The Battle Pirates: Story

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    "Alliance is too strong a word. Some called the Sector 73 group an alliance, but then what else would we call the non-aggression agreement between sectors 72, 73 and 74? Some called it an alliance others called it a pact not that it mattered despite there being little direct communications between the sectors we were all agreed and tired of the Draconian attacks and all agreed not to attack each other. For the first time in decades we had peace between the Forsaken but that wasn't enough."

    - Captain, Michaels Island

    Far from home in Sector 72 the fleets of Michaels Island, and Captains Mark Red and Bill Hawke were approaching the area controlled by the pirate lord Repossession. With him the Captain had taken a mixed bag fleet two Leviathans, a Sea Wolf and a pair of Battle Barges above the water while below five Predator Submarines shadowed the surface ships. The ships were not optimized for base or fleet attacks but that was the point, it was to show that any ship could fight against the Draconians. Both Red and Hawke had surface fleets Mark Red had four Leviathans and a Floating Fortress supported by five Marauder type craft while Hawke had ten Battle Barges split into two fleets, although none of the fleets there were the strongest their islands could field but they were a good representative fleet. So far Repossession's neighbours had stayed away from them but only time would tell.

    "Captain, we're approaching Repossession's island turret perimeter, incoming voice message from island." The communications officer said moments later the control room's speakers crackled to life.

    "Island Control to Incoming fleets Repossession is not here however we are ready to fight in his name. Any hostile movement and we will be forced to open fire with extreme prejudice." The voice warned it sounded devoid of any sort of gender or accent.

    "Island Control, we are heeding an invitation to this area of the sea by Repossession. We are looking for support against the Draconians. We have no intention of attack." There was a pause for nearly five minutes for a start the Captain was sure that they would need to fight against the pirate lord that had invited them here, perhaps the other fleets would have the same problem, had he made a mistake?

    "Understood, we have communication protocols for you. We will broadcast them shortly, please maintain your distance." The voice replied this time more neutral.

    "Sir, communication protocols received, should we distribute them to the other fleets?"

    "Confirmed, pass out the information." The Captain said now with the Sector's communications they could "plug" into both sector 72 and 73 a tactical advantage to be sure, the Captain was sure that some would use these after dealing with the Draconians for other operations however that was the future for now it was useful "instruct Captains Red and Hawke of our intentions and begin to broadcast this message onto 72s communications network." Within hours of the first communication there were fleets beginning to arrive around the Captains fleets and those of his allies most were supportive if wary about the idea but others were more than happy to support. So far no-one had fired on his forces. The Captain wondered if his allies were having the same trouble.

    Meanwhile many kilometres away Captain Rick was having a slightly different experience. "So dinner with a Snake" Simon Hell said looking at his executive officer. They had just made contact with Lord Viper, one of Repossession's contacts in another sector. Lord Viper was a very jolly person and very happy to join in talks to join them for dinner as well. "Have chef prepare our best welcome for them."

    "Of course sir, I'll have the gunners look the other way when they approach, Commodore." His executive officer replied Simon looked at her and smiled, just weeks ago he'd said the opposite his gunners should be on target against opponents vessels, now they were preparing to welcome them aboard with honours. "I'll send messages to Captain Rick as well, Commodore." She said repeating his new rank.

    "Thank you." Hell replied after a moment's hesitation he was still uncomfortable by the rank and had been tempted to reduce it back to Captain however like Captain Rick he'd taken on the new Commodore rank as he now commanded several fleets, from different islands "make sure to invite Captain Rick and the others as well, keep everyone in the loop, this snake should see everyone he is dealing with."

    "Why do I get the impression you'd rather deal with him with your thud cannons?" She said quietly, Hell just smiled and walked away from the map taking a seat on his command chair. There were many ways to deal with other pirates, today it seemed he'd be learning a new way, sitting on the bridge he quietly wondered how the others were managing with their own quests it was easier than thinking of dinner.

    On less quiet seas Carl Grim was screaming from one side of his Leviathan's ruined bridge "Communications send to Angie, have her subs cover Glyn's fortresses retreat, we're too slow to get there in time!" He shouted approaching Lord Daemonicus' Island had gone from bad to worse. From the onset Daemonicus' defence turrets had out-ranged and out-hit those of any other Forsaken defence weapons. Two of the ships attached to their force had been cut down quickly, while one of Captain Glyn's Fortresses had lost two weapons turrets. Under the water Angelique's submarine force had found themselves engaged by Draconian submarines causing them to scatter. Once Angie's submarines were scattered Draconian Battle-cruisers and Battleships sailed from Daemonicus's Island engaging the force.

    "Sir! Angie reports three of the enemy submarines are destroyed however she's out of position. She can't clear the two Battle-cruisers" the communications officer shouted back as Grim's Leviathan shuddered under further impacts.

    "Understood come to port fifteen degrees, full ahead helm." Grim ordered "tell Glyn to continue his retreat" he said.

    "Sir, that puts us in direct line of fire for the incoming Draconian vessels." The helm officer warned looking at the Captain worried the Leviathan was already damaged.

    "I know." He said, grabbing a microphone "all hands this is the Captain prepare for heavy incoming fire close all pressure doors below decks." He said quietly he knew what was coming his Leviathan began to turn the fire directed at Glyn's crippled fortress was now directed at Grim's Leviathan the vessel rocking under several hits.

    "Aft thud cannon damaged out of commission." the Damage control officer reported.

    "Incoming further ships!" The sensor operator reported Grim darted across the bridge avoiding his crushed command chair and the roof beam which had crushed it "Sea Wolves" the operator continued "approaching from directly ahead of Glyn's vessels." Grim looked over the man's shoulder and could see the five rapidly approaching vessels.

    "Pump out our message see if these guys are friendly." Grim said as the Leviathan rocked heavily under two further hits. The incoming Sea Wolves however split up three down one side and two down the other holding fire until they cleared the rear-quarter of Grim's Leviathan almost as soon as they were clear three of the wolves opened fire with a heavy missile barrage. The missiles striking at longer range than most missiles were capable of, the missiles struck down three of the incoming Battle-cruisers in a single salvo, as they closed the remaining two Sea Wolf Destroyers opened fire with massed Thud cannons which destroyed the next two Battle-cruisers The Sea Wolves continued on assaulting the Battleships as well driving to retreat back inside the island. Two of the Sea Wolves received some fire as the Battleships turned back inside the guns of Daemonicus' Island's turrets however all five quickly looped around and began to follow Grim's vessels.

    "Hail them see if we have allies." Grim ordered if anything they had discovered that some Forsaken pirates were allied with or had been taken over by the Draconians, if Daemonicus was any kind of example.

    "Captain Grim, we know who you are, we have spared from time to time, we are the pirates of Hell-spawned and I have been asked to inform you that we will help you and carry your words. It is time the Draconians, and their lacky pirates, felt the Forsaken's full wrath." The pirate answered, to Grim it was a win even if it had been a costly one. Hopefully with all the Forsaken forces working together they could begin to make an impact against the Draconians however only time would tell.

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    "They used to say actions spoke larger than words, we'll see."

    Although he knew that other Forsaken commanders had been trying to contact other sectors to rally support Artan knew the only real way of uniting them was action and this operation was a long shot, but if it worked he would be spending the next few days in his stateroom laughing his **** off. The Battleship the Iroquois had captured had been brought to Paragumo Island and was repaired to the best of the shipyards capabilities. He had stopped thanking the Lord the Paragumo Island’s manufacturing plants were now turning out more Draconian weapon than they were Forsaken weapons and had begun thinking about how he could boost their production. The ship's battered armour had been repaired with some of the Draconian armour that was recovered from other wrecks, and to top it off the Bismarck and Tripitz, Duinhir's two Battle-cruisers were outfitted to appear as Draconian vessels while their armour had been repainted in the darker colours favoured by the Draconians Imperial forces. Now all three ships were on course to a small Draconian base on the border with the neighbouring sector, smaller than the previously targeted facility it was perfect for his test.

    While the others were only making contact with Repossession Artan had been in communication for a while, they had shared some intelligence on a few things, but Duinhir remembered a very simple phrase from the old world "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." There was something else to it the reason behind this communication and understanding with Repossession, both had served the Old Republic's navy in the crumbling times both scrambling to take resources and forces before their alliance crumbled around them. Artan was sure that was that was where Repo had gained his impressive Hammerhead type craft, an experiment of the Republic's that the Admiral had not been aware of, but there was no proof of it.

    During these secret discussions Duinhir had agreed a non-aggression pact with Repossession and that Duinhir would send information on his Enterprise-class Strike Carrier to Repo, giving away this ship's schematics had been hard but it had won him bargaining room and Repo would still need to develop aircraft of his own and train pilots so his advantage remained for the time being. He knew he'd have to continue to develop the technology to stay ahead of the other pirates. He needed to prove the Draconians were defeat-able and that his ships were not capable of doing it alone he needed other pirates willing to take risks to get the job done and Repossession was just the man. He knew that his neighbours would not understand or agree with his reasoning but it was simple to Duinhir “If they can’t take a joke, then **** them all.” His forces were strong enough to stand alone and he knew the sector's growing alliance could stand without him, if they needed to part ways he could live with it, but if they understood... and if this attack succeeded... then they could make a difference. Ever since his heart attack Artan’s attitude had changed, he knew it, his son had cautioned him on it and his wife refused to see it. He was more dark and deceptive in his actions in their opinion he had become more dangerous, so much so that even his crew walked a thinner line around him, even Commodore Joshua Holloway, one of his tried and tested confidants was careful in his words. “Sir, message.” One crewmen interrupted snapping him out of his thoughts.

    The Admiral reached over and accepted the folded piece of paper. Sitting back in his chair he unfolded and read its contents. Repo was returning the message that Artan had sent him that notified him of the identity of the three Draconian warships that he was using on this attack. Repo’s message had been a return that showed that the previous message was understood and that his fleet would be near the agreed position. Their choice was made their attack was planned. The plan was simple the Ajax, their captured and rebuilt Draconian Battleship, was outfitted with Draconian Siege and assault weapons. It's two escorting Battle-cruisers were carried support weapons including a torpedo launcher each, the largest ship Artan had encountered capable of carrying one. The three warships would approach the Draconian base and transmit the standard coded transmission that was identified by Holloway's spies and analysts.

    Just then the phone rang and Artan picked up the receiver. “Sir the Draconian base singles the clear to approach the channel entrance.” It was Jaclyn one the other end. She was assigned as the Ajax’s communications officer. During the repairs of the Draconian vessels they had captured they had picked up much information on the Draconians, their customs and their origin.

    “Signal them our affirmation.” Artan responded and hung the phone back up.

    “Comm from Ajax Actual.” Artan called over to the bridge, “Set course for the channel.” The Ajax altered its course and started for the channel with the Bismarck taking up lead position and the Tripitz following the Ajax. As the three vessels crossed the outer points of the channel entrance everything remained calm the Draconians accepting their own ships to base. All hands on the ships were waiting for the crap to hit the fan, but everything remained quit. All three vessels passed under a bridge that spanned the entrance channel connecting the two smaller islands together as a single solid mass. Artan looked at his watch and thought back to the briefing that took place in a deserted islands cove. He knew that behind him all three of his strike carriers would already be within the striking range of their air-wings and that the aircraft themselves should be about closing on the facility. He also knew that according to the plan Repossession's Hammerheads would be coming into range from the north and that very soon the base would go nuts as it was threatened from beyond.

    Right on queue “sir, Draconian harbour master wants us to reverse course to intercept a fleet of Hammerhead warships that is approaching the base.” Lieutenant Kirkland announced Duinhir couldn't help but feel smug.

    He looked at the communications officer and smiled. “Tell the harbour master…BALLS!” Artan exclaimed as he picked up the fleet phone. “What is our aircraft's ETA?"

    "Sixteen minutes,sir"

    "Tripitz Actual from Ajax Actual.” Artan said stopping briefly as out the window several aircraft flew overhead. "The word is given, unleash hell." He ordered

    “All guns fire!” Captain Rascal, ship commander of the Ajax, said as he grabbed the arm rests of his command chair. Duinhir was an observer now this was Rascal's battle he wouldn't interrupt. The main siege and assault weapons from the Ajax and Tirpitz opened up on the surrounding structures of the Draconian base. The Ajax’s D55-E Siege missile launcher and D51-L Strike Missile launcher opened up, missiles firing off landing on buildings that were several hundred meters from the warships. The D71-L Shockwave Mortars from the Ajax and the two D71-N Shockwave Mortars from the Tripitz sent their rounds slamming in to the same structures that were within their range. The Ajax’s D35-S siege cannon and D33-X Assault cannon started tearing into the structures that lined the channel. The Tripitz’s Havoc Torpedoes slammed into several oil derricks that were behind them keeping the channel clear for their retreat while the Bismarck screened them ahead intercepting incoming mortar rounds with its Hailstorm Anti-Mortar guns.

    The incoming missile and ballistic weapons were causing minor damage, however, due to the nature of the three vessel’s construction which gave a slight amount of protection from missile, ballistic and explosive munitions. With both internal fire from Duinhir's vessels and external attack from Repo’s Hammerheads their fire-power was finally beginning to have an effect on the Draconian base, In the centre of this hurricane of weapons fire Artan knew that his small force couldn’t stay long his ships were resistant to weapons fire but were still taking damage after ten minutes Artan turned to the Ajax’s captain and knew he had to give the order.

    “Captain, commence an organized retreat of all forces.” He said as he looked out the bridge’s window surveying the carnage that the attack surprise attack had already caused and the disarray the Draconians were in. He knew that the attack had caused more damage than any previous attack against a Draconian base. He also knew that anyone looking at the base could tell the vast majority of the base was damage and that a unified attack between two powerful forsaken forces had a positive effect on the attack. But now was not time to analyse the attack it was time to get out of here before the base imploded into a burning inferno.

    The Bismarck and Tripitz responded to the orders and started their turn to follow the reciprocal to the course that they were on, but as the Ajax started her turn the Captain slammed in to Artan and knocked him clear through the metal door of the bridge, just as a mortar round slammed in to the bridge, twisting the compartment and causing a fireball to sail over the fallen Admiral's head. Slowly regaining his feet Artan looked in to the wreckage that had once been the bridge of the Ajax only to find absolute carnage, the twelve men and women who had occupied the compartment, and controlled the vessel, all dead and burnt beyond recognition. “That son of a **** saved my life!” Artan thought, thanking the stars that the Ajax's commander had though of him he turned and staggered towards the Command and Information Centre below the bridge deeper within the ship's armoured hull.

    Inside CIC it was total chaos, as Artan stepped through the door even Duinhir could see the mortar that had hit the bridge ha penetrated enough into the hull to damage the CIC. “Situation, Commander Martov?” Artan asked as he made his way towards the map table in the centre of the dimly light room unlike the bridge this room gave no views of the outside the world nor did it give a command chair instead the room was all business, even an Admiral had to be ready to work and move with the flow of the room.

    “All communications with the bridge has ceased, and we are adrift.” Commander Martov reported as he crossed the compartment to check further readouts "that fire must have severed our communications. What is going on up there?" He asked confused adding a belated "sir"

    “Commander, You won’t be able to restore communications with the Bridge.” Duinhir said grimly as he looked at Martov he saw the realization cross the commander's face. “Their all dead Sam.” He added picking up the mic that connected the CIC with the ship’s intercom system. “ Auxiliary steering this is Flag Admiral Duinhir from CIC, the bridge has been... disabled take all further communications from CIC" he said "yes I am in command, out.” He ordered he had to gain control over a ship that had lost its commander, a ship could easily fall to pieces without its leader. He around the compartment at the many faces that was showing the horror and realization of what he had seen. "Communications contact Bismark and Tirpitz inform both of our situation and that we may need further cover fire, Helm continue to reverse our course and give us best speed to retreat." There was a variety of ayes followed by an announcement from the Communications officer.

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    Twenty-three continued

    "Admiral, our aircraft are overhead orders?"

    "Cover our retreat and support Repossession." Duinhir said smiling grimly outside wave after wave of single propeller driven aircraft began to bomb the draconian outpost, behind them the slightly slower larger twin propeller bombers flew overhead carpet bombing the Draconian targets, causing further distraction for the still under-fire Draconians. This distraction would hopefully allow the Bismark, Ajax and Tripitz to retreat unmolested, Duinhir's wish was not to be however as the Ajax was torn into by further fire from the Draconians.

    As the damaged Ajax retreated the vessel rocked heavily as it was impacted by several more heavy enemy rounds, her own heavy D35-S Siege cannon was ripped from its turret assembly and tossed off into the sea by the impacts the mighty battleship was taking hit after hit as it retreated. The Bismarck slowed down to try and provide anti-mortar coverage for the Ajax however that exposed the ship to even more fire causing the Battle-cruiser more damage "a costly task indeed" Duinhir thought. All three ships cleared the last section of the Draconians channel and made their way into the blue water of the open ocean however even clear of the Draconian outpost they were under continued fire, over the dark sea black smoke bellowed from the Ajax in several locations as the crippled ship struggled to maintain speed. When the bridge had been hit one of its hailstorm anti-mortar weapons had been hit which had exposed the siege cannon, the gaping holes in the armoured hull had been exposed to the enemy and now fire raged throughout the ship's hull damage control teams throughout the vessel were busy dealing with the fire but it was far from under control.

    Within the CIC Duinhir was confident they were secure there however he also knew that the only reason that the entire ship remained afloat from the destruction of the D35-S turret was that the ammo magazine for that weapon was equipped with some of the best fire suppression equipment that could be put in to that bulk compartment. As he counted his lucky stars he also counted the repair bills it would take months for the Ajax to be repaired and pit back to sea, but first the crippled ship had to back it back to Paragumo Island in his possession and intact.

    Hours clicked away before the crippled Ajax, and its escorting Bismarck and Tripitz were able to meet up with the Enterprise, Yorktown and Hornet. On rendezvous Duinhir had called on status reports from the carriers three carriers reported that only seventy-four percent of their air-wing had returned from the assault. The Hornet had lost two of its new twin engine medium bombers that were being carried for this operation designed to fly for longer carrying more fuel and munitions there were originally eight of them now only six twenty-five percent losses more deaths on Artan's thoughts. Overall the Admiral considered the operation a success soon after he had received reports from Repossession which informed him that the other pirate's Hammerheads had swung around to the channel and had entered the base and followed up on the original strike. They had struck the base like an avenging fury and although Repo had lost one of his Hammerheads in the engagement the smoke from the Draconian base could be seen for several thousand kilometres.

    In his report Repo also said that he had used a specialized EMP rocket that was designed to short out the electrical equipment of any object that was within its blast radius allowing for his retreat. The attack had been a success Duinhir knew that around now the Achilles would be meeting with Repo's fleet far from prying eyes and transferring the agreed price for their continued non-aggression pact. Artan knew the rest of the sector would likely have to pay a price as well but his duty was to take the war to the Draconians and he had done exactly that. He knew the information would give Repossession a tactical advantage and a new weapon to terrorise other pirates however he also knew that it would take a year or more to field aircraft and carriers capable of attacking someone which gave them time and a continued advantage. He also knew that with the still under construction Intrepid and Saratoga he could keep his lead on the others. Soon more of the Forsaken Islands would be required to gain this technology to keep everyone on the same level soon they would all have an advantage over the Draconians.

