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Ahoyyyyyyy Captains!

June is here! So is all the information that’s fit to print!

(As always, dates and information in this briefing are subject to change.)

Let’s get started!

Retrofit Pack 19
Retrofit Pack 19 drops tomorrow, June 2nd. No new Retrofit levels have been added to existing components but some new groups and groupings are available in the Lab. Searing barrage Mortar will be added to the Rapid-Fire Mortars group; Cryo Launchers, Shielded Tactical Systems, Smart Warheads, and the Siege Battery have all been given their own groups.

VXP Specialist Pack 3
Also dropping tomorrow is the third round of VXP Repair Specialists, which includes the Predator, Reaper, & Stalker Submarines; the Crusader; both Novastorm & Dante’s Novastorm; as well as the Stingray, Thresher, Hellstrike, and Mastodon hulls.

Let it Burn!
The time-limited Uranium campaign begins June 6th!

June Event - Abyss
Following the theme of the current event cycle, the Reaver invasion continues with Abyss. The June event starts June 11! (I’ll have the Tips & Tricks forum post up on Thursday.)

Base Relocation - New Feature!
We are currently working on giving players the ability to relocate to Alliance members or to a Bookmarked spot on the World Map. This feature is scheduled for a June 23rd release date but I will post more info on this feature as we get closer to the release.

New Forsaken Mission Content
Starting this month, we are extending the FM an extra week so that FMs will start after events rather than a week before. New content includes the Firebat Drone Module I - III and the Permacrete Reinforcements. Tokens are still available as “fallback” prizes if all other prizes have already been earned. New FM content will be released June 17th.

Drac Attack
The token TLC begins June 20th.

June Forsaken Arena Tournament
See below!

Unidentified Raider Fleets
Early warning systems report a possible raider invasion on June 18th. Get ready, Captains!

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