its half constructed form looked lethal.

    "I see you like our newest creation?" Owen said quietly "Captain Harlock provided us with the basics and we took it from there. Better armed and armoured than anything else anyone has ever seen." Owen explained "she's designed as a hunter with superior deflection capabilities against all form of radar the first of her class anywhere in the word. Better armour and better electronics than anything else." Owen said proudly.

    "What's her name?" Jaylen said leaning more closely to the window looking at the hull still free from the sea, from what she could see it was almost finished.

    "The class is called the Triton, the ship's name..." Owen said quietly looking at the Senator behind her daughter, Rachel nodded "her name will be your fathers." Owen confirmed Jaylen glanced at her mother who smiled as tears began to show. No ship had been named after her husband all ships had followed the same naming conventions of the ones before the first of their class, the second and so on....

    "It's time" Rachel said quietly, Jaylen knew what she meant time for them to honour her father and time for them to accept that he was not missing at sea, but lost at sea.

    "I just need to get the spelling right..." Owen said quietly "you see, your mother tells me you are particularly good at your spelling and I just wanted to make sure I got it completely right." He said smirking cheekily Jaylen looked at her mother who nodded her agreement. Pulling herself away from the window standing to attention Jaylen looked at the Tech Captain and smiled broadly happily.

    "My father was Captain..."

    The End

    Thank you for reading this story I hope you enjoyed it.

    I'd like to make a special thanks to Thomas Clifton and Alan Clifton I don't know if they still play the game but they helped make this story what it is.

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