    The task forces from Paragumo Island made best speed heading home the seas of the Forsaken Sea picking back up as another storm blew in to the sector, the weather was getting steadily worse. Lives were lost on both sides this day, but finally a loss was handed to the Draconians. As soon as the storm cleared they could hold funeral ceremonies. Burial at sea was what most of his sailors had to look forward to until they were able to bring some sort of peace to the sea, unfortunately that was a distant dream too many Pirates happy with the current status quo. Duinhir began to think about the next step of his campaign against the Draconians when his officer phone buzzed "Duinhir" he answered. On the other side Joshua Holloway spoke slowly and carefully "What! That can't be true!" Duinhir shouted raising to his feet "**** them all to hell, we have been betrayed!!" He screamed his anger overflowing the news he'd been given almost completely wiped out his victory, sometimes it seemed the entire sea was against them, a stream of challenges and problems.

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    "The few expected it, the many paid for it, an alliance created out of necessity one created in hell"

    It was midnight the seas were calm except for two ships attached nose to nose maintaining position. One ship was unmistakably a Forsaken Floating Fortress the mighty silver and gold arrow shaped hull with the long rearward fin glistening in the moon light. The other ship was far different almost a perfect rectangle in shape it had a lower profile than the Fortress and had an almost black hull.

    On the gantry connecting the two ships crew members of both ships stood opposite one another staring. "It's done as you requested" the Forsaken commander said subdued her navy uniform was perfect her brown hair tied back, her regulation hat tucked under her arm. She wasn't happy to be here but she would look her best.

    "Of course, we expected little else, Jessica. The Famous Phase One, we were surprised you waited so long, information runs like fire." the tall Draconian said using her name it came out almost as a snarl his voice amplified by his environmental suit. Jessica knew the man underneath, they were the same age forty-eight years old, she had served with him, and she knew the suit was a show. He could cope with the temperatures here unlike many of the Draconians the suit gave power and presence and that above all else was what the Draconians craved, power and domination. "if only you had chosen to give us the power of flight as well as our other gifts we could have done it ourselves." He taunted her

    "We gave you nothing Malcolm." Jessica protested only for the Draconian to laugh. She did not know what had become of him under that suit, but she did know that he considered himself to be Draconian first human a distant second. She had little in the way of Intelligence on the subject, it had been dealt with by... others, however she did know that almost all the First Generation Draconians as her people called them now considered themselves to be superior to all others, humans included. In many ways this was correct, when the Draconians had created the Second Generation they began to consider themselves gods above all other beings and rulers of the ocean. The Second were less capable and quickly found themselves relegated to support rolls guards, crewmen, scientists following their “leadership caste” the First Generation had spread out over the years controlling all five hundred Draconian dominated Sectors of the world. She didn't know if the seconds flaws were intentional or a mistake however Jessica tended to believe it was intentional, they kept the First Generation beyond the others and gave the First exactly what they desired power and dominance; even over their own people.

    "You gave us life!" he suddenly shouted snapping her back to reality "and now you squabble to keep others from realizing the truth." he said continuing "the one faction to survive the Great War wasn't a nation but instead a Company, a legacy of the corrupt capitalist world. The deepest downfall of humanity the quest for money, influence and power." He said retelling history, something Jessica knew very well, mistakes were made it was a fact, it was history it was past it did not need to be the future. She had read everything Malcolm had, they'd studied together once many years before if only she could reach that part of him. "Then with the world teetering on the brink they unleashed their scourge on the survivors to bring everyone to there knees, looking for more power." He continued to ramble, although Jessica couldn't find fault in his words, it was all true, endless mistakes as the world plunged from one dark to another. "Unfortunately their creation" Malcolm said raising his arms, as if basking in glorious victory despite there being no real audiance, "their Creation turned on them forged their own path. Ascended to the same if not higher heights created the order and strength that the creators could only dream of delivering to the world." He said slowing quickly "How does it feel Jessica? You are now the wanderers, we are the rulers, you are the ones forced to deal with the Scourge, a deal with the devil to cover your mistakes."

    "You bend the truth well Malcolm." Jessica said quietly trying to maintain her calm, "Remember carefully we released nothing, your people broke away, what happened to you was a mistake it was never meant to happen as it did. But you all could have stayed, you all could have had a life..." her voice breaking, they had been friends once now time had passed and they couldn't talk nicely to each other. When she had first heard of the Draconians she hadn't known the true story, however like others she would have been willing to accept them even for all their differences, unfortunately there was no reason with them.

    "I am very happy with my life, I have a home, we all have homes unlike you, you who now wander the seas" he said reminding her of her people's place, almost none of the Forsaken realized the position of her people, they were gypsies travelling in fleets rarely stopping, their life was on the sea. Jessica realized one thing however the Draconians, or Malcolm at least, still did not know her people's last true secret far in Sector One. "You continue to try to rally support for a cause against an enemy that you created, trying to put Jack back into his box." Malcolm finished "and now our time has come to an end just uphold your end or our agreement and we will not have troubles. Remember this is my Sector." He said without another word he headed into his ship the door closing with a thud.

    "I'm sorry Malcolm" Jessica whispered "We did what we did for the best of all, you were never supposed to be hurt.". She said staring at the closed Draconian door. Closing her own ships pressure door she raised a small communication device to her ear, the signal instantly connected her half a world away using the world's long forgotten communications satellite network. "Admiral, they are not being forth coming, their demands are still to be met." the muffled voice replied and Jessica nodded "I agree, he has become unreasonable and a threat, Phase Two must be implemented." She said gravely realizing what she had said. with five words she had signed their fates. At least when this comes out we can try to repair the Corporation's reputation." she said almost trying to rationalize her choice, The voice replied again "I will do my duty, sir." She replied angrily "yes, Admiral, we all have to live with our choices." She said lowering the device for a moment looking at it now without life. She dialled another number "Bridge, Commander McIntyre, orders from Admiral Dredge as soon as Draconians are clear fire at will." She said feeling the rumble as the ships undocked "yes Phase Two has been initiated." She confirmed.

    She hung up on the bridge almost immediately almost running to an observation post on the port side of her vessel, she arrived moments before the ship's Siege Cannons opened fire tearing into the Draconian Dreadnought, the first salvo tore into the ship's superstructure taking the Draconians by complete surprise, smoke and fire began to leap from the vessel, the Fortress' gunners were not finished salvo after salvo tore into the ships hull, destroying weapons, radar domes, escape pods and communications systems at least one salvo struck the vessel below the waterline. Quickly the large vessel began taking water, it was surprising how quickly such a thing happened, even for someone who had lived her whole life on the sea she watched in awe as the massive ship's boxy low profile quickly capsizing and disappeared beneath the waves. Standing watching the sight a tear ran down Jessica's face "I'm sorry for everything Malcolm. I'll see you on the other side." She said wiping away her tears she returned to duty time, as they said, was short.

    "Sometimes it takes a shocking event for a decision to make. The attack on Paragumo Island was enough to unite nearly every forsaken island of Sector 73 and its neighbours. Everyone now had common enemies and decisions to make."

    "Incoming vessels Captain" the radar officer called out, over the last three weeks various fleets had come to Repossession's territory and confronted the fleets of Michael's Island, Captain Hawke and Captain Red, none had attacked them however Repossession had not been seen either. "Hammerheads Captain." The officer reported a quiet murmur crossed the bridge.

    "Battle-stations" the Captain ordered "just in case" he said quietly "helm bring us on course with them." He said as the fleets turned to face the incoming vessels "external cameras, let me see what they have" he said moments later the forward cameras came online looking at the incoming vessels what he saw surprised. The lead Hammerhead was covered in yellow tiger stripes however it was also scarred by battle damage, alongside it another ship was almost completely black its yellow stripes burned from its hull the other three ships in the formation all bore the same pain scheme however all were damaged to varying degrees. "Someone's been in a fight." He whispered again. "Hail them" he said clearly for all to hear.

    "Communications seem to be down on ene.... Hammerhead vessels." the communications officer said stumbling over the designation for the incoming Hammerheads "they are on a direct course for the island."

    "Observation six to bridge, five Hammerhead designed vessels leaving Repossession's island, turning towards incoming vessels." The radio barked its warning as crewmen around the Captain's Leviathan saw more of Repossession's vessels launching.

    "Comms, pass to all our captains, give Repossession a wide berth if he's smarting from a defeat we don't want to get in the way." The Captain ordered even a group of damaged Hammerheads were likely a match for his forces. The five new Hammerheads closed on the damaged vessels slowing as they approached a small boat left the damaged Hammerhead and docked with the flagship of the new group. Soon after the five damaged ships moved slowly past them heading into the Island's channel docking, the five new ships began to slowly turn towards the Captain's ships.

    "Communications from Repossession's new flagship, it's on a broad spectrum band going to every ship in this area." The comms officer said moments later as the speakers around the bridge crackled to life.

    "Pirates that have gathered here, this is Hayden Repossession, you all know that I do not support alliances, I am a pirate I fight alone" the voice said over the comm. the Captain's heart sank his hopes that Repossession would support their plans. "However I have just completed a joint operation with Flag Admiral Artan Duinhir, and we have crushed a Draconian outpost. Working together we can put these Draconians in their place...." Repo continued to talk about joint operations against the Draconians however the Communications officer broke in.

    "Captain, message from Duinhir!" He said urgently.

    "Confirming Repo's story?" The Captain asked the officer shook his head.

    "Negative Captain, Duinhir is reporting Paragumo Island has been assaulted by a Forsaken fleet."

    "Get me into Repo's communications" he ordered looking at the officer. "Helm set a course for home flank speed." He said glancing back at the comm. officer who nodded "Repo, sorry to break in it seems Duinhir's island has just been attacked by one of the Forsaken. I invite anyone willing to join us fighting the Draconians should also join us in supporting a fallen enemy." There was a noticeable pause before a loud and clear reply came over.

    "I will not act as the Forsaken's police force however I have known Duinhir for a very long time, I'll come along if anything just to see who was brave enough to assault his island." Repo replied again, using the broad communications system his Hammerheads possessed, with Repo's words dozens of captains from Sector 72 agreed to join them in support of someone who had fallen in battle ready to help pick them up or put down this new enemy.

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    Twenty-four continued

    Approaching Paragumo island....

    Duinhir's fleets sped back towards Paragumo Island as fast as they could with their crippled battleship under tow. The return to the island Duinhir could see that his son Admiral Alalcamenos was on station with several fleets of Leviathans, Sea Wolves and Floating Fortresses providing assistance. "Take us into the island, Sam" he said looking over the CIC at the ship's acting commander since the destruction of the bridge. The subdued commander nodded. Duinhir left the CIC someone barked "Admiral off the deck" sharply but he barely noticed stepping out onto the external walkway he could see his island. He knew the Governor wouldn't be happy, and likely losses would be high, The Battleship half under its own power, half towed by the Tripitz moved slowly into the harbour Duinhir could see the absolute destruction. Akin to his own surprise strike against the Draconians he now faced his own "Pear Harbour" a great history fan himself Duinhir knew the ancient World War II story of an attack on a far forgotten island, owned by a long gone country, against a base known as Pearl Harbour. That attack had crippled the battleship fleet of that country and now looking over his vessels Duinhir could see row after row of destroyed or crippled Leviathans, three Floating Fortresses were ablaze while another three were listing heavily to one side all sitting in a line, several support vessels were just as badly damaged the combined light from their fires would keep the sky bright for days.

    Raising a hand-held radio to his mouth Duinhir spoke "Have our Sea Wolves maintain a perimeter and keep everyone at a distance we need to discover who..." his voice trailed off as he saw the Graf Zeppelin his newest strike carrier. The ship almost half completed before the attack was split nearly into two halves, its deck pot marked by bomb impacts and its control tower a burning hole. Beyond it to make things worse the airfield which laid beyond the wrecked carrier was also burning, looking over the airfield he saw a wrecked aircraft for a moment he thought it was one of his new twin engined aircraft however after a closer look he realized what it was. "Kixeye Corporation" Duinhir whispered knowing it was one of their tilt-rotor aircraft ruined by missile fire from his defences but completely identifiable "so finally those who think they are better, try to show it."

    As his damaged ships docked at the damaged harbour dock Duinhir headed straight for the Operations Command Centre deep within his Island's main facilities. Entering the reinforced command room Duinhir could see control panels hanging from the roof even through several layers of reinforced concrete the base had taken a pounding. Standing at the central command table was Colonel Sean Fleming his defence commander. "Report" Duinhir ordered moving to join his command staff at the table.

    "Sir, they struck at 02:32 hrs at the south ten Floating Fortresses supported by five Stalker Submarines." Fleming started "the Stalkers infiltrated our defences took down our docking facilities and harbour control locking in our defence fleets. Our turrets took down three of the Stalkers before they retreated. Soon after the first Fortresses struck at the south wall, striking at our turrets and research labs, they knew exactly where to hit our base cutting power to half the base before falling back. Then approximately ten of their tilt-rotor craft flew over the base bombing our airfield and dock yard cutting down our ships and planes still in their docks." Fleming said reporting the attack as it played out Duinhir was showed radar images of the attack. "At 03:21hrs the second phase began with a second set of Fortresses they struck deep striking here at the outpost almost completely avoiding our turrets, on their ships they appear to have Hailstorm Mortar Defence systems on their Fortresses our Victory Mortars were completely ineffective."

    "We have been testing the Hailstorm, it appears to be a worthwhile system." Duinhir confirmed

    "Aye sir, my guns had little chance, our Missiles almost bounced off them, fortunately our Howitzers still dig deep." Fleming said happily "estimated casualties are almost three thousand sir two or three times as many injured." Duinhir rocked on his heels three thousand more lives on his back, the pack was becoming heavier he thought quietly 'how long until losses would break him.'

    "What about Alan why is he here?" Duinhir asked using Alalcamenos' given name.

    "At 04:20 hrs two of Alalcamenos' mining fleets were hit by a group of Leviathans and Draconian Battle-cruisers They lost six ships in total another three had to be towed home. Fortunately he was able to cripple one of the Leviathans and intercept it's radioed orders for task forces to be sent here and to Captain Rowen Duinhir's island as well as others including Hayden Repossession's." Duinhir's mind raced first his base, Alan's and also his wife's home. Almost as if they were being picked on. Scanning through the list he noticed one common answer. "We've heard nothing from the Captain, she could be laying low or..." his voice trailed off Duinhir nodded looking at the information provided he didn't need anyone to spell out his wife could be dead.

    "They are targeting Republic remnants. We all fled that alliance when it fell in the last days of the great war. These people want it gone completely every remnant wiped away. Get Alan on the radio" Duinhir ordered picking up the tables phone. His communications officer nodded "Duinhir to Athens are you receiving? over."

    "Athens Actual receives, situation?"

    "Still standing." Duinhir said as an engineering crew entered and begun to work on the loose roof screens "Listen very carefully" Duinhir said tuning out the activity "I need you to send a force in strength to 43311,188." He said letting the coordinates sink in "yes, those are correct. Your force needs to ascertain the condition of those coordinates and report back to us."

    "Understood, I will send the Sparta under Rear Admiral Williams, my Wolves as escort." He said calmly, I'll stay on station provide you with cover here until the Electra returns." Alan said mentioning Duinhir's flagship, the Admiral suddenly realized that his flagship was not part of the victims of the sneak attack, although he had no idea where Holloway was he was certain that the Commodore had his reasons for not returning and was likely causing some havoc with the fire-power he had.

    "Good, very good" Duinhir said picking up another communication the base had just received "Alan, standby." He said turning to the Operations Centre Command "Communications send to the skipper from Michaels Island, we will come to you, area around this island not completely secure." He said picking back up the phone "Alan, make ready for sea operations Athens and your subs with me, Leviathans remain on station." He said turning back to Fleming "Major, looks like I'm leaving again I will leave four Carriers, our Wolves and Alan's support for your defence. Continue clean-up operations and continue to try and raise Holloway. I am taking Enterprise to Michaels Island, it's time for the rest of the sectors to find out what has happened."

    "The Governor expressed is wish that you would see him as soon as you returned...." Fleming said his voice trailing off

    "Of course, I shouldn't be gone long, have Enterprise be ready for my arrival." Duinhir said turning he headed out of the operations room towards the dock and from there he'd head to the Enterprise.

    Entering Sector 73....

    Leading an armada of nearly eighteen fleets ranging from Marauders to Repo's Hammerheads the Captain walked onto the bridge and picked up the communication reply from Admiral Duinhir. "Seems Duinhir wants to go it alone in his repairs, we're headibg for home, pass the word to all other ships in the group and pass the word throughout the Sector everyone invited." He said moving towards his chair "the more people from 73 we have on hand the better to keep an eye on everything.” He added after a moment “also pass to Senator Michaels to expect some visitors, seems like we are the hosts."

    "He'll love that." the communications officer said handing him a second communication this one from Rachel McManus, the Captain looked at it reading each of the words twice before looking up.

    "Engineering, bridge, increase engines to maximum speed, helm see if you can shave a little of your course no sightseeing." The Captain said issuing his revised orders he handed the piece of paper to his XO on it it stated Rachel's waters had broke and the Captain's child was on its way. The ship quickly began to answer to the Captain's resized orders with everything going wrong in the world it seemed there was at least one bright spot.

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    "Scream definition - Give a long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing extreme emotion or pain. There are many forms of scream, the scream of pain, the scream of frustration, a scream of anger. There is one scream however that few of us remember, and one that is so important, the first scream of life. That tiny scream marks the beginning of something great, something wonderful."

    - Dr Rachel McManus, Michaels Island

    Despite the quickly gathering forces around Michaels Island and the massive force behind him, the Captain only had one thought on his mind. As soon as his vessels had docked he headed directly for his home's primary medical facility. It seemed he could hear Rachel's scream half way across the island from the information he had been given she'd been in labour for more than twelve hours however his child was yet to arrive. Walking across his island the Captain's walk quickly became a jog and finally a run as he searched for his wife. Finally the screams and the medical technicians directed him to Rachel's room, he arrived slowing as he reached the door calming himself he pushed the door open, in all his rush he hadn't noticed the screams had stopped, entering the room he found his wife sitting up in bed cradling his newborn child. "You're late" she greeted as he entered, the Captain tried to speak but he was speechless "now get over here and meet your daughter" she commanded her face blossoming into a smile. In all the recent troubles there was one bright spot he moved forward and saw a tiny face surrounded in the blankets and quickly sunk onto the bed beside his wife.

    "Jaylen" he whispered as he perched on the edge of the bed he and Rachel had already chosen the names for both a male and a female child 'James' was the choice for a boy, named after the Captain's grandfather, while 'Jaylen' was the choice for a girl. Although the Captain had wanted a son he was more than happy to see his daughter in his wife's arms "Beautiful" he whispered "I'm sorry" he said looking down at the baby.

    "Why?" Rachel whispered confused by his words knowing they were not directed at her and also knowing she couldn't do anything about it.

    "I'm sorry she comes to a world so fractured, to an island so threatened." He explained quietly whispering leaning over he kissed his wife's forehead.

    "She has our love, and is under our care, what happens elsewhere is of no concern." Rachel said trying to ease his internal turmoil

    "I may have to go elsewhere, and soon." He said quietly, because of his position within the growing alliance and his gatherings of the Captains it was now his duty to continue his path, wherever the path led he'd started something and as his father always used to say 'a man who starts something finishes it' corny but he couldn't disagree he needed to see this to the end.

    "Just return to us." She said knowing he had commitments, she worried every time his ships left dock however she knew anything less than her full support would cause more trouble than worth.

