Battle Pirates Release Notes - 6/23/15

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Ahoy Captains!

This release includes the new Base Relocation feature! Rejoice as you may now relocate to your Alliance members or Bookmarks. 

Base Relocation

Players are now able to relocate their base to Alliance members or bookmarked locations.

Players can open the option to Relocate from either the Base View or the World Map.

From the Base View, you can relocate by either clicking your Outpost or selecting Base Relocate from the Command Center.

Either of these ways will now automatically take you to the World Map where you will see the Relocate window.

From here, you can select to move to a Friend, Alliance Member, or Bookmark.

From the World Map, you can also choose to relocate by selecting Base Relocate from the Command Center dropdown menu.

You can also relocate to a spot on the World Map. Just click a spot on the World Map:

If you already have a Bookmark in place, you can click on that Bookmark to see the Relocate option.

Once selected, you will see a modal that will ask you to confirm your Relocation. Players may still relocate once for free every 7 days but may coin to speed up this timer.

Important: Keep in mind that relocating requires the sector to have available open space in order to relocate. Your new location will be placed as close to the chosen spot as possible, but may result in your base being placed in a place near the chosen location not to the exact location, depending on sector layout and space.

Also, there currently is no way to make gold transactions while on the World Map, so coining to speed up your Relocation timer must be done from the Base View. 

Bug Fixes & Tuning

There are no bug fixes scheduled for this release.

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

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