    "I plan to." He whispered knowing that it may be far less simple than three little words, but for now his thoughts and attention were on something else little and just as complicated. Bringing new life to the world had added another full new level of complication to his world.

    The Captains and leaders of the various islands were in various forms of arguments by the time the Captain had reached the main conference hall most were actively hostile towards the newly arrived Repossession and Lord Viper both had answered the call from the Captain to join this meeting. Never in living memory had individuals from Sectors 72,72 and 74 all been in the same place without a thud cannon or missile tube pointed at the other. Entering the room the Captain saw Senator Michaels at the centre table attempting to gain attention and the ears of his fellow leaders, the man was not a warrior nothing like his ancestors who had led those to the island surviving the great war and rescuing all they could from the floods that followed, however today he was in a fight that he knew how to win with words and ideas. Unfortunately he was also fighting a losing battle as the others had no interest in ideas they wanted action and believed in seeing instead of believing. Pushing through the gathered individuals the Captain leaped up onto one of the tables, acting and feeling like an ancient pirate captain gaining attention from everyone around him he knew it could take his weight, how he knew this was not for anyone else other than his wife to know but how he learned facts did not matter, and knew it would gain everyone's instant attention.

    Standing on the table towering over all the others brought their focus onto him and away from the beleaguered Senator Michaels "Listen to me!" He called out loudly quickly gathering the attention from other leaders "we need to stand together, we cannot continue to bicker about minor things our battles are not with each other." He said quickly the room was calming down others who were shouting had also calmed down "we called the leaders, the Captains, the Pirates of our neighbouring sectors here together to figure a plan to combat our common enemies." He said looking at the leaders from each sector who were looking at each other as if expecting a fight.

    "I have fought and destroyed our common enemies however now another front opens and we do not even know who they are. Where is Duinhir?" Repossession called out around him a gathering of pirates from Sector 72 had formed a perimeter to hold all others back members of Sectors 73 and 74 who were staring back at them gathered in their own groups, all of them had fought battles against each other, they all had experienced having their island struck down by an enemy who now stood in the same room as them. The Captain understood where they were coming from had Blackheart been in this room his attitude may have been different but he wasn't and today was not a day to fight with another pirate today was one to focus.

    "He is on his way, he had issues of his own to deal with before coming to join us." The Captain said still standing on the table he'd noticed that like Repossession he'd gathered allies around him Captains Alex War, Buk, Simon Hell and Phill had all moved in around him and were now flanking him from different directions looking for a threat. Beyond them Captains Bill Hawke and Rick were covering the exits with Security Officers and marines, if trouble broke out now the Captain could foresee absolute carnage following, something he needed to avoid. "We need to work together, we all know this, deep within your darkest thoughts you know what the Draconians have become, they are a threat to our very survival."

    "They have also enlisted support from Forsaken forces, Duinhir wasn't the only one who has been attacked by a forsaken force working with the Draconians. When myself, Glyn and Angie were searching for allies" Captain Grim said nodding to Lord Viper, "we encountered Forsaken units using Draconian technology operating from Lord Daemonicus' Island, it appears he is working with them also."

    "Daemonicus' lust for power has gotten himself into plenty of trouble, we all know this." Lord Viper said speaking up in support of Grim it seemed the divide between Sectors had been crossed between these two men and now there was some form of mutual respect. "He has always wanted power, prominence and glory it appears he has taken this one step further by selling to the devil."

    "Are we certain he was not just hostile to you?" Repossession asked bluntly, the Captain had been tempted to ask the same thing but couldn't find the words, "he wouldn't be the first to capture a Draconian vessel and use it in combat Duinhir already has three such craft which he has used in combat against the Draconians." Repo continued it was common knowledge that Duinhir had captured such craft but few actually knew he had used these in combat.

    "I have used them in combat and I have used aircraft in combat against the Draconians." Duinhir said entering the room from the western edge flanked by his son Admiral Alalcamenos "however that is not the reason I was targeted by a Forsaken force. I was targeted because of the information I hold" he said quietly moving through the Captains stopping short of the Captain's group of Captains, as he approached the Captain jumped off the table and approached the Admiral. The Captain noted that Duinhir was wearing his dress uniform from his Republic days a green uniform with a golden star-burst covering his left shoulder, Alalcamenos also wore the same uniform both not afraid to hid the origins of their people. "I didn't realize exactly what I held until after the attack against my own home, Alalcamenos and my wife's Rowan's home." He said Repo had also moved through his group of pirates to join them and now pirates from all three sectors were in the same area mingling but the hostility was gone "we were all members of the Republic, Alalcamenos perhaps only a child at the time but we all had copies of their information database similar to those held by yourself Hayden. He said looking at Repossession, the other Captain realized what Duinhir meant, they knew each other and it wasn't a secret.

    "Captain, I need to contact my warships" Repo said looking at the Captain, who nodded Senator Michaels appeared at Repossession's side and led him through the crowd to an auxiliary communications station.

    "During my Republic days, I could see the days of the Republic were numbered and like Hayden, myself and Rowan made moves to secure as much material and information as we could to keep our chances of survival alive and well." Duinhir explained to the Captain "behind closed doors I know there were others within the Republic doing exactly the same one was a shadow government group known as Section 13 that did the dirty operations that the Republic wasn't willing to. I didn't know who exactly these people were, as far as I know I spoke with none of them, but I know they were in for their own game at the expense of anyone and everyone."

    "What has this got to do with the Draconians and the Forsaken fleet that attacked you? Duinhir you may have strength but you are living in the past." Simon Hell challenged beside him Nine-won-three, PBO and Seaking all stood nodding their agreement the Captain didn't need his closest allies breaking now but remained silent.

    "I was getting to that Captain Hell, you see this shadow group survives under another name trying to hold onto the information that they are behind the Draconians and much of the troubles that brought about the final days of the last great conflict that caused the Republic's fall." Duinhir explained from his pocket he produced a picture which he handed to the Captain. It was a picture of the destroyed tilt-rotor aircraft that had crashed into his base. "The Shadow Government, Section 13, Kixeye Corporation, names all blend into one when you look at them in some ways." Duinhir said the room was almost completely silent "when I dug into my records and then looked through those on the captured Draconian vessels I now possess I found similarities." He said looking around the room at the other Captains "Section 13 created the Draconians, they created the scourge that has caused us so much trouble, they created them as shock troops for the Republic in its falling days just after myself, Rowan and Repossession left." Duinhir said "unfortunately these shock troops arrived too late to help save the Republic and eventually caused its very destruction when they turned on their creators." He explained "the next we saw of these shock troops was when the Draconian Imperial Empire tried to assert itself on us all, then in Section 13 returned in its new guise as Kixeye Corporation. If you look further back in history as far back as 2011 when they created a series of games, their power slowly gathered until they became one of the few companies to be in a position to survive the last great war. Now they are almost nothing like their origin, carrying the name only." Duinhir continued as Repossession entered and moved to join the group.

    "My island was attacked six hours ago by a joint Kixeye and Draconian attack. My people drove them off however our my people are badly hurt." He said glancing at one of his allies a blonde haired woman “Tatiana your people are helping mine without your command I appreciate it.”

    “We are in this together” the woman said simply if the Captain was not now a father and happily married he could have kissed the woman she had said the exact words that he was trying to get them all to hear.

    "We will understand if you must leave." Captain Mark Red said quietly, the Captain knew Red and Repo had been rivals for a while each throwing fleets at the other but he also knew that they both respected each other as well.

    "My people are well trained and they know their duty. I am more interested in what we are going to do now that we have two fronts to take care of?" Repossession challenged, around the room there was a murmur from the others as well, they looked for action and the Captain knew that jumping on a table wasn't going to cut it this time.

    "Inside my records I found references to a Draconian Central Command, and Kixeye's Command Headquarters." Duinhir said again his words bringing silence to the room "Sector One." The two words that would define a generation a goal, a target, a destination, an end game.

    "Sector One is over six months from here." One of the pirates objected "how can we travel that far, we will never be able to lock onto our home islands beyond all the recall beacons. Going that far could take us away from our homes and our people forever even if we survived the battle we'd never find our way home." He continued the Captain stood there thinking his daughter only just born could be without her father because of one choice. Around the room he could see they were wavering some calling for a purely defensive stance against the Draconians and Kixeye, others wanted to go back to their own islands and become isolationist, the precious alliance they had formed was beginning to fracture already. It was a tough decision for them all to make but not an insurmountable one.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen" Senator Michaels said trying to keep his voice equal "my island will fully support such a journey and mission if others will support it also."

    "You cannot speak for your military Michaels, no offence but we need to hear it from one of the Captains" Alalcamenos challenged immediately showing the respect and power the pirate captains wielded Senator Michaels had gained the support of all the people of Michaels Island to gain his position and yet on the seas he had nothing, no power and no respect among the gathered pirates. With this again the room was becoming rowdy, the Captain brought himself to attention standing to his full 5ft 8inchs tall he'd never been the tallest but now he needed show his strength.

    "I will support this." The Captain said, he had no idea how he would tell Rachel this or say goodbye to Jaylen. Rachel's words 'just come back to us' she'd said he knew that it was something that needed to be done. "Return home, talk to your people, assemble those that are willing to take the fight to our enemy and return. Then together we will sail to Sector One and bring an end to this conflict. Pirates, prepare for battle." He said boldly preparing the road to hell.

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    Chapter Twenty-Six

    "Orders are made to be followed even if it means turning your back on glory to become the saviour of another" - Admiral Patrick Williams

    December 2, 2067, 16:40 hours, Outside Paragumo Island, Bridge of the Sparta

    On the bridge of the Sparta, a massive Floating Fortress vessel currently off the shore of Flag Admiral Duinhir’s island, a figure not really known in the politics of pirates was observing the smoking ruins of one of the greatest commanders on the Forsaken Seas. Rear Admiral Patrick Williams was a recently promoted officer, once the commander of a fleet of Sea Wolves that were now acting as escorts for Admiral Alalcomenous’ massive armada. Originally this magnificent vessel was under the command of Alalcomenous’ second in command, Vice Admiral Themistocles. But as he was left in charge of Alalcomenous’ Outpost, codenamed Delphi, he took over command of the Sparta. With fiery red hair that was left long, but wrapped in a ponytail and piercing green eyes, his looks and personality were in stark contrast to the calm and collected Admiral Alalcomenous or the brooding and always plotting Themistocles.

    “Rear Admiral, the Athens is hailing us,” said his communications officer Lieutenant Alexis Hastings, looking straight at the Rear Admiral as he sat in his command chair.

    “Put it on speakers Lieutenant Commander,” Williams answered with a smile. He knew that the only reason Alalcomenous would hail him is if he decides to give him an assignment. And usually, Alalcomenous gives Williams the assignments that would most likely require heavy combat, something Williams delighted in.

    “Alalcomenous to Sparta, are you receiving? Over”

    Reaching up for the radio, Williams answered, “This is Sparta Actual, and we are receiving.”

    “Proceed to coordinates 43311,188 and ascertain the condition of the island at those coordinates. There will most likely be some heavy fighting, so you are to bring your escorts. I want a full report as soon as you get information,” Alalcomenous answered, his voice collected and calm, yet seething with a fury Patrick never heard from the Admiral.

    “Understood Admiral. Proceeding as ordered. Sparta out,” Williams said as Alexis disconnected the comms, “Alexis, patch me through to the Atropos and the Clotho.”

    “Patching through to both ships,” Alexis answered. The Atropos and Clotho were the flagships of both Sea Wolf Fleets Alalcomenous brought with him on his crusade, named after two of the Greek Goddesses of Fate. Which was appropriate as they have been through multiple battles and have determined the fate of many a Draconian and Forsaken, “You are patched in sir.”

    “Williams to Clotho and Atropos, receiving? Over.”

    “Clotho Actual reporting sir.”

    “Atropos Actual receives you sir.”

    “Both of your fleets are with me. Head to coordinates 43311,188 with Sparta and the rest of Beta Fleet,” Williams said, “Alexis, forward the coordinates to the rest of the fleet.”

    The Sparta slowly moved forward, turning its massive bulk towards the general direction of the coordinates he received. The rest of the Sparta’s task force followed, cutting through the waves to their destination.

    “Approximate travel time is thirty minutes sir,” reported the helmsman, Ensign Marcus Pace as Williams reclined back in his command chair with a smirk on his face. As mentioned before, this officer delighted in intense combat and the thought of destroying Draconian ships and advancing the glory of his people always brought a smile to his face. Thirty minutes till battle. Thirty minutes till more Draconians fall to the Sparta’s guns

    Meanwhile, a great menace was about to terrorize an unprepared island…

    From across the seas, beyond the horizon, as some of the Forsaken people went about their business of survival in this world, two massive ships sailed towards an unknown destination. With hulls the colour of darkest black and bristling with some of the largest and most technologically advanced weapons to ever make it to the high seas, these Dreadnoughts as the old world would classify such terrifying vessels were built to destroy almost anything in their path. And their path was taking them towards an island inhabited by what the Draconians call either an ‘old ally’ or ‘a gnat that hasn’t been killed in far too long’.

    “Admiral Serka, we are coming up to our destination,” said the Draconian helmsman with obvious glee in his voice, even if it was distorted by the mask on his face.

    A sinister chuckle responded to the helmsman from the Admiral himself. As Serka looked out the bridges bulletproof glass window atop his command chair, a feral glare was directed straight at the island, “Good helmsman, we’ll see to it that these Forsaken people get taught a lesson that will be etched into the survivor’s brains for all time. Signal red alert. It is time we go into battle in the name of the Empire,” said Serka with what would be a sinister smile on his face as the klaxons started going all across his ship.

    December 2, 2067, 16:41 hours, Captain Rowan Duinhir’s Outpost, Lookout Tower

    “By God, what has come to us now?” said the lookout man as he saw through his telescope the two Dreadnoughts coming straight for the island Outpost of Flag Admiral Duinhir’s wife, Rowan. Unlike her husband, Rowan just wanted to be left in peace, though she knew maintaining a sizeable fleet was necessary to survive in these harsh times. It was because of these differences that the two went their separate ways after Alalcomenous, their son was born. She didn’t want to play in Artan’s “war games”.

    The lookout man hastily rang the bell behind him that signalled an impending attack and the inhabitants of the island knew what was coming and immediately dropped everything they were doing and ran for the bunkers nestled underground in case of an attack. The lookout man motioned for an Ensign to come near him as he hastily told the young boy, “Alert the Captain and do whatever she tells you to do. We got Draconian Dreadnoughts on the horizon” The Ensign looked absolutely frightened by that statement. Even boys as young as him knew about the dreaded ship, the biggest one in the Draconians arsenal. Only time they ever sent these behemoths out was when a Forsaken person needed to be completely eradicated. “Go kid! We have no time to lose!” shouted the lookout man due to the fact the Ensign was scared stiff.

    As the Ensign ran towards the Captain’s HQ, the lookout man came down from his high perch and followed the civilians to the bunkers. In Rowan’s Headquarters, as she was finishing up a few things of paperwork, she heard the bell ring outside and looked up from her papers. Immediately standing up and heading out of her office door, she knew something terrible was about to happen. As she stepped out of her Headquarters front door, the Ensign came screeching to a halt in front of her. "What’s the problem Ensign?” She asked Calmly.

    “D-D-Draconians mam. Draconian Dreadnoughts are coming,” he stammered, his knees shaking horribly due to fright.

    Rowan’s eyes lowered to the young boy as she knelled to his height, “We will be okay Ensign, just go alert the Gun crews to the approaching threat and then get to the shelters. We’ll ride this out just like any other threat,” she answered, in an attempt to lift the boy’s spirits in this time of crisis. As the Ensign gulped and nodded his head before running in another direction, Rowan looked up towards the sky, as if expecting an answer to be written in the wispy cirrus clouds over her base. We’ll ride this out like every other threat. I hope those words don’t come back to haunt me.

    She thought as she made her way to the bunkers as well, but to a different part of the complex. Her underground CIC was built so in case of an invading fleet coming into her base, she can direct the bases defences here and not be killed by any weapons fire. It also housed some of the technology she has left over from her days in the Republican guard, similar to the assets her husband and her son possessed. Several of her top officers were already crowing a large table with a representation of her base, in three dimensions. This was another relic from her days in the Republican Guard, amazingly it still worked as well as it did in those days, thanks to her technicians miracle work. With this piece of technology, they can actually see how the attack is going as it happens, “Status of the Draconian ships gentleman?”

    “They will be entering the bases channels in two minutes mam,” answered a tall, lean young man with sandy blond hair and thin rimmed glasses, “What I’m wondering mam is, why did the Draconians send only two ships?”

    “Those ships are Dreadnoughts, Commander Todd. Two is more than enough fire-power to bring against a well defended base. First, we need to send out a sector wide signal, giving our location coordinates. Alert them that another island is about to be attacked by the Draconians and request any assistance. Are our gun crew’s ready for the attack?" She asked Todd nodded his answer “Good, we’ll fight this threat until we can’t fight no more,” Rowan answered as she watched the three dimensional interpretation of what was about to take place beyond her bunkers walls. As the anticipation builds, she watched the three dimensional Dreadnoughts come closer and closer to the mouth of her bases channel and just when they were in range of her bases missiles and mortar defenses she uttered only one word, “Fire.”

    December 2, 2067, 16:47 hours, somewhere on the ocean, Bridge of the Sparta

    “Rear Admiral, I am receiving a distress call. It’s playing on all channels,” said Hastings as Williams turned his command chair around to look at her.

    “Play the message on speaker so I can hear it,” answered Patrick as he turned back around to look out at the seas ahead.

    After pressing a couple of buttons, the entire bridge heard the relayed message from the distress call, “This is Rowan Duinhir’s base to all Forsaken people in the sector. We are under heavy Draconian attack. Our coordinates are 43311,188, please send help immediately. I repeat, we are under Draconian attack, our coordinates are 43311,118, please help us.”

    As the message ended, the Rear Admiral said to the helmsman, “Pace, I want to coax as much speed as you can out of these engines. Go to emergency speed immediately. Hastings, patch a message to the rest of the fleet. Order them to speed up to the Sparta’s maximum speed immediately.

    “With our new speed, we’ll be at Rowan’s base in ten minutes sir,” answered Ensign Pace as the Fortress experienced a sudden burst of speed along with the rest of the fleet. As the Sparta now made its way towards Rowan’s base with all haste, “Hastings, transmit this message to Rowan’s base,” Williams said as he added, “This is Task Force Sparta. Heading towards your coordinates as we speak. Approximate arrival time is ten minutes.”

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    must be writing a novel
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    must be writing a novel
    Just a story hopefully an enjoyably one

    Chapter Twenty-Seven

    December 2, 2067, 16:48 hours, Captain Rowan Duinhir’s Outpost, Bunker CIC

    The CIC rumbled, forcing Rowan and her staff to grip the table hard so they didn’t fall over as the Dreadnoughts pounded away at her island defences. In the first minute of the battle, already a couple of her turrets were destroyed and many lives were lost due to the sheer fire-power of the Draconian ships. But in that same minute, she and her staff learned what kind of fire-power they were facing. “Mam, both Dreadnoughts have packed Siege Weaponry onto their hulls,” said one of her officers. Specifically, both Dreadnoughts carried a mixture of Siege Missiles, Mortars, Cannons, and one Dreadnought even has Siege Rockets. What was most worrying was both Dreadnoughts had back mounted Hailstorm Anti Mortar Turrets that made her Victory Mortar Turrets practically useless. Every time she saw those large base mortar shells rise up in the air along with the entire CIC’s hopes of salvation, their hopes were immediately dashed when the Hailstorms clawed them out of the skies. Meanwhile, her Sentinel Missiles were effectively reduced to mere spit-balls and the only things even doing real damage where the shorter ranged Howitzers that were now shooting at the massive ships, the massive cannons making sizeable holes in the incoming vessel's thick armour.

    “It’s like our people’s worst nightmare coming true,” said Timothy Tiggs, another one of Rowan’s commanders. And to most of the people, whether they were in the CIC, in the attached bunkers, or fighting the Dreadnoughts, that comment was beginning to become fact. As more turrets exploded because their armour couldn’t take any more of the abuse the vessels were dishing out, their hopes of winning this battle were just as easily destroyed. Even the mighty Howitzer cannons barely slowed down the advancing juggernauts as they finally navigated the gauntlet that sank so many other vessels before them and reached the inside of the base.

    “Both Dreadnoughts have made it through the defensive batteries Captain. Both have taken moderate damage, but are still mostly combat effective,” said Commander Todd, “Now they have free reign to trash our entire base.”

    Rowan nodded she could see it playing out like a game in front of her. “They’re starting with our docks,” Rowan pointed out as multiple Siege Missiles exploded inside the piers, taking a majority of the vessels moored within, effectively decimating Rowan’s fleet. The ground shook while Siege Mortars levelled important buildings, such as Rowan’s headquarters, her advanced technology building, and even the main hub of her intelligence network. The Draconians left nothing but smoking craters and burning rubble in the wake of their onslaught. But beneath the gloom of the situation, a silver lining began to appear.

    “Rowan, we got fifteen incoming contacts. 5 of them about the size of our Floating Fortress, the rest much smaller,” said the sensor operator, the report pulling Rowan away from the Draconians trashing her beloved home and towards the officer.

    “Are they friend or foe?” she asked hastily as she observed the multiple blips moving quickly towards her base.

    As soon as she said that, the comms operator answered, “They’re hailing us, better put them on speakers.”

    “Captain Rowan this is Rear Admiral Patrick Williams of the Task Force Sparta. I see I haven’t arrived too late to save what’s left of your base and your people. My fleet will take things from here.”

    “It seems our distress signal has reached somebody after all,” said the comms operator the relief in his voice clear for everyone in the room to hear, a feeling that quickly spread they had been harmed but they would survive.

    December 2, 2067, 16:58 hours, Draconian Dreadnought Alpha, Bridge

    “Admiral Serka, incoming contacts. Fifteen in all. Several of them big,” said the radar operator on the lead Draconian Dreadnought. After the exhilarating feel of crushing a Forsaken base under his iron soled boots, the Draconian Admiral got a rude awakening in the form of unknown contacts coming straight for his ships. Clenching his hands into tight fists, he banged them against the armrests of his command chair.

    “How dare these Forsaken scum try to ruin my moment of glory. Order our sister ship to turn around and head out of the base. We’ll have to crush these fools too before we can consider our mission complete.”

    December 2, 2067, 16:58 hours, Captain Rowan Duinhir’s Outpost, Bunker CIC

    “Both Draconian Dreadnoughts are turning around and moving out of the base Captain. It seems we will be safe,” said Commander Tiggs as they observed the large ships turn as gracefully as their massive hulls would allow them to. But it was far too late, the damage has already been done, the lives had been lost. Rowan knew her base would be crippled for weeks, her people's morale hurt, her fleets in pieces. As far as the Draconian’s mission was concerned, it was a success. But if things go well for Task Force Sparta, they won’t get any further than the waters around her base. The Rear Admiral better sink those Draconian bastards before I get my hands on them Rowan thought to herself watching the contacts move away. Although she was not a vengeful woman most days, today was especially different, the Draconians came to her island and trashed it and unless the Rear Admiral eliminated these Draconians first she wanted revenge.

    December 2, 2067, 16:58 hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of the Sparta

    “General Quarters, General Quarters. Man your battle stations boys. This is not a **** drill!” Shouted the voice of the Rear Admiral across the entire ship as crew members got out of bunks, climbed up and down ladders and stairs, and manned their stations as ordered. Meanwhile, at the Bridge, the Rear Admiral was grinning devilishly at the thought of the upcoming battle. As reports flooded in that all of the ships in his fleet were ready for combat, he then proceeded with his battle plans to take these two Dreadnoughts down.

    “Hastings, patch this to all fleet Captains,” Williams said before he spoke, “Clotho, take your fleet east and form a pincer around these behemoths. Atropos, do the same but go west. As for the Sparta and her escorts, we are charging straight in. All ships go to maximum combat speed.” Williams counted on his ships armour to save him from the worse of the damage, but the Sea Wolves that were with him did not have such protection, so they would have to gun their engines to the max in order to survive this fight hitting the flanks of the slower less nimble Dreadnoughts. The smaller ships accelerated away from the Sparta and her sister ships brought their weapons in line with the enemy including a single siege mortar, what would follow would be a spectacular clash that both sides would remember.

    “We are approaching maximum mortar range sir,” said the Sparta’s Tactical Officer, Manfred Friedmont.

    “Fire all!!!” All five Floating Fortress let loose with a mighty thunderous boom as a hailstorm of mortars arced into the air and started coming down on the enemy ships. As the five ships fired, so did the Draconians, with both their Siege Mortars and the Missiles they also carried. Three out of four missiles spent themselves on the Sparta and her sister ship, the Argos, but the damage wasn’t as severe due to the special Reactive Plating Admiral Alalcomenous commissioned all his best warships with. Hailstorms on both sides turned their muzzles up into the air and shot at the incoming mortars coming down to destroy their respective ships. While the Sparta and her escorts were able to shoot down all of the Dreadnought’s mortars, the Draconian’s weren’t so lucky as most of the mortars either exploded on their hulls or in close proximity to them. The Dreadnoughts already damaged were continuing to take a pounding.

    “Sir! The Argos reports minor damage to her hull, but no hull breaches yet. The Sparta received similar damage. Both Dreadnoughts took moderate damage, but both are still seaworthy and continuing to close.”

    “Order the fleet to perform the Death Fan manoeuvre immediately,” said Williams. The Death Fan was a manoeuvre that Admiral Alalcomenous made sure to teach every single one of his officers to perform. The praise was coined by his father and it was a favourite among both of their fleets. Not only did it minimize the damage done by mortars, but it forced the enemy to split his fire among two different ships while the other three can fire on him unmolested. As the orders were passed the five Fortresses began to open gaps in their ranks forcing the Draconian gunners to pick specific targets.

    "Both Wolf Fleets are at the zenith of their Pincers, Rear Admiral. They are proceeding to commence their attack runs," said Hastings. Williams simply grinned with eagerness as he watch the Draconian Dreadnoughts fire another salvo of missiles at his ships.

    "Both Wolf fleets have full permission to fire at will, but stay at maximum Cutlass range, they are the distraction our gunners are the ones that will kill the Draconians, Alalcomenous will never forgive me if I lose his Wolves," answered Rear Admiral Williams as the bridge shook from another salvo of Siege Missiles. Inside, he was thankful for the Fortresses well armoured hull. As Lieutenant Hastings relayed his orders, Williams watched as both fleets turned towards the two Dreadnoughts with a grace that belied their size. The compact hull carried the fire-power of a Leviathan, but the specially made engines made it much faster, at the cost of significant armour protection. This made Sea Wolves one of the most deadly, if fragile, ships afloat. As a previous Captain of a Sea Wolf class vessel, he knew it's strengths and weaknesses and how to best use the ships in a combat situation, in many ways Williams missed his Wolf, the ship had long been retired to Alalcomenous' reserve forces now defending their homes no longer considered a front-line combat ship it still held a place in Williams heart.

    As he reminisced about the things he had lost in the passed he was snapped back onto the future as the Sea Wolves entered weapons range all converging on the Dreadnoughts, within moments no less then fifty large Cutlass Missiles flew from their launchers and begun to seek their targets. Even at maximum firing range both of the Draconian Dreadnoughts received no less than twenty missile hits on their armoured hulls. Both of the dark vessels were coated in fire and for a member Williams thought they had been destroyed however as the flames cleared the massive vessels continued forward "Both Dreadnoughts are still afloat sir, but they have received heavy damage from that barrage."

    "By God, that barrage would of sunken all other ships. What kind of armour are they built with?" asked Rear Admiral Williams to nobody in particular. He knew that the Sea Wolf captains would use their speed to avoid return mortar fire and to come back around for another strike, but due to the Cutlass Missiles slower reload time they were momentarily unable to engage their enemy. The enemy commander didn't allow this time to go to waste.

    December 2, 2067, 17:03hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of Dreadnought Alpha

    Serka smiled deviously after his ship took an entire barrage of mortars and Cutlass Missiles and survived through it. Another trick the Draconians had up their sleeves and the secret to their amazing endurance was within their armour Compound Armour was the result of taking some of the defensive properties of Reactive, Ablative, and Layered armour and melding them together. It didn't provide as much protection as any of the original defensive armour, but it still makes a ship very hard to kill, especially when utilized with Draconian Zynthonite Armour. There was a reason the Draconians held an Imperial Empire and the Forsaken Captains were considered pirates, the Draconians superior intellect and skills had been put to good use since their independence from their creators.

    "Your turn is up Forsaken scum, now it's our move." He said treating the engagement like a game of chess trying to keep one move ahead of their opponent "Tactical, target the Sea Wolves coming across our bow with our Siege Missiles," said Admiral Serka with malicious intent.

    "Aye Admiral," answered Serka's tactical officer as two large missiles sprung from their launchers and streaked towards their prey. Their sister ship added their own missiles aiming towards another Sea Wolf and shot their Siege Mortars as well. The fire-power was massive enough to shake a bases defences to pieces against the little armoured Wolves they would be even more deadly.

    "Your move," Serka said to himself. Though both he and Patrick were on different ships, in reality, they might as well be standing on the opposite sides of the same room, looking over the same map moving the same pieces like two men playing a game at their park's chess table, before the Great War. Serka had not seen that time nor had any other but he had read about those fleeting peaceful days, sometimes he wondered if Kixeye had not come along, if the world had survived what would his life have been? He struggled to imagine living a peaceful life.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    I hope the story will continue soon. Really enjoyed reading it!! Keep it up and I hope Kixeye pays you royalties on the revenue from the movie! :smiley: 
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    Very, very good. Please keep this going :)
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    I hope the story will continue soon. Really enjoyed reading it!! Keep it up and I hope Kixeye pays you royalties on the revenue from the movie! :smiley: 
    I second that
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    Chapter Twenty-Eight

    December 2, 2067, 17:04 hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of the Sparta

    As both Dreadnoughts fired on the speedy wolves, Rear Admiral Williams watched two Sea Wolves take the hard hitting Siege Missiles straight to their starboard flanks. For an FF it wouldn't be a bad hit but for the smaller Sea Wolf, that was a like a critical hit, a crippling blow against their light armour. Flames erupted from the two vessels as the missiles tore through them taking massive chunks out of them even as the Wolves own missiles returned fire causing minimal damage against the massive ships a second salvo of missiles slammed into them causing further damage forcing them into retreat or face total destruction.

    Williams was angry. In the space of seconds, two of his Sea Wolves were already critically damaged and couldn't continue to fight, one fifth of his flanking force effectively eliminated. It was fortunate the Wolves' own ammunition didn't ignite under the siege missile hits, if the fire had reached them his vessels would have been torn to pieces and their crews most likely dead. But the damage done still made Patrick furious, slamming his fist on his command chair's armrest he finally found the words and shouted to his helmsman.

    "Ensign!!! Ram that bastard!!! Target the Dreadnoughts and fire everything we've got!!!" He growled. Marcus Pace didn't even question the Rear Admiral's suddenly foul temper as he revved up the Sparta's engines and she slowly picked up speed. Quickly the Sparta pulled a lead on his other ships.

    "Sir, the Argos is hailing us, asking if the fleet should follow your lead?" said Hastings hesitantly. Williams quickly spun his chair around to face her before he answered.

    "Yes. I want those Dreadnoughts blown straight out of the water we close and we kill them. We have lost some of our best men to those Draconian monsters and so help me, as the commanding officer of this task force, I can not continue to accept these losses they need to know that if they attack us then we will make them pay for everything they take from us." Answered Williams as he turned his chair back around and stared intently at the Dreadnoughts taking and dealing punishment. A loud boom erupted overhead as mortars shot from the tubes on the Floating Fortress and arced straight towards the Draconian vessels.

    December 2, 2067, 17:06 hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of Dreadnought Alpha

    "Sir, the Floating Fortresses have picked up speed. They seem to be on a collision course with our ships," said the Tactical officer before their weapons spewed fire into the sky, "mortars also incoming."

    "Shoot down as many as possible and get ready for some heavy combat. make sure the rockets are fuelled and ready to fire and our cannons are loaded," said Serka as both Dreadnoughts opened fire on the mortars with their Anti Mortar guns, clawing a few out of the sky, it wasn't enough the shells broke through his defences and began to explode either with direct hits or close proximity strikes. Without their defence guns and compound armour, the ships would of been completely destroyed by the splash damage from multiple mortar hits. Even with the Compound Armour they didn't get away completely unscathed, as several of the massive ship's turrets were smashed into broken heaps of metal by the strikes.

    "Both of our Siege Missiles turrets, and our Siege Mortars have been destroyed sir. Our sister ship reports a similar loss in fire-power," said Admiral Serka's Tactical officer. As the titans crept closer and closer the mighty vessels were bombarded by missile and mortar fire. Serka ordered all his remaining weapons to continue to fire, three more of the Forsaken Wolves took strikes from Siege Missile fire crippling the vessels. Now the Dreadnought's closer weapons were in range of the Fortresses closing on them. "All personnel, brace for immediate impact!!!" Serka shouted realizing the suicidal charge his enemy was on.

    December 2, 2067, 17:10 hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of the Sparta

    The Sparta and her escorts all took heavy hits and the three more Sea Wolves limping away made Rear Admiral Williams rage boil over, "order the remaining Wolves to retreat immediately we need to eliminate those Siege weapons." He growled as the bridge rocked from several powerful rockets smashing into the Sparta's hull tearing into the ship's depleted uranium armour.

    "Hull breached Rear Admiral. Decks One through Five are reporting major fires burning, Damage control teams have been mobilized, Primary Weapons Control report Hailstorm Turret A is destroyed, Shockwave Mortars 1 and 3 are offline damaged but not destroyed. Siege Mortar Turret severely damaged, probably non fictional. Communications disrupted however our sister ships look almost as badly damaged," said Sergio “we're lucky our damage was above the waterline sir.”

    "Impact with the Dreadnoughts in ten second sir," said Marcus as the Sparta was now so close to his enemy that he could see all of the damage he has inflicted on the Draconian vessel. It was a miracle either fleet was still able to move, much less continue fighting. The Fortress' Arrowhead shaped hull ploughed into the port side of the Dreadnought, metal screeched and tore as the vessels impacted, the Sparta's entire hull twisting under the impact, the heavily damaged Dreadnought was opened to the sea by the impact and had begun to take on water. Alongside her sister the Argos had smashed into the other Dreadnought tearing into the other vessel, both Fortress and Dreadnoughts were locked together their metal twisted together completely immobile.

    Somehow Williams hair brained idea had worked crippling their enemy "order the rest of the fleet to fire on the Dreadnoughts now danger close." He ordered knowing that the Sparta and Argos would take damage from the fire as well, there was little chance that his Fortresses could avoid damage from the incoming splash damage. Such tactics were par for the course with this officer in command most of the citizens of the Delphi Outpost believed Patrick was downright crazy for utilizing such brutal tactics to win fights. But in his mind, anything goes in war, even if it meant being in the middle of a bombardment under fire from their own weapons.

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    Twenty-eight continued

    December 2, 2067, 17:14 hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of Dreadnought Alpha

    "Hull breaches on decks 6-10 sir, we're taking on water Bravo reports they are also taking on water the Forsaken has crippled us" said Admiral Serka's Tactical officer. The Dreadnought was still alive, but the Fortress that just rammed into them making the Dreadnought a sitting duck now water was rushing aboard the vessels, and worse news was coming.

    "Sir, we are being surrounded by the enemy fleet. Incoming ordinance!" the Radar operator shouted her suit amplifying her warning throughout the command deck her fear obvious to everyone it sickened Serka that his people had fallen so far to allow fear to overtake them. Stalking across the command deck in purposeful strides he pulled the officer from her station throwing her to the deck, Serka had a fearful physical presence it was one of the reasons he'd been given command of the Dreadnoughts.

    "Is there no end to the Forsaken people's madness? Does my opponent know he's putting his own life and his people's lives in danger?" Serka screamed anger erupting as he hurriedly turned around back to his chair, he saw the unmistakable flashes of weapons fire and knew this was the end. He walked calmly back to his chair sitting down "everyone, abandon ship!!! Let our brother and sisters know of this battle and of its outcome," said Admiral Serka. As his bridge slowly emptied he sat looking straight ahead at the incoming missiles and mortars coming to tear apart his ship. "Looks like the better commander won this fight. Now let's you win this war," he said as his world went up in flames.

    December 2, 2067, 17:20 hours, outside Rowan’s Outpost, Bridge of the Sparta

    The bridge crew of the Sparta watched as the Dreadnought they had rammed into began to burn and tear itself to pieces under multiple impacts as the vessel's armour was overwhelmed and crushed under the weapons fire. Unfortunately their view of the destruction was not completely safe the massive splash damage from the mortar fire and the explosion of the dreadnought tore into the Sparta's hull the massive Fortress was rocked heavily with more systems destroyed or disabled. Unlike the first Dreadnought the second vessel which was locked with the Argos began to take on massive amounts of water, slowly the ship slid off the Fortress and begun to slip under the waves. The battle was over now they had to survive. "No other enemy contacts sir, the seas are safe for now," reported Hastings as the Rear Admiral calmed down a little and looked around at his battered bridge and his crew how many had he lost? How many more of the injured would perish? Mission accomplished but at a frightful cost.

    "Communications, Patch a message to Rowan. We need to help with the searching of survivors and discuss rebuilding and assess damage on both her base and our fleet. Send a salvage crew to comb through the wreckage. We need samples of their armour for research purposes, have our operational Wolves recover our crippled ships and rendezvous here, we're not moving for a while." He said glancing around his ships would need weeks of repairs.

    December 2, 2067, 22:53 hours, Rowan's Island Outpost

    Hours went by as the search for survivors among the wreckage of what was once a proud Forsaken Outpost continued well into the night. The entire island had been turned into an impromptu hospital treating anything from minor wounds to near death injuries. Hundreds had been lost and the damage that was done would take months to fully rebuild. As Rowan and Patrick eventually found out, the vast majority of Rowan's her fleet could be salvaged from the shallow depths of her island waters, for now however she only had five surviving vessels that were mostly unscratched. Two of them were her own Fortresses, Patrick informed Rowan of a similar disaster happening to her husbands island and what was going on within the Forsaken Seas as Rowan preferred to keep to herself.

    "Sorry I couldn't help out any more Captain, but my own ships took a heavy beating and need repairs. I also have to file a casualty report to Admiral Alalcomenous and perform burial ceremonies for the fallen," said Rear Admiral Patrick as he and Rowan oversaw the continued rebuilding of her world.

    "It's quite alight. My people have faced similar catastrophes before and survived, we are used to our world being torn down. It will happen again, at least the crates you did give us will help us with our reconstruction efforts," answered Rowan. Though her base was in shambles, homes can be rebuilt, ships rebuilt, it was the lives that were lost that couldn't be replaced easily. Good thing her people didn't suffer complete annihilation.

    "The world is changing Captain, we have to adapt or we will all perish. If there was a time when Darwinism would be most accepted, it would be in times like this," Williams commented, "I have done preliminary research on a sample of armour that my salvage teams recovered and found out some interesting things about it."

    "Really?" asked Rowan quizzically.

    "Indeed, it seems the Draconians have found a way to combine the effects of layered, reactive and ablative armour to create a kind of compound armour that provides defence against all kinds of surface weapons. Combining it with their Zynthonite armour and they are able to walk through nearly any base with their best ships. If we can reverse engineer this technology, we can gain a significant edge against them in this war," answered Williams just as he noticed an Ensign stop right beside them. Apparently he had something urgent to report, "Ensign, can I help you?"

    "Yes, a message was just patched through. it came from Senator Michaels island. You need to hear it sir," answered the Ensign as he hurried back to the ship.

    "Can I use your CIC for this Captain?" asked Williams to Rowan. He knew something was going on and it was going to be big. Bigger than this entire sector.

    "Come with me Rear Admiral," Rowan answered as she led him towards her bunker Headquarters, which now serves as her office until reconstruction efforts are complete.

    December 2, 2067, 22:58 hours, Rowan's Island Outpost Command

    Recovery efforts had all but finished as people gathered to listen to the message from Michaels Island from the highest ranked member of Rowan's staff to the youngest survivor everyone was gathered around the room listening. "Ladies and Gentlemen of Sector 73, for years the Draconians have been a menace to cause us problems and cause us pain.” The voice said Williams recognized it as the Captain of Michaels Island “we have survived as Pirates of the High Seas, the Forsaken, preying on each other and any Draconian sorry to stray into our weapons fire." He had a charismatic way with words that easily matched his Island's military might making him and his island a force in the sector and possibly beyond. “Today I call for everyone to raise their arms and join us in saying NO LONGER!” He said Williams could see people in the ruined operations centre were being moved by the words “we are all citizens of this world, we all deserve the chance to live our lives in peace and to be free of the tyrannical Draconian Imperial Empire and their allies. Today our forces gather at Bob Epps island on the border with Sector 72, any forces that wish to join us are welcome. Together we will sail to Sector 1, as a United Expeditionary Fleet, one force dedicated to the freedom of all of the Forsaken peoples." The Captain said "standing together as one people with one voice we can survive the Draconians and bring a new age for the people of this world.” Even Williams felt moved by the words it had been a long war with too many risks “we will wait three weeks for your forces to join us then we sail, soon our enemies will hear our voice and answer to us or face our weapons!" Without another word the communication silenced and slowly a murmur spread throughout the room, Rowan and Williams just looked at each other realizing that throughout the sector people would likely be thinking and doing the same thing wondering what this new plan and change would bring them.

    "I think the road has been laid Admiral." Rowan said quietly as if a path had been drawn out across the sea, she quietly wondered if it led to peace or to oblivion. Around to room both of them were well aware of people looking at them.

    "But not for us Captain" Williams said trying to show the people present that they would not face further conflict "neither your people nor mine are in any shape to continue, now our friends and our family must continue this fight." He said he knew that the Sparta nor her sisters would be able to make any long journeys or engage in more battle for many weeks all of them needed extensive repairs. "My people will follow Admiral Alalcomenous order's and remain on station and help your people recover, if the UEF fails perhaps we will need to become a core for a new resistance."

    "I thank you for the offer Admiral, your people are very welcome to stay as long as they feel they are needed." Rowan said quietly she knew her son and husband would be involved in the fighting, she silently prayed for their safety before returning to her own people's needs, it would be a busy few weeks for everyone.

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    "Being a Captain, you have responsibility to your crew, your ship and to the sea. Being Lord of the land you live on adds the responsibility of an entire people. I never asked for the honour of leading our people however at the same time there are few others I would trust with this charge. It was my choice to relocate our people, a choice that I will have to live with."

    The Captain, Michaels Island

    Far out at sea, 00:00 hours

    The sea was silent and calm as the clock struck midnight there was no moon in the sky no natural light at all. The ten Forsaken Fortresses sailed the still seas with no lights on their left hand side there was a mass of ships moving slowly all brightly lit up like a Christmas trees. Captain Todd Dredge stood on the observation deck of his lead ship, his father the great Admiral Dredge had trusted him with ten vessels to monitor the growing formation of Forsaken Warships on the Sector 72/73 border, now Todd thought he'd struck the jackpot fifty ships sailing towards Sector 73 obvious reinforcements for this resistance movement. "Mr Gerald, prepare to give them a broadside all cannons, destroy them." He ordered looking at his XO each of his six Fortresses were armed with the most powerful weapons Kixeye had access to his own flagship had six Seige Cannons and was intended for direct combat, tonight would be a great night.

    Meanwhile nearby....

    Sitting at his office desk Lord Archer Leviathan was relaxed it has been his choice to move their people from Sector 65 where civil war had torn the Forsaken peoples apart initially it had been a short sail to Sector 71 where Leviathan had a friend however as they had closed on 71 a war between an Alliance known as Catalyst and another unidentified group had erupted and Leviathan's friend had been caught up in the middle of the fight. No longer did that Sector seem to be a good or safe place to move to, as they moved again Leviathan had received a message from the Captain of Michaels Island, calling for all Forsaken forces to join his alliance against Kixeye and the Draconian Imperial Empire. Archer Leviathan did not like the idea of a great war however an entire Sector or perhaps more working together against a common enemy would perhaps be a good place to settle and rebuild their home. Setting course for this new destination his people had accepted it although Leviathan was sure that there would be trouble for him after they arrived. Leaning over the paper map he drew in the distance his ships had covered today even though his ships were low in the water heavy with their precious cargo. Soon they would be there, very soon they would arrive at their new home their long Relocation over. His musing was thrown back into reality as his Leviathan was struck by two massive explosions "All senior staff to the bridge, battle stations battle stations" the call went throughout the ship as the ship was rocked by another impact, Lord Leviathan ran from his stateroom heading for the bridge.

    "What the hell is going on?" Leviathan shouted entering the bridge, his ship the same class as his namesake was under attack and on fire but he knew nothing else.

    "We're under attack sir, no radar contact with them visuals based on muzzle flashes from their turrets, we count ten ships." His XO replied

    "No" Leviathan whispered looking at his own formation, namely at the centre of it, he had fifty Leviathans under his command, fifty mighty Battleships all of the same class however the middle twenty ships were the most important refitted with extended cargo holds, inside those holds his people had fashioned accommodation, schools and hydroponic gardens for his people's trip across the seas. "Concentrate on the muzzle flashes with all our fire-power, protect our transports." He ordered looking at his his crew "we can rebuild our ships but not our lifeblood we must protect our people." He stressed pointing at the formation at the centre of his ships "Communications see if we can gather any support from this area, I've heard that ships from many sectors are heading for Sector 73 to support the movement there, perhaps we'll find someone sympathetic to our cause."

    On the 72/73 border...

    The Captain dragged himself onto the bridge of his newest flagship a Floating Fortress, his Island's first such craft around them were four Leviathans and five Wolves from Michaels Island and nearly seventy fleets from other islands that had rallied to their cause. "What is it? More ships?" He asked entering the bridge. Ships had been arriving for days the armada was growing with only a few days remained before they left for Sector 1, the newly named United Expeditionary Fleet would soon face Kixeye and the Draconians in direct combat in their own backyards.

    "A distress call, nearly two hours distant some guy called Lord Leviathan, his ships are moving towards Sector 73 they've been engaged by an unknown force." Captain Rose Lang reported showing the general position of the distress signal on the seas not far from the growing armada. "Repossession is closest to the combat, he says he is going to engage this force and attempt to help these people." She said it was uncharacteristic of Repossession to help another pirate perhaps their growing alliance was of more worth than just slowing Kixeye and the Draconians.

    "Inform Repo it will take us time to reorientate our forces, we will support when we can." The Captain ordered as he began to bring his Fortress to combat ready it would be the first combat his ship would see and he wouldn't even see his enemy.

    Kixeye formation....

    Now deep within his Fortresses Citadel Captain Todd Dredge watched as the Leviathans he had ambushed had now split their ranks protecting something behind them now they broke like a splitting egg revealing a new enemy "Sir!" One crewmen shouted "Tiger coloured Hammerheads!" He warned Dredge looked at the incoming vessels and smiled ten new targets this time perhaps more of a challenge than the Leviathans he had been engaging.

    "Target these new ships with everything we have left" Dredge ordered the Siege weapons that dominated Fortresses fire-power turned towards the incoming Hammerheads the Hammerhead B as Kixeye had dubbed it when Repossession had begun to field it was actually a superior craft however the Kixeye crew had long mastered fighting the Hammerhead. Instead of following standard procedure concentrating their fire-power on a single target at a time the Kixeye fortresses split their fire engaging all ten enemies at the same time using their superior weapons and crews to systematically destroy all targets at once.

    Weapons discharged on both sides Repo had Siege weapons on his own vessels but not as numerous as those carried on the Kixeye vessels every punch Repossession's ships threw three more returned smashing into the incoming Hammerheads, first the flanking ships of the Hammerhead formation caved. Their concentrated fire-power had taken down two of Kixeye's Fortresses however all the remaining Hammerheads were badly damaged and now under the fire-power of six Floating Fortresses. "Target our weapons here" Dredge said pointing to an area just behind one of the Hammerhead's weapons array but before the ship's radar dome "all fire-power" Dredge ordered his XO looked at him then nodded passing the ordered, the next salvo from all six Fortresses targeted a single Hammerhead, Kixeye had watched and studied Repossession and knew how to end his threat once and for all. The six remaining vessels carried thirty-six weapons turrets between them, thirty-six weapons firing as one tore into the Hammerhead on the far left of the formation its armour, weapons and hull torn to pieces by the awesome sight set before them flame, smoke and debris flew from the craft as it erupted under the onslaught. The Hammerhead had no chance and quickly the six pieces of the craft sank beneath the waves and was gone. The remaining Hammers seemed disorientated by the loss proving Dredge's orders had been correct in his assessment Repo had become complacent choosing the same tactics time and again and now he was dead, the remaining Hammers were quickly dispatched by mass Siege weapons fire.

    "Sir more vessels approaching various classes" Gerald reported as the last Hammer began to sink under the waves.

    "Understood Commander, recover any of our personnel from the water and retreat, if any of our ships are salvageable make sure it is not recoverable by anyone else." Dredge said his ships carried data and information he was sure any Forsaken, or even Draconian, commander would find interesting he planned on making sure no-one would be able to make use of it. As they retreated the six remaining ships fired salvo after salvo into the former sister ships gutting the remains of these hulls before the sank beneath the waves. Dredge knew that he'd failed in his mission but won a great victory tonight, one more thorn was gone from his side.

    Forsaken Alliance Fleet, 72/73 border...

    Turning one fleet was easy, turning dozens that were in close formation was not trying to coordinate several dozen different shames and sizes of craft was proving more tricky than the Captain could have ever imagined so far only half of his ships were turned and less than half of them were moving to support Repossession. "Captain, message Admiral Duinhir Alpha encryption." Lang reported crossing the bridge the Captain keyed in the password and raised the phone to his ear.

    "We are turning the fleet as quickly as possible Admiral, we'll soon be in a position to assist. Do we know if these people are Forsaken or Draconian?" The Captain asked intelligence was power on the sea. "What?" He asked startled by the Admiral's words "I understand, an honourable man, now we need to ensure his allies do not abandon us." The Captain said working around the news would not be easy but were definitely necessary "Yes Admiral, I agree the time is now." He said placing down the phone he stood up from his chair Captain Lang prepare the vessel for flank speed manoeuvring, pass the word to all ships, we leave for sector one now."

    "We are not supporting Repossession?" She asked confused, she was already in the midsts of changing their course to match Repo's fight.

    "He's dead killed in combat with Kixeye, now we make them pay for his life and every other that has been killed because of their actions." He said picking up the phone again this time punching in another code "this is the Captain to all ships that plan to travel with us prepare for flank speed we journey to Sector One. Lord Leviathan, welcome to Sector 73, you and your people are welcome to stay here you will not be attacked by those in this sector. If you choose to you will find peace however I charge you with helping those we leave behind keep the peace and keep our homes safe, we all earn our keep." The Captain said addressing every ship gathered time time to leave was now. Lord Leviathan's remaining forty-three vessels slowly sailed into Sector 73 as the Armada sailed past, if this newcomer meant ill to the Sector the Captain had ordered enough forces to remain behind and police the region, hopefully they would have another ally when they returned. All around the Captain's Fortress ships of all size from Gunboats to Fortresses to Stalker Submarines began to sail in the same direction focused on their goal, it was an awesome sight which the sea had rarely seen before, soon Kixeye Corporation and the Draconian Imperial Empire would see it also and feel the Forsaken's gathered strength.

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    "No-one expected the Forsaken fleets to ever stop acting like pirates and work together against us. We were silly to expect them to always be a disorganized rabble, and now we must face them together."

    - Unknown, Kixeye Corporation

    The Ocean was a massive ship compared to the ships the Forsaken and Draconian forces used. It was a relic of the old times, before the massive floods, and had belonged to one of the old national alliances navies that had long since fallen from use or memory. The vessel displaced over 21,000 tons originally and over the years Kixeye had further modified it adding Cutlass Missile Turrets, Ripper Machine Gun defence emplacements, Draconian Bombard Mortars and Flak cannons enhancing its capabilities. The ship was almost completely incapable of moving on its own, its engines long burnt out, however to keep the vessel mobile Kixeye had attached four Battle Barges permanently to the ship each had been refitted with massive engines, thrusters and additional armour plating to enhance their roll. The ship was perfect for Kixeye's needs with its massive hanger and landing deck, deep within its hull there were dozens of planning and tracking rooms allowing Kixeye to watch all five hundred of the Draconians Sectors and the various Kixeye assets in each area.

    Today however one of the main meeting rooms was not being used as a planning or as a tracking room instead it was part of discipline and of looking to the future. Discipline was one thing and being called in front of your superior was one thing but when it was your father it was often one hundred times worse. For Todd Dredge it was one of those one hundred times worse cases, standing in front of his father and commander, he was standing in the main meeting hall of Kixeye's command beside him two forsaken commanders and a Lieutenant Intelligence Officer. "Things have not gone so well." Admiral Dredge said quietly "we have successfully alienated the forsaken forces, all to hide a little mistake." He continued "now we find that we are in a more isolated place."

    "Father, we eliminated the remnants of the Old Republic, Repossession's death fighting my forces was the final nail the Pirate Dread is dead, and Duinhir's forces are crippled. Together with our remaining allies we can crush the forsaken alliance." Todd protested even though in the last six sectors the growing Forsaken Alliance had gained a further six fleets and crushed three Draconian Outposts.

    "Really" Dredge said quietly, "the so called United Expeditionary Fleet has crushed three Draconian Outposts in the last six sectors every hostile unit that approaches them disappears beneath the waves. Our scouts have so far failed to penetrate their defences and they continue to come closer every hour."

    "Even if they arrive here we'll crush them." Todd said quietly

    "I am willing to give you your chance my son." Dredge said looking at the younger man a mirror to himself when he was younger but had so far failed to come to fulfilment. "These two commanders have come forward and have said they will stand by us until the end Lord Daemonicus, one who lost his home to the Draconians after a betrayal that was unanswered by his Pirate neighbours, and Commandant Shadow..." Dredge said introducing the younger of the two men Todd heard the younger Forsaken Commander whisper the word "Final" as his father spoke. "these two men have stood with us and will be our rallying call. You will lead these men against the Draconians and we will raise support from the local pirate forces."

    "You believe we can sway this sector into support for us?"

    "There are some Captain, the three CM brothers for a start may be swayed to our support if we can prove our worth. And Lieutenant Jessica McGregor here has a list of other people that may be willing to work with us and some targets that will make the biggest bang is we hit them hard enough." Dredge said smiling taking in the young woman standing to Todd's side, at least she was part of Kixeye someone he could trust implicitly. "I wish you well Captain, myself and the others of the Board will coordinate the defence of Ocean." He said speaking of the massive ship fortress that was Kixeye's headquarters.

    "If they reach here we will be ready for them." Commandant Shadow said confidently

    "Of course" Todd Dredge said saluting his father, Jessica McGregor followed his salute perfectly although both of the Forsaken commanders struggled to replicate. Todd appreciated their efforts but now he had some planning to do and he needed to know what they all brought to the table.

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    Hours later....

    In an auxiliary meeting room aboard Ocean Todd and his three new "partners" stood around a topographical map of Sector One "This Sector has long sustained Kixeye even though it has presented us with a lot of challenges." Todd began, "however I believe the only way to completely win over all the peoples of this is if we crush these two Draconian Outposts." Todd said pointing at one on the east of the Sector and one on the far south. "Under construction when completed they will control distribution of supplies and equipment to the other facilities, if we destroy them we will disrupt all local Draconian operations." He explained "I also think it will help us win over some moderate support from the sector."

    "Are there any others we could gain support from anyone else during these operations?" Shadow asked

    "Perhaps the three CM Brothers, Swag, Rich and Æon immediately" Jessica said "others will follow soon enough Commandant Shadow."

    "It's Final Shadow." He corrected Jessica nodded "are these three capable of the combat that will be required of them?"

    "They are for the most part. We will need to support their operations they prefer to set up operations and make examples of their targets instead of open combat." Jessica said detailing the three brothers all had strong fleets however operating with others may be more difficult."

    "Simply put we will work together and crush these construction sites. Myself, Daemonicus and Shadow... I mean Final Shadow” he said correcting himself “will assault the southern construction site. Together out three fleets will wield enough power to destroy the facility." He said manipulating the computer screen to display the still under construction Draconian site five islands in total one on each corner covered in weapons and one central facility with acted as the foundations of what would be the facility. "We are expecting heavy resistance from both the Outpost defences and from local defensive ships so have your best ships and gunners available." Todd said he himself had five Forsaken Floating Fortresses armed with Draconian weapons technology, he also knew that Daemonicus' fleets were outfitted purely with Draconian Warships which he had acquired when the Draconians destroyed his people, Shadow was the odd one out he had not a single piece of Draconian technology instead they were outfitted with the most advanced Forsaken weapons and technology and had been built at an advanced Shipyard facility which was able to lighten and strengthen the weapons produced there which allowed them to close the gap on their Draconian counterparts."

    "And what of the lovely Lieutenant?" Daemonicus said winking at Jessica

    "The Lieutenant’s single Fortress will not be much of a factor on its own" Todd said quietly her Fortress was an advanced vessel specifically built for her operations it had an advanced hull streamlining which allowed it to move quickly through the sea, Draconian Bombard defence mortars and Siege Cannons for attack as well as an advanced armour compound that reflected most types of damage however it was only one ship and not designed to operate with other ships, it was more like a Scout Battleship than an actual ship of the line. "Instead she will rally the sector to our cause hopefully in time for them to see the destruction of the first outpost and join us for the second attack."

    "You guys get all the fun" Jessica said quietly although she was happy with her ship and crew sometimes she wished for a more direct combat role.

    "Don't worry there will be plenty to come." Todd said, they broke up the meeting and headed off their plan was set now they had to begin operations leaving Ocean's massive bulk behind they headed out.

    A week later, Sector One

    Arrayed together fifteen vessels charged towards the construction facility from within the area three Draconian Battleships moved into view adding their fire-power to the Outpost's already active weapons facilities the plan was for Todd's forces to engage the northern defence structures while Shadow assaulted the south defence emplacements. At the same time the two Battle-cruisers and three Battleships that made up Daemonicus' forces would engage the defensive ships and assist against the turrets.

    Charging in the ships were immediately engaged by the Draconian weapons which hit from further than normal Draconian weapons immediately Todd's ships were taking heavy weapons fire glancing at the other ships with him he noticed that Daemonicus and Shadow's ships were under similar fire, whatever the Draconians had on these bases it made their weapons fire further and hit harder, no doubt making sure things were even more difficult than Todd had expected.

    "Come to port fifteen degrees all weapons target those defence turrets!" Todd shouted over the deafening roar as several missiles slammed into the Fortress' mid-hull.

    "Sir Daemonicus' ships have destroyed two of the Battleships" one of his officers said as the ship turned "they are engaging the third, Daemonicus asks if we need assistance?"

    "Confirmed have his available forces engage our second turret battery." Todd confirmed he knew when his forces were outmatched as suddenly the turret emplacement he had been attacking exploded in a huge explosion, the shock-wave rocking the Fortress. "**** when they go they really do..." He said for a moment before his Fortress was hit again this time by the next turret.

    "Captain, Commandant Shadow confirms his forces are having the same problem, unexpected resistance from the turreted defences."

    "Have Daemonicus remaining vessels assist Shadow after he has cleared his final battleship." Todd ordered as his ship was brought in line with the final turret battery, his other ships taking a similar amount of damage also turned in line while ships from Daemonicus' Battleship a single Battle-cruiser also came into view, now with seven ships charging towards the turrets they wouldn't last long. "Com'on face us all" Todd whispered as if trying to taunt his opponent suddenly the outposts closer in weapons opened fire it appeared to be Impact Cannons also with extended range, these tore into Daemonicus' Battle-cruiser as it closed "**** you!" Todd shouted losing his temper looking out his Fortress windows as he watched Daemonicus' vessels take more and more fire before Todd's own ships were even in range it was times like this he was reminded why he hated the Draconians.

    As Todd's ships came into range and similarly as Shadow's guns came into range at the south turret the finally two defensive emplacements quickly exploded under the combined fire, adding in Daemonicus' fire-power they had little chance twin fireballs erupted as the two islands lit up the sky for miles around. If Jessica had been unsuccessful in rallying support then those fires would likely pulled quite a bit of attention. "Only the Outpost remains." One of his officers said.

    "All remaining vessels fire all guns at the foundations, sink this monstrosity into the sea." He ordered as all ships turned around they all began to fire, even from this distance Todd could see Draconian construction workers running for their lives under the bombardment as mortar, missile and cannon fire landed all around them smashing their hard built facility. After a few moments of bombardment parts of the facility began to fall back into the sea from which they had been raised. After almost ten minutes of bombardment the entire artificial island was gone crushed under the combined strength of Kixeye and their allies. "Deck defence crews pick off all survivors, Helm bring us through the Outpost's field slowly, three passes." Todd ordered along the sides of the ship marines armed with heavy machine guns began to spray the waters with further weapons fire gunning down anything that moved killing any survivors from the facility, no-one from this base would be helping the Draconian cause in the future.

    The next day....

    Despite her efforts Jessica had only recruited the three CM Brothers to her cause before the destruction of the Outpost, with the massive fireball lighting up the day and night's sky for hundreds of miles suddenly everyone had been interested in what was going on. Jessica's messages had begun to be answered suddenly she'd heard back from someone naming themselves The M, another named Flyhamster and several others all heading for her position which she already had all three CM brothers ready for a strike.

    Not waiting for the CM Brothers to become bored Jessica had ordered the attack Rich had a group of Fortresses, Æon had only Sea Wolves however he was very confident he could get in under the Outposts guns and run circles around the ships if needed while Swag had five Hammerhead designed ships although they were similar to those used by Repossession they were more bulky and appeared slower to turn than the Republic design, an inferior but still impressive copy.

    Supporting them with her own Fortress Jessica had chosen to stick close to the Sea Wolves of Æon her ship was equipped to move fast through the waters and only carried a little more fire-power than the Wolves however it had the armour to survive hits that the Wolves would not be able to take. Leaving the Fortress and Hammerhead forces of the other two they entered combat. As the slower heavily armoured Fortress and Hammerhead craft of Rich and Swag smashed the Outpost defence guns Jessica's Fortress and Æon's nimble Wolves darted in and out of all the ships first destroying the five Draconian Battle-cruisers that supplemented the turreted defence guns then assisting the larger vessels in their actions against the turreted defence.

    Quickly this strategy of fast and slow vessels proved too much for the Draconian gunners and a second fire lit up the nights sky of Sector One, Kixeye had proven its worth to the inhabitants of the area and they had gained some support. Which was just as well as the UEF was reported to now be within Sector Fifty and still closing on their target. Kixeye had to act quickly and be prepared for the next part of this ever expanding war.

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    "The journey was long, the various leaders of the fleet quarrelled about their course, types of target, their end target and even their speed but fortunately they agreed to remain united."

    - Captain Simon Hell, Sector 73

    The Captain entered the command bridge of his flagship fortress, as an organizer of this mission his ship was near the centre of the formation surrounded by the others protected on all sides. "Good morning Commodore sleep well" Commander Mike Harsell greeted using the Captain's new temporary rank. It had been decided that a Captain was not a high enough rank for one of the main leaders of the United Expeditionary Fleet, despite the Captain's objections, so they'd promoted him.

    "Well as I could, anything to report?"

    "Captain Hell's out-runners encountered a little problem last night with a group of local Predator submarines the Panem, a Leviathan-class Battleship, under his command received a series of hits." Mike explained "by some sort of heroic effort they have kept her afloat and she will return to Sector 73 with the next supply convoy." The Captain nodded supply convoys normally consisted of Battle Barges outfitted with extended cargo holds and specially constructed streamlined hulls allowing them to cross the distance quickly sending a damaged ship with them wouldn't slow them down too much.


    "Sixteen, sir, burials will take place at 1700hrs Zulu. Captain Hell has agreed to stand at over watch."

    "Make sure we're in position to pay respects at that time. Pass to all crew to Man the Rails, Commander, those who fall deserve our respect and our remembrance."

    "Aye, sir" Mike replied Manning the Rails as it was formally known was a well known old war tradition one honoured among all the pirates, everyone understood eventually they would all return to the sea, during a burial crewmen would line the side of the ship facing the burial ceremony. "One other thing sir it appears that Duinhir's advanced scout aircraft spotted a series of small ships shadowing the fleet, just beyond weapons range ignoring our radio calls."

    "More locals? Of all the places we've been so far Sector 47 appears the most broken." the Captain said quietly.

    "Yes Commodore" Mike said using the new rank again the Captain was sure he was using it just to annoy the Captain everyone knew he had resisted promotion over the years because he believed in no differences between him and his fellow leaders on Michael's Island. "Fortunately we haven't encountered any hostile alliances in the area."

    "Neither have we encountered many willing to join our cause in the last few sectors. Most of our support originates in and beyond Sector 73 these “inner” sectors don't seem to want to fight a common cause." The Captain observed, he'd noticed the trend was increasing less and less willing to stand up to the Draconians and Kixeye, he'd also noted that less and less of the local pirates had even had any contact with Kixeye Corporation or been attacked by the Draconians. It appeared that the two hostile groups strategy varied Sector to Sector.

    "We have more than two hundred fleets within our main fleet sir, that is more than one THOUSAND ships and their crews.” He said emphasising his point “Not since the first years of sail have the seas seen a fleet of this magnitude or this vast." Commander Hardsell said "Sir, it is an accomplishment that will be remembered by many and one that even our enemies cannot ignore."

    "But is it enough..." the Captain wondered they'd all heard the rumours that Kixeye Corporation were calling in their support. Originally the UEF had struck at everything renegade pirates, Draconians anything that did not support them now they tried to conserve fire-power and personnel by striking at necessary targets.

    "Sir!" one of the crewmen shouted a warning as the Captain mused over the decisions the faced. "Forward Elements inform us of a ship standing in our way, a Leviathan blocking our path."

    "Hardly a blockade" Mike said almost waving them off.

    "Sir, they maintain distance beyond our weapons. Their commander wants to speak to someone in charge" the officer reported again.

    "Commander, pass to fleet bring us to dead slow for Captain Hell's burial detail, have helm alter our position accordingly." Mike nodded and began coordinating the ships movements. "Communications, pass to blockade ships our intent to pay respects for the fallen and express invitation for their commander to meet with me aboard this vessel. Copy all to Admirals Duinhir and Alacamenous and to Captains, Hell, Red, Hawke and Ninewon-three." There were a variety of 'ayes' in response as the Captain felt his Fortress begin to change position in the fleet their escort of Leviathans and Sea Wolves from Michaels Island matching speed and course.

    "Response from blockade, they agree."

    "Good" the Captain said raising from his chair heading for the exit he too would join his crew.

    "Aye, Commodore" he heard Hardsell reply as the door marines opened the pressure doors snapping to attention.

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    Some time later...

    Tradition was something well honoured at sea especially for the loss of crew. There was no burial on what little land remained instead the departed returned to the seas of which they came. Manning every level of the Floating Fortresses superstructure crewmen from every part of the ship lined the edge of the vessel's starboard hull dressed in their best uniforms silently observing the burial detail aboard Captain Hell's flagship. Because they were at sea and in a potentially hostile region crew members continued to man their stations while others were on the port side securing docking to a Leviathan-class Battleship of unknown origin. Standing on the Observation deck dressed in his best uniform the Captain listened to Captain Simon Hell speak aboard his own vessel as the bodies of the dead were returned to the deep. He completely ignored the new arrival on the bridge along with her fully armed marine escort.

    The visitor stood there silently waiting until the ceremony was over across the seas even with the dozens of ships present everyone heard the five Sea Wolf Destroyers alongside Hell's vessel fire their five thud cannons in the air in succession. The fifteen shots rang true across the sea like a raising thunder and then it was followed by complete silence after a few moments the ceremony was completed with Hell's flagship's ship bell sounding three times across the fleet each ship followed suite ringing their bells in succession. The Captain turned to face his visitor "Welcome aboard this Fortress, I am the commander of this vessel, now please inform me why was you vessel standing in our way."

    "Allow me first to extend my condolences for your losses Sector Forty-seven is a lawless part of sea.” She said she sounded genuine “secondly allow me to warn you Sector Forty-six which you will enter soon is little better." The young woman said the Captain thought she couldn't be any more than 26 years old her dark hair tied back, her hazel eyes sparkling in the light.

    "Thank you for the warning..." The Captain said allowing his voice to trail off the fleet had come too far to stop.

    "Vice Admiral Lucy Campbell" she said "Now for my reason for being here, my home island is on a direct course from your Island. I would like to know your intentions." She said despite her youth the Captain credited her with little fear in the face of the massive fleet present.

    "Our intentions is to attack Sector One. Kixeye Corporation and the Draconian Empire have become uncontrollable, their attack our fleets, our miner and more recently our civilian homes this has to stop." The Captain said the young woman looked at him quizzically and was about to speak before her communicator activated.

    "Excuse me" she said raising the communicator to her mouth "Mystery this is Magic" she said.

    "Mam, one of our miners reports Blackheart is attacking them." Opposite her Lucy could see the Captain's face go white in shock then red with anger.

    "Understood what happened to our guarding force?"

    "Unknown" the reply came, there were ten ships assigned to the defence of the miners how could they have all gone missing?

    "Admiral, if I may?" The Captain said quietly Lucy nodded "we can help, I've dealt with Blackheart before." Lucy nodded raising her communicator again.

    "Mystery this is Magic, link with this Fortress' communications and radar pass the coords of our mining field." Lucy ordered her ship at the same time the Captain raised the telephone fitted to the hull to his mouth.

    "CIC this is Actual, pass throughout fleet to head to coordinates received from the Leviathan. It appears we've found Blackheart and he's causing a nuisance of himself." The Captain said clearly seeing the surprise at the old name "yes I said Blackheart, pass to the fleet anyone who wishes to assist are more than welcome, these people are not UEF but they are having as much problems as the rest of us." He explained before replacing the handset "we'll do all we can."

    "Why?" Lucy asked baffled not understanding why pirates would help others instead of taking all they could, her own Sector rarely assisted each other when miners were attacked or if one attacked another, they stood alone or they paid for it only ever working together if the neighbouring sector made a major push attacking many of them.

    "Why not?" The Captain countered "we have the fire-power and hitting miners is a low blow by anyone and especially by Blackheart, we have plenty history with him." The Captain explained "our fleet could also do with provisions and if you are willing support in our journey?"

    "And if we don't your offer of aid goes away?" Lucy asked accusingly she'd seen false promises before in her short career.

    "Not quiet" The Captain said with a smile as behind him aircraft began to raise off the Enterprises' flight deck and vessels of the fleet began to alter course. Lucy Campbell watched the aircraft and the warships in surprise she'd promised nothing yet they moved in support.

    Mining fields nearby....some time later

    It wasn't just Lucy's people who were under attack from Blackheart the entire mining field was ablaze with weapons fire and ships under attack from multiple fleets of the pirate Blackheart carrying his gold pennant and black skull and crossbones insignia. High above the UEF's Sea Wolves and Leviathans escorting Fighters and Torpedo bombers from the Enterprise circled "Sea Wolf Fleet to port is our target gentlemen, tally ho" the flight leader called out as the fighters spiralled down into an attack. The six fighters dived quickly through the clouds quickly reaching the surface skimming the surface of the waters they quickly engaged Blackheart's ships, closing on the destroyers they opened fire with their ripper cannon and hydra rockets spraying the enemy destroyers with fire, pulling up quickly dodging the defensive fire they cleared the way for the six torpedo bombers behind them, from each aircraft a havoc torpedoes dropped into the sea and shot towards one of Blackheart's Sea Wolf Destroyers, four impacts slammed into the ship causing multiple explosions and it quickly began to take water.

    "Leader we are RTB." The torpedo bomber said as the six aircraft turned away back towards the Enterprise suddenly missiles slammed into three of the torpedo bombers causing brief flares as the aircraft exploded under the impacts. "Leader we are engaged, targets to the south-east, we are evasive." The torpedo leader reported pulling the remaining three craft away as four V-22 aircraft flew in each firing missiles at the fighters. The aircraft from the Enterprise broke away from each other trying to make themselves difficult targets but the twin propeller aircraft began to manoeuvre trying to keep up with them.

    "Enterprise this is Viper One, we have been engaged by Kixeye aircraft." The fighter leader radioed his base as he turned his fighter away from the incoming V-22s the other aircraft flew straight through their formation moving at high speed gaining distance from the fighters before turning around for another pass "All fighters try to keep close to these clowns they don't appear to be built for dog-fighters." The fighter leader said turning his fighter into a tight turn, the raising G-force pushed him into the side of his cockpit as the craft turned. The Kixeye aircraft passed through his squadron again at frightening speed cutting down one of his fighters with a missile, the leader turned his aircraft again brining his fighter in behind one of the fast moving V-22s "enjoy this" he said opening fire with his forward facing ripper cannons, the wings of his aircraft lit up briefly as his cannons fired tearing into one of the other aircraft's two engine nacelles. Pulling away to the right Viper One turned again to see fire and smoke briefly come from the aircraft before it was extinguished and the aircraft began to fly normally again, although now it appeared slower. "What does it take to kill these things?" he wondered to himself diving again towards the strange Kixeye craft this time concentrating on the fuselage of the aircraft Viper One sprayed the other craft with ripper machine gun fire, for a moment his bullets seemed to bounce off the aircraft however moments later the right side of its twin tail sheered off and the Kixeye craft now without critical parts began to spin away out of control dropping from the sky it hit the water at nearly 100kph and exploded into thousands of pieces. "Viper One to all aircraft target the main hull and rear fins that's where they are vulnerable, avoid the engines they seem well armoured" he called out, hoping the others would have similar luck, moments later a missile impacted just under Viper One's cockpit killing its pilot and obliterating the craft, unable to match the fire-power carried by the Kixeye craft the remaining two fighters of the Enterprises squadron began to retreat. With the UEF aircraft trying to disengage, one of their number destroyed and fuel running low the Kixeye aircraft retreated leaving the ships to fight out their battles evenly.

    On the ocean surface ships from both side were engaged in a meat grinder, the ships of Blackheart carrying enough weapons and advanced armour to last in combat with the more numerous UEF ships. Soon however attrition caused Blackheart's people into retreat even they couldn't take on all the ships arrayed against them. Following Blackheart's retreat faster ships of the UEF shadowed them back to their home port, similar to the set up he had before in Sector 72 this time Blackheart had four separate support bases surrounding his main fortress all brandishing the same flags, it was very clear that Kixeye Corporation and the Draconians were not the only threats on the Forsaken Seas, and that a good way to prove the UEF's mission was to make an example of an old enemy.

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    "Encountering an old enemy this close to the beginning of an operation was perhaps a warning of worse to come. Perhaps we should have turned around there, maybe we would have if we had known what was still to come."

    - Unknown Captain

    Finding a room big enough for a Council of Captains was difficult even in a flotilla as large as the one assembled by the UEF. Most rooms large enough for the assembly were turned over to cargo or ammunition storage. Eventually a solution was found turning two pilot ready rooms on the Enterprise into a much larger conference room, it was a bare bones room but it was something they could use. Admiral Duinhir made more than one complaint about the mess converting the room had made and the potential security threats posed by the unexpected guests aboard the ship. Eventually the inclusion of marines and security teams from several other ships had calmed the Admiral's concerns.

    Even with the extended rooms it was still cramped when the Captain took his place at the table. "Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for coming to the impromptu meeting, I know we are taking a risk all visiting in the same place at the same time, however, I am not willing to take this choice alone." He said beginning he noticed to one side Admiral Duinhir hovered while at his other side newcomer Admiral Lucy Campbell had also joined them. "Three days ago we discovered that Blackheart has been attacking local bases and mining operations in this region" there was a quiet murmur that went through the room at his words but no-one else spoke "before anyone wonders about it yes it does appear that this Blackheart is the very same we have previously had problems with in sector 72. It also appears that Kixeye are supportive of this pirates actions given the air support we have already witnessed." He continued "I believe that Blackheart is a vessel of Kixeye in this sector and a definite threat to our operations, and I am asking for support in ordering a strike against them." There was a far larger murmur at these words than there had been previously, this time the Captain realized that he had struck a nerve.

    As the room quietened Captain Simon Hell rose from his chair "Commodore, you know that you have my absolute support and the support of the vast majority of the Commanders around this table." He began the Captain winced at the use of his new rank but allowed Hell to continue "Respectfully Commodore, it is the belief of many of us that if we cut off the head the rest of the snake will die." Beside Hell the Captain could see JJ Strong, Carl Grim and Rick all nodding their agreement at Hell's words. "We should support the locals as much as possible, but that we should push onto our ultimate goal, Sector One."

    "I understand your concerns however, our support convoys must travel through this region, and each of them could be targeted by Blackheart. This region has already proved to be the most dangerous we have encountered so far, we want to minimise the hostility against us. A secure supply chain is vital to our continued successes." The Captain said raising his arms brining Admiral Campbell into the discussion "I have also spoken with Vice-Admiral Campbell, who's island has been struck by Blackheart's forces, she has confirmed that if we can help her people eliminate the threat posed by Blackheart then we can resupply on their island and our supply convoys will have an escort through this region."

    "But no strike ships?" Admiral Alacamenos asked accusingly looking at Lucy.

    "This sector isn't exactly the friendliest of sectors. They will be providing us with Mercenary support, supplies and an escort in this sector. Also as Blackheart is now her people's problem, it is they who will be assaulting Blackheart's stronghold directly, the UEF will be only in a support role." The Captain explained smoothing much of the ruffled feathers within the fleet commanders and putting Lucy in a slightly stronger position.

    "Commodore, one further concern my fighters are less almost a full squadron due to Kixeye's aircraft. The support we can give will be lesser than normal, I have replacements en route but they are more than a week away." Duinhir warned the encounter with Kixeye's aircraft had not gone as well as they had hoped.

    "I am aware Admiral, we will be taking precautions against further involvement from Kixeye in this region, in fact I believe the operation should be going off right at this moment." The Captain said smiling, only a select few knew about his plan, utter secrecy had been most important to the Captain.

    Near Blackheart's territory....

    "Sub-Master, we are in position" the Leftenant at helm control said looking up at his commander Sub-Master Angelique, it had taken them sixteen hours but the Commodore had given her a job because he knew she had the crews and the ships for the job and she wasn't about to mess it up. Right now she had five Stalker-class Submarines in position ready to act, all had been specifically built to remain underwater as long as they needed to with a special snorkel system Angelique's engineers, while others had mighty Fortresses and fleets of Leviathans, her submarines were unmatched.

    "Very good, status on Blackheart's Dock facility?" She asked standing beside the periscope in the centre of the room.

    "All quiet still recovering from the mining field I would guess." Her first officer said "turrets all quiet also."

    "Very good, all ships surface, raise our Assault Missiles to the deck, fire torpedoes and missiles as we surface. Take us up" Angelique ordered, under her feet she felt the deck begin to move as air rushed into the ship's ballast tanks. Her executive officer covering the command operations room watching every action as they raised from the deep.

    "We are in position" he confirmed smiling "weapons firing."

    The Stalker rocked heavily as missiles roared from their launchers on the deck, moments later the ship rocked again as torpedoes exited the submarines nose. On the surface the Stalkers order was clear the targets chosen from Duinhir's aerial recon pictures, from each of the ships Assault Missiles flew from the forward deck destroying the Island's Communications tower while Havoc Torpedoes left the front of the submarines nose striking deep within Blackheart's docking facility. Assault missile struck home on the Communications tower and the radar facility of the Operations Outpost crippling Blackheart's eyes and ears to the outside world, and torpedoes from the Stalker's forward hull tore into the docking facility destroying Blackheart's offensive weapons, he'd still have defence turrets but his striking arm against his neighbours was at least temporarily gone.

    "Dive, Dive, Dive!" The Executive Officer shouted out as their two targets had been destroyed, he looked over at Angelique who hadn't moved since her order to surface. Moments later the ship was rocked slightly was mortar and missile fire exploded on the waters above the submerged submarines.

    "Engines all ahead full get us out of here before they decide to try depth charges against us. Helm take us back to the fleet." Angelique said quietly, the engines and thrusters of the Stalker and her sister ships began to move, above them the seas continued to be rocked by explosions as Blackheart's defence gunners continued to vainly try and engage them. Soon they were clear of Blackheart's channel and heading out back into the ocean and finally everyone could breath easy again "well done people" Angelique said finally moving from her spot to the map table "helm, set course back to the fleet, communications send encrypted message to the Commodore keep it short - It's done." Angelique said catching her XO's eye she smiled they'd done a good job.

    Back aboard the Enterprise....

    The Captain continued to outline his battle plan as a young officer made his way through the commanders and whispered in his ear "ladies and gentlemen, I have just received word that phase one is now complete, with no casualties." He said proudly, it wasn't the easiest assignment but he was very happy with the results. "We have preparations to make so lets make this work." Around the room the various commanders and advisor that had been squeezed into the room began to make their way out into the corridors leaving the Captain, Admirals Duinhir and his son Alacamenos, “David the Corrupted” and Captains Troy Terrible, JJ Strong, Mark Red, Ninewon-three and Captain Rick from the UEF with Vice-Admiral Lucy Campbell hovering at the edge of the group. "Captain Red you think your missiles will be enough for base Alpha and Delta?" The Captain asked referring to one of Blackheart's support bases.

    "Yes, Commodore, between my own weapons and those of Captain Rick we should have the fire-power to flatten both support bases opening the eastern side of Blackheart's base to our fire. Rick assures me his missiles are ready for combat testing" Mark said Captain Rick opposite him nodded "between us we'll drop some Orions on them and it should be game over for Blackheart, it works on Draconians it'll work on Blackheart." He said confidently

    "That opens the door for you guys" he said looking at Troy Terrible, JJ Strong and David the Corrupted. Of the three David was the least the Captain had experience with but he'd heard a lot of good things about him. "All three of you are tasked with smashing whatever Captains Red and Rick leave and sinking any of the deployed defences.

    "Our forces are ready, we will move into position tonight between the two bases under the cover of darkness we'll hit their fleets as they come out for salvage operations, it should immediately put them on edge." Troy said happily "between the three of us we should be able to bring plenty of fire-power to the table."

    "And with all that going off Blackheart's Minions won't notice my two little ships." Ninewon-three said with a smirk

    "Are two ships enough?" Rick asked looking at him sceptically

    "Trust me these Dreadnoughts will tear into whatever in their way" he said confidently, he'd captured and repaired two Draconian Dreadnoughts together they were pretty much an unstoppable force covered in weapons they carried as many guns as three or four normal Forsaken ships used by the various pirate bands.

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    "Leaving the final base for us Commodore." Alacamenos said the Captain nodded between him and the younger Duinhir they would take the Blackheart base designated Delta by the UEF. The rest of the forces arrayed by the UEF would form a blockade around Blackheart and his multiple bases stopping anyone trying to enter the area and assist the pirate lord, this would include Forsaken fleets, Draconians and Kixeye forces if they showed their face. Over the entire area Admiral Artan Barcius Duinhir would provide them with cover with his Carrier's Aircraft, the torpedo and bomber craft would be available for assistance with strike missions while the fighters provided a Combat Air Patrol (or CAP).

    "Indeed then the game plan is in your court Vice-Admiral." The Captain said looking to Lucy Campbell who had remained quiet so far remaining separate from the decisions despite being an integral part of it.

    "We'll be ready to play ball when time comes, Commodore, I've spoken with the Admirals they are preparing a force in strength to assault Blackheart's main stronghold. Once we are finished here, I'll personally take the Mystery back within range of the island and make direct contact with the Council to confirm matters, then I'll return here before things kick off."

    "Quick ships" David said quietly "almost think that was a wolf." He said impressed referring to her Leviathan.

    "She makes do Captain, we've made some special modifications to the hull which helps us get around, in my line of work it helps to be swift." She said as head of her home's Intelligence officially the Mystery did not exist, all the funding for it had been hidden behind hundreds of encrypted reports and its construction had been made behind closed doors but coming to this fleet she'd needed to put her best foot forward and the best thing for that was the Mystery, now it would be tested to its limit.

    Several Days Later, Blackheart's Territory....

    The initial attacks had occurred a little after 0400hrs with with Troy Terrible, JJ Strong and David the Corrupted assaulting multiple fleets deployed by Blackheart's secondary bases, the attacks widespread in their nature and their destructiveness brought further ships from the other two support bases. Soon after missiles launched from Mark Red and Rick's base slammed into the bases designated as Alpha and Delta, the huge Orions destroyed multiple turrets and support buildings of the base almost as soon as the missiles had hit Mark and Rick's assault fleets had engaged the bases defences directly. On the far side of Blackheart's base Ninewon-three, Alacamenos and the Captain's fleets assaulted the remaining two bases. Ninewon-three's pair of dreadnoughts grinding through the enemies base structure after structure while Alacamenos' Missile fleet destroyed structure after structure with pin-point accuracy. The Captain's Sea Wolf Destroyer fleet ran interference for both other pirates assaulting targets of opportunity picking off the defending fleets and causing general havoc for the defenders.

    Leaving it up to Lucy Campbell's island to assault Blackheart's main stronghold with five heavily armoured and armoured Floating Fortresses. The five vessels deployed against Blackheart's base were under the command of Rear Admiral Bradley White one of the senior fleet commanders from their island, the ships deployed were the best they had with the best crews. Beside Admiral White stood Lucy Campbell "they've opened the door for us Admiral, are we ready?"

    "It seems so Miss Campbell" White said despite her rank she was still by far his junior in age and experience and sometimes he acted a little fatherly towards her, which more often than not got on Lucy's nerves but had also saved her from getting herself into further trouble. "Helm, signal the other ships, take us in 3/4 maximum speed for the first turn then full throttle there on in."

    "Aye, sir" the chief helmsmen reported moments later "sir, engines answering 3/4 speed,"

    "Weapons defence turrets are a priority then anything else that comes." White ordered as the Fortress accelerated through the waves, along side it another Fortress matched its speed while two others slotted in directly behind them finally a fifth Fortress followed, the slower of the five vessels it also carried a different weapons suite. While the forward four ships were equipped with Reactive Armour and enhanced engines coupled with Peacemaker Mortars and Draconian designed D33-A Assault Cannons the aft ship was the designated missile ship and escort, six Cutlass Missile Launcher with enhanced warheads and guiding lasers the ship was designed to defend the mortar ships as they left an enemies base and mop up after the mortar fire.

    Moving forward the Fortresses engaged turrets on either side of the channel reaching the first turn Blackheart's defences were no match for their massed fire, Admiral White's ship took several hits as it moved towards the turn "Weapons control make sure your mortar fire is concentrated on the port side turrets, they seem to be most armoured and damaging. Communications, have the Aegis use her missiles to pick off Blackheart's Bombard Defence Turrets and Howitzers, even with their communications down they seem to have been picked off." White ordered as the ships made their turn and began to move deeper into Blackheart's main fortress.

    "Oh no." Lucy whispered looking over one of the radar images. "Communications, Channel One communication line to Admiral Duinhir, we have aircraft raising from Blackheart's Island." She warned the communications officer instinctively looked at Admiral White for clearance, White nodded his agreement crossing the bridge to look at Lucy's monitor. "Four contacts, not the same as before but definitely hostile."

    "Agreed, just remember this is my vessel, I'm the one giving the orders." White whispered so none of the junior officers could hear, at the same time he flashed her a smile Lucy knew he wasn't completely serious, she also knew it was his ship.

    In the skies above four helicopters now sat just outside Fortress weapons range firing missiles into the ships with missile and rocket fire from their stubby weapon wings. The same aircraft had previously been seen escorting Kixeye Corporation's other craft now in Blackheart's possession. However these craft unlike the V-22s seen before had only a single rotor above their tandem cockpit and another rotor at the back, now out of range of the Fortresses weapons they were impervious to attack and very effective against the slow moving Fortresses. If allowed to continue their weapons fire they would end up destroying all five of White's Fortresses, but there was a plan already in place to stop that happening. From above the clouds eight single propeller aircraft dived through the sunlight, from their nose and wings rockets and ripper fire tore into the first two of Blackheart's aircraft sending them to the ground in balls of flame, after the first pass the aircraft flew past the fighters ignoring the flak fire put up by Blackheart's base they turned around for a second strike against the aircraft destroying the final two aircraft the helicopters no match for the swifter aircraft from the Enterprise. With Blackheart's aircraft eliminated dive bombers from the Enterprise assaulted the final two of Blackhearts turrets, a series of explosions followed the pass and both turrets fell silent clearing the way for the Fortresses.

    "Thank you very much." White said watching the bombers follow up their strike with a second round of bombs ruining what was left of their defence turrets. "Weapons as soon as we are in range of Blackheart's main base of operations open fire all weapons." He said crossing the room standing beside Lucy "so you think these people are worth our support."

    "Yes Brad, they may be from far beyond our seas they are worth our support, their cause is just and their fire-power is vast. It would have taken us months to get to this stage" Lucy said, White couldn't disagree with him as his Fortresses continued into the heart of Blackheart's stronghold. "All they need is supplies and an escort through this region, I think we can pay that price."

    "Indeed, I think the council has much to discuss about what is going on." Lucy Campbell said as the mortars and missiles of White's fleet flattened Blackheart's base building by building, marines from the ships could soon go onto Blackheart's island and loot the resources that had survived the assault. Not only had the UEF assisted in removing an enemy of her people they had also provided them with the resources to take their research to the next level, suddenly the risk of confronting this force had proven its worth, now how much further they assisted the UEF was up to the council.

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    "In every war there are actions that step of a line that make the warriors involved in it question their actions. How people react to these actions is what defines them and the conflict's resolution."

    - Captain Buk, Sector 73

    Slamming his fist against the table Todd Dredge gained concerned looks from all around the Command Centre, in the last seventy-two hours the so called United Expeditionary Fleet of the Forsaken had travelled almost completely unmolested through seven Draconian Sectors pushing aside their opposition and securing supply routes, Todd stared at the screen as he massaged blood back into his hand. They had used friendly Forsaken bases and mining fields to continue to supply their fleets and so far nothing that the Draconians or Kixeye had thrown at them had slowed them. So far Kixeye had recruited several allies but they were still heavily outnumbered by the UEF, Todd's recruitment efforts continued by he needed to make more time and he had an idea looking up he saw both Lord Daemonicus and Commandant Shadow standing at attention beside the table "gentlemen, your efforts have been valiant and we have proven that the UEF is not the only alliance that can be formed and survive. We do however need to take further actions to slow and funnel the UEF into a more manageable course."

    "What do you mean?" Shadow asked looking from Todd to the map table.

    "Each of you have been assigned other commanders from this region" Todd said handing them both lists of who would support them in operations "you will both take your fleets into flanking positions of the UEF." He said drawing his hands over the battle the region the fleet was travelling through. There you will initiate OPERATION SCORCHED SEA." Todd said smiling as he looked up at the two men.

    "SCORCHED SEA?" Daemonicus asked unfamiliar with the plan or the term "could you elaborate?"

    "Yes" Todd said continuing to smile "it's my personal plan. I want to herd the UEF into this channel of islands." He said drawing his finger through multiple Draconian outposts and Forsaken Islands.

    "Why make these Forsaken bases the target of the UEF? At least at the moment they only hit bases that oppose them, setting them on this course will force them to covet support from these islands or destroy them." Daemonicus pointed out.

    "Indeed Lord Daemonicus, however the Forsaken Islands on that path are all dead rocks, their people have left or been destroyed in the endless combat the pirates partake in. While the Draconian bases are some of the toughest in the area, which the UEF will either have to fight and sustain losses against or take time to go around either way it works to our advantage." Todd explained the two commanders nodded their agreement he didn't care if they agreed he just wanted this to work. "To that end when your fleets are in position they will target and destroy every mining fleet in their region, clear any ship that could be taken by the UEF or Draconian salvage fleet that could keep the UEF supplied."

    "Shouldn't be too difficult, with our allies from Sector One supporting us we should be able to clear all the ships quite easily and keep the regions clear." Shadow said

    "Yes Final" Todd said smiling again at the Commandant "however after that you will begin PROJECT SCORCH." He said continuing "once Phase One of clearing all fleets from the region is complete you will begin Phase Two targeting the Oil Rigs, Power Windmills and mines in the area." He said drawing his hands down over the two areas flanking the course Todd wanted the UEF to take. The two other commanders looked shocked and confused by the plan, the mining fields were hold overs from the Earth before the great war, they were impossible to replace.

    "If we destroy those places no-one will be able to use them?" Daemonicus said his voice hollow as he realized what Todd Dredge was suggesting "they will never come back, and the ocean around them will be ruined for decades." He pointed out a single Oil Rig exploding in the ocean would spread oil for hundreds of miles causing an environmental disaster, no-one had the resources to contain it.

    "But it will rob our enemies of these resources which will make our lives far easier." Final Shadow said quietly "the destruction will be vast but our cause will be forwarded."

    "You support this madness?" Daemonicus asked looking at his cohort surprised by the other Forsaken commander's attitude.

    "I neither support or disagree with this plan I follow orders." Shadow said quietly staying focused on Todd, the last thing he needed to do was anger their Kixeye commander.

    "I am glad to hear of it." Todd said "Daemonicus, Kixeye have specialist equipment from the world-that-was before the disasters and the destructive war that had followed, once things have been returned to how we believe they should be, we will clean up the mess." He promised trying to alley any concerns they may have, this strategy was a gamble Todd knew it, and he knew his father would not necessarily agree however it was what Todd had left to him. As the two other men left the room Todd drew his finger down the route that the UEF would be forced to follow right to the border of Sector Ten, there Jessica McGregor and Kixeye's main fleet would be waiting ready to crush what remained of the UEF which would with luck be low on supplies and struggling to repair battle damage after being herded from Draconian base to the next. It would be a death blow for the UEF, anyone that made it through would have no chance against Todd's reserve forces surrounding Ocean.

    Returning to his personal Draconian Battle-cruiser Lord Daemonicus was troubled by Todd Dredges orders, he'd chosen this path a very long time ago exchanging his life as a regular Forsaken Captain for one of the Draconians Allies. His pirate fleets had grown with the move and he'd gained more Draconian Technology everyday giving him the edge he'd needed to keep his people safe against the other pirates. Unfortunately he hadn't noticed the Draconians moving behind him as time moved forward, he'd almost been struck down by their dagger if it hadn't been for Kixeye Corporation. While the Draconians directly invaded and occupied his home island murdering those who refused to support their move, including his wife and daughter, he had been able to retreat with the majority of his war vessels intact. Supported by Kixeye Corporation Daemonicus had gone on the attack hitting Draconian targets every single day making them pay for their treachery he now had no home only the war.

    Now Dredge wanted to turn his people into more than Pirates, he wanted to turn them into War Criminals, he wanted them to destroy all that was left of the old world and then for Kixeye Corporation to come in and act like the saviour. For a moment Daemonicus sat thinking over Todd Dredge's words "you and our other allies will conduct OPERATION SCORCHED SEA." He'd said "Kixeye has the technology to repair the damage done." Daemonicus sat thinking over these words and suddenly realized what Kixeye's plan was... Forsaken Captains would do the dirty work of this operation burning other Forsaken Captains finishing the UEF's fight by the most destructive path possible then Kixeye ride in like the legendary King Arthur of children's stories, Kixeye having no part in these acts of destruction would wield their arms like the mighty Excalibur and crush not only the UEF but also the forces commanded by Daemonicus and Shadow shattering all forms of organized resistance.

    To Daemonicus, once burned by one supposed ally it was so clear, he was being used again. Sitting on the command bridge of his dark Battle-cruiser he was tempted to contact Final Shadow regarding his beliefs unfortunately Shadow seemed to believe that the light shined out of Todd Dredge's and Kixeye's rear end, Daemonicus' arguments would fall on deaf ears. "Milord?" One of his crew asked again suddenly Daemonicus was aware of his entire bridge crew looking at him startled he had no idea how long he'd been lost in thought.

    "Turn us away from the Ocean, head out to sea, it would appear we have our orders." he said "I will hold a senior staff briefing in six hours have all our other ships rendezvous with us by then." He ordered raising from his chair "XO, make my orders happen you have the bridge." he said turning walking out of one of the bridge's hatches he heard a marine shout "Lord Daemonicus off the bridge" as he headed away from the command centre.

    Deeper within his ship's hull Daemonicus entered his quarters and walked over to the map table which dominated the centre of the room, the map was identical to the one on the command bridge and it's interactive top was constantly updated by the ship's radar, sonar and by commands in-putted from the bridge. It was a marvellous piece of technology, one of the many his people had gained from their service with the Draconian Imperial Empire just another part of Daemonicus' "blood money" reward for helping the Draconians. Connecting his portable data pad to the table he downloaded his messages and moved across the room, the very first was from Captain Todd Dredge, still annoyed at what he believed Todd planned he turned and flung the padd across the room it smashed into pieces as it impacted.

    "Milord, are you unhappy?" A small voice came from behind him, Daemonicus turned and saw her, Heather, now fifteen years old. He did not know her last name he never had, he'd rescued her from a sunken Forsaken ship three years before, the Draconians had little interest in a child as a prisoner and had ordered Daemonicus to deal with her as he saw fit. Instead of execution as other Forsaken prisoners had faced Daemonicus had made her his personal assistant, officially a slave to his fleet, in truth Daemonicus treated her more like an adopted daughter, after his own family's murder this became ever more of a fact.

    "Troubled is a better word." He said turning to face her she wore the uniform of a member of his fleet but with no insignia, no name badge. Her red jacket and navy trousers completely devoid of the awards commonly seen on one of his staff's uniforms.

    "How so?" She pushed further with her question as she propped herself up against her desk.

    "I think" he paused looking at her "I believe, that those we are allied with mean to do us harm, despite our support for them."

    "And what do you plan to do about this?" She asked cautiously, if it had been anyone else Daemonicus may have given a cryptic answer or refused to answer but not with Heather he smiled at her question.

    "Well, perhaps it is time for us to stand on our own feet again and no rely on allies." He said quietly pondering the thought his people, those loyal to him and no other were now crammed aboard thirty Draconian ships of varying class Battle cruisers, Battleships and Hammerheads with two recently acquired Dreadnoughts completing the numbers.

    "Alone with nothing to start again, milord you are not the most popular of people with the Forsaken or the Draconians, you have wronged and been wronged by both in your time as a pirate." she said pausing as Daemonicus turned away from her to the map he could see his ship's course had changed and a flag had appeared marking a rally point for his forces. "Perhaps there is another option." She said quietly joining him at the table drawing her finger over the table she quickly caught his attention, stopping at the UEF fleet currently moving through Sector Twenty-eight far beyond their current position, they were still more than a couple of weeks away even at the maximum speed of their fastest craft.

    "I throw myself at their mercy? Heather, perhaps you forget the reason you are in my employ is because I hunted Forsaken captains to their graves." He said it was ludicrous for an idea like that.

    "Perhaps if you offer them something." she said quietly "I read Captain Dredge's proposal, it is too aggressive to be truly successful, eventually the plan will unravel out and if you are not dead you and Shadow will fall with Kixeye Corporation." She said "but there is an alternative." She continued inputting information into the computers the image changed Daemonicus noticed the date had advanced by a month showing the complete devastation on Final Shadow's side of the UEF while on Daemonicus' only select regions had been cleared "I call it the North West Passage." She said Daemonicus had heard the term once before from a history book regarding the seas before the land was covered by water. "We destroy everything to either side of it but leave this region free to conduct operations as they see fit, you then give this information to the UEF and in return they give you amnesty."

    "Another betrayal" Daemonicus said shaking his head. Heather moved to his side.

    "Another betrayal" she repeated "to safeguard our people." She said acknowledging that she was one of them now laying her hand on his shoulder Daemonicus nodded he knew what needed to be done.

    Later that day Daemonicus had met with his other ship commanders, the six fleet commanders of his much depleted fleet Lord Daemonicus had outlined Todd Dredge's plan and his belief that they would be made scapegoats by Kixeye Corporation. His commanders were not surprisingly shocked, Daemonicus then explained the plan that Heather had outlined to him just hours before and the Northwest Passage "we must make sure it is our ships that ply these waters, we can make it look destructive without it actually being terminal for the region."

    "Milord, how can we be certain that our allies will stick to their assigned routes, Kixeye has assigned these people they must at least trust them, how can we be sure they will not turn us over to them?" Asked Lord Marcus Melville, a commander of some of Daemonicus' Battleships.

    "We can't which is why we'll eliminate them if they cause trouble" Daemonicus said "if they stray into our Operational areas we will direct them out, if they refuse we will eliminate with prejudice." the other captains nodded, their rules of engagement were clear, no one argued with him they all understood what Daemonicus' plan was and they knew that the UEF may not listen to them and then they would have no-where to turn.

    Over the next three weeks Daemonicus' forces made a good show of clearing their area of resistance wiping all signs of life from their zone. Daemoicus agents made a good show of exaggerating each report sent to Kixeye Corporation while making sure those sent to support them kept within their operational zones. The reports Daemonicus was being fed from Commandant Shadow were brutal with high casualties and massive amounts of damage, with Shadow's forces systematically moving from island to island leaving massive damage in their wake. So far no-one had questioned his tactics and no-one had discovered the Northwest Passage, hopefully it could continue until the UEF were in range for contact.

    "Milord, we have detected a massive amount of ships on radar approaching Sector Fifteen's border." One of his bridge officers reported moments later confirming "it's the UEF." He said confirming the Radar readings no-one else could make that signal.

    "Understood, Communication pass to all our ships to 'activate order package Daemonicus One'" He said crossing the bridge to the main map table, his thirty ships were spread out across the region, it would take several days to gather everyone at the pre-arranged coordinates buried within the order package. The package itself everyone was very clear on, they had followed the commands once before in evacuating their home island, Daemonicus had recently updated it to match the current situation. Within the orders everyone would abandon current combat operations and move to regroup then together they would meet the UEF. Looking at the map Daemonicus just hoped that the UEF did not get too far into the gauntlet Kixeye had created.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    "There is a phrase never shoot a gift horse in the mouth. What about a potential ally? A bad first impressions are not always your best start."

    - Unknown, Sector 73

    For six days the fleet had travelled from destroyed forsaken island to forsaken destroyed island they had been unable to collect any resources or provisions not had they gained any new allies. The Captain had ordered the fleet slowed to three quarters speed to allow their supply ships from Sector 73 and beyond to catch up, however even their most promising projections had the fleet running out of fuel, food and materials for repairs in thirty-two days without another closer form of supply. Privately the Captain had wondered about the viability of the fleet's continued progress if they did not find resources. Entering his command Floating Fortress' bridge he walked straight to the table and looked at the fleet's progress even slowing they were now entering sector fifteen, his eyes flicked to sector seventy-three at the other side of the map it seemed almost half a world away. He wondered what Rachel and his daughter Jaylen were doing, how they filled their days how much of his daughter's first years he would miss, he'd refused to consider that he wouldn't return to them that wasn't an option, he reminded himself that he was doing this for them.

    "Commodore" one of his crew said the Captain continued to cringe hearing the archaic rank he was a single Captain thrust into a situation he couldn't control, now trying to find a resolution.

    "Yes, Lieutenant" he said taking his eyes off the map.

    "Sir, nothing to report from last night however in the last six hours we have detected a large formation of Draconian Warships all Battle-cruiser class or better, they remain just within maximum sensor range." He reported connecting his data pad to the map it was transformed showing the fleet's position and the position of the Draconian vessels. "Strange as it is Commodore, there does not seem to be any cargo vessels with the Draconians, this isn't a supply convoy."

    "Flanking force perhaps ready to hit our sides when we finally encounter something alive" he said remembering the dead islands they had passed, something wasn't right they were being set up or this was a really nasty sector to live in. "Bring the fleet to alert readiness six" he said raising the ships combat readiness would put more strain on the crew but a prudent choice given the Draconian presence. Around him the bridge lights darkened slightly, the fleet wouldn't be running with no lights but it would hopefully stick out less on the seas and more crew would be on duty at all times.

    "Commodore, we also have a group of ships approaching from aft of the fleet, it appears to be a group of Battle Barges escorted by Sea Wolves. Some of the ships are from Michael's Island." Another officer reported the Captain frowned ships from his island were not supposed to supply the fleet, they were needed to defend the island while their primary fleets were with the UEF. Only if something drastic had happened should they be here the Captain wasn't happy either way the commanders of the ships approaching were in trouble.

    "Understood" the Captain replied remaining neutral keeping his anger in check "have the commander of the lead vessel dock with us when they arrive. Which ship is it?"

    "Identifies as the Michaels' Pride, one of our new Missile Wolves." The sensor operator said checking the codes broadcast by the incoming ship. The Captain stood there 'son-of-a-****' he thought the Michael's Pride was the name Senator Michaels wanted to name his own courier/diplomatic ship he'd planned on having for years but it had never been built originally it had been planned as a Marauder, then a Battle-Barge finally with the Captain away the Senator had chosen a Sea Wolf. And now he paraded it in front of the entire UEF, instead of doing his duty and protecting their homes and the Captain's family.

    "Have the other ships supply our Leviathans." The Captain said leaving the bridge he headed for the docking port, perhaps today’s lesson was to not think of home for it bore bad omens.

    It did not take long for the fast moving Sea Wolf and supply ships to overtake the slower moving UEF fleet, the Michaels' Pride was soon docked alongside and the docking ramps extended while the other ships were offloading much needed supplies. Awaiting aboard the Fortress the Captain paced, it did not take long for Senator Michaels to board the vessel, there was a quiet whistle as he boarded then stepped up to the Captain "Permission to Come Aboard."

    "Permission granted with an explanation." The Captain said tearing down the Senator grabbing him by the lapels of his navy suit "the deal was you protect our home while I complete this campaign." The Captain said turning the Senator he pinned the other man to the bulkhead "we had a deal." He snapped angrily to think he has trusted this politician.

    "We did however I was over-ruled." The Senator said calmly glancing past the Captain to the entrance hatch, the Captain followed his gaze to see Rachel and his daughter Jaylen cradled in her arms. Words escaped him as he released the Senator without out apology and embraced his family, he did not know why they had come but he was so glad to have them even for a short time.

    "Why..." the Captain began to ask just as alarm bells rang throughout the ship indicating an attack "oh, no" he whispered turning to the Senator "I trust that this time you will follow my words and stay out of the way" he ordered kissing his wife once more he headed down the corridor back towards the bridge. Behind him he could see Senator Michaels try to lead Rachel and Jaylen back onto the still docked Sea Wolf.

    Re-entering the bridge the Captain strode up to the bridge on a mission whoever these people were not only had they threatened his fleet but now they separated him from the most important people in his world. "Report" he ordered walking up to the map table the Draconian vessels he'd seen before were now almost within range thirty ships in total all Battle-cruisers, Battleships and mighty Dreadnoughts together the UEF outnumbered and out gunned them but the damage they would cause a lot of damage. He looked at the Sea Wolf following in their wake of all the ships it was the most important "have we had any communications from the Draconian vessels?" He asked knowing the answer, it was the same old question he always asked on contact with an enemy but with the Draconians it was always the same answer.

    "Yes, Commodore they made contact as soon as they turned towards us."

    "They what?" He asked astonished spinning around to look at the officer. "What did they want?"

    "To speak with the commanders of this fleet." The officer said, the Captain wondered if anyone had stepped forward and identified themselves as a leader yet. "So far no-one has communicated with them other than to lock weapons fortunately no-one has taken the lead and fired." The officer said as if reading his mind.

    "Communication, to all UEF ships all stop." He said "Helm, bring us one hundred metres clear of the main fleet."

    "Sir, that will leave us quite exposed and within the Draconian weapon range" Commander Harsell warned however under the deck plates the Captain could feel the ship's engines answer his commands as it moved forwards. Alongside them several other Forsaken ships accelerated with them looking down at the map the Captain identified Alacamenous flagship along with the command ships of Captain's Grim, Rick and Simon Hell. Five Floating Fortresses to represent a fleet, all from the same sector all dedicated to the same cause it was a nice clear message. Behind them the Enterprise and a group of Sea Wolves were arrayed, fighters from the carrier launching while the wolves positioned themselves to defend the carrier.

    "Send to the Draconian commander, this is a representation of the United Expeditionary Fleet, you are welcome aboard this Floating Fortress to negotiate your surrender. Failure to board this Fortress will result in your forces being considered a threat to be eliminated." The Captain said ignoring Harsell's warning he was heartened by the other commanders willingness to stand with him exposed between the fleets now well within the range of the Draconians. "Also send to Admirals Alacamenous and Duinhir and the three other Captains to join us on this ship, each of them will have a say in this discussion. Commander have the Conference room prepared for visitors." There was a variety of acknowledgements of his orders then the Captain turned towards the door to see Rachel standing in the doorway Jaylen still cradled in her arms, he'd seen the Michaels' Pride move away he was sure that the Senator could have done one thing for him. Crossing to her his mouth wouldn't move the words refused to come out.

    "Don't blame Michaels we belong with you." Rachel whispered as they hugged any hopes he had of their safety were gone but the fears of losing them seemed far further away now.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    A couple of hours later the five other Forsaken commanders were arrayed around the table with the Captain while they waited for the Draconians to arrive some like Alacamenous had seen the Draconians up close during a rescue mission he knew what to expect, while the others had seen detailed reports on them however this would be their first meeting. Marines opened the door and in entered a man wearing a full black uniform with a red cape and a Draconian red shield he wasn't old but he wasn't young his jet black hair and green eyes making him stand out. "You are not Draconian" Alacamenous said speaking before any of the others could speak the Draconians he'd seen were badly mutated relying on cybernetics and environmental suits to survive in normal environments.

    "Very perceptive Admiral, no I am as human as you are, as are the Draconians in the own way. We all find our ways to survive." He said addressing Alacamenous directly before turning to the Captain "I am Lord Daemonicus" he said identifying himself, the name the Captain knew one of Repossession's contacts.

    "The traitor" Grim said raising from his chair "this man betrayed his people, all the Forsaken, for his little trinkets and weapons. Anything he says we cannot trust." He said raising his arms Grim had lost people fighting off Draconian forces at Daemonicus' Island he remembered every face that had served under his command and every funeral he had attended.

    "I did" Daemonicus admitted "I betrayed everyone to gain prominence and power, it was my mistake of youth, however my choices hit me back hard when the Draconians turned on me. Killed my family, seized my home, my ships that are ahead of this fleet are all I have left."

    "Then perhaps we should remove the burden of responsibility that you have left." Grim said still standing his anger not released, no-one else objected.

    "Doing so would be a mistake." Daemonicus said "I know of the plan to trap you and this fleet, a plan that you cannot escape without my help..."

    "We have you here already, interrogation is a great thing when used correctly." Duinhir said grimly not even looking at the man.

    "Not under my command this man came to us in good faith." The Captain said quietly the fleet so far had followed his lead when he had offered a solution, his senior leaders that were with the fleet who had chosen to stand with him ahead of Daemonicus' forces would not hopefully fall into line "Daemonicus, you betrayed the Forsaken forces and for that you will always pay the price of betrayal." He said looking at the man he could see pain etched on his face "now Kixeye have made open moves against this fleet by initiating a new strategy known as Scorched Sea." He said looking around all the commanders of the UEF "they plan to destroy every Forsaken Island in the region funnelling you into a corridor, at the end of which you will face all of Kixeye's might, something this fleet cannot survive." He said describing a no-win scenario, already the fleet was having supply shortages from lack or raiding they were able to do with almost no available targets they would be in more trouble.

    "And what do you offer as a solution?" Simon Hell asked following the Captain's lead "if we have no targets this is the end of the road."

    "Not quite..." Daemonicus said quietly "I think Kixeye's strategy is barbaric, I have done bad things in this war, it is testament to a war crime." Daemonicus admitted around the table the others nodded, except for Duinhir who remained stone faced "I have refused to follow Kixeye's orders going as far as to join you here." He said pausing "I have also left a passage open in my territory that should allow this fleet to progress unmolested to Sector 10. There will be targets you can try to enlist or that you can raid for supplies if they refuse. Kixeye will likely realize what I have done but by then their forces will be out of place."

    "Why?" Duinhir asked quietly finally looking at Daemonicus

    "I want to be allowed to disappear after the war is over, I will help you until Kixeye has been silenced, I want to be allowed to take my remaining people find a small corner of the world and be allowed to live away from all of this without judgement for my past or present actions."

    "After the damage you have done over your time..." Duinhir began raising his voice.

    "Admiral" the Captain said sternly raising his own voice drowning out Duinhir "Lord Daemonicus can you give us a minute please."

    "Of course." he said spinning on his foot he retreated from the room.

    "What's the story Admiral?" The Captain asked sitting down at the head of the table he knew Duinhir well enough to know that something was eating at him "let us know all story."

    "Some of you may know, some maybe not but I've known the Pirate Dread from 74 for a long time, as far back as the Old Republic days. He wasn't always as bad as he is now." Duinhir explained “many years ago myself, Dread and Repossession were charged by the Republic with tracking down a pirate who used Draconian technology almost exclusively, someone that had been merciless in his dealings with the defeated going as far as to burning the oceans around victims of sunken ships. He'd remain in the area just long enough to hear people's screams then disappear leaving others to clean up, one such clean up I met Rowan, my wife, she was one of this pirate's first victims. I vowed to track him to the ends of the Earth, we chased him back to his island but by the time we arrived the Draconians had fully asserted themselves there and they protected him even with our combined power we couldn't break him. Dread broke away soon after betraying his oath to the Republic leaving us with no-way near enough to counter Daemonicus, he's drifted in and out of our lives over the years a constant thorn in our sides but never really raising to his pre-Draconian heights." Duinhir looked up at the Captain "if you now deal with him, you deal with a devil and after we're through with Kixeye you and I have words to share." He threatened looking at the Michael's Island Captain, Duinhir's fleets were all but destroyed but with his carrier force still intact he'd be a threat to contend with.

    "Dad, we need this and we need to remain united." Alacamenous cautioned

    "I know son but this monster will be our undoing." The elder Admiral said now sounding more worried "there is still Omega."

    "Omega will not be used." The Captain said immediately both Hell and Grim looked confused while Alacamenous looked more worried he respected both men but he knew that if a conflict began between his father and the Captain he'd have to choose one or the other. "We will follow Daemonicus plan” the Captain said finally refusing to discuss Duinhir's final solution “guards bring him in." The Captain called after a moment Lord Daemonicus was led back in "Lord Daemonicus we will follow your plan and you will support this fleet in all operations against Kixeye. Afterwards you will be free to do as you wish." The Captain said raising from his chair "but listen very carefully, you step over the line in your future conflicts and I will make it my personal mission to end the threat posed by your people. You're being given a second chance, do not waste it."

    "I won't sir, I'll make the most of the future." He promised laying a data pad down on the table pushing it towards the Captain, "this course will allow will bring you into the North-west Passage and from there to Sector 10 and Kixeye Corporation's nest." He said "my people will flank this fleet any of Kixeye's hired guns will think twice before engaging my forces and that will buy this fleet time to eliminate them." The Captain nodded picking up the pad, he didn't know if this was the best plan or if he had permanently damaged his Alliance with Duinhir and made a future enemy.

    It appeared nothing was ever simple on the Forsaken Sea.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    "Best laid plans never survive contact with the enemy."

    - Sub-master Angelique, Sector 73

    It was midnight when Todd Dredge entered the command suite on board the Ocean, Kixeye's massive floating headquarters, analysts had predicted it would be now that the UEF would arrive at the border of Sector Ten and make contact with Jessica's force of Kixeye vessels. So far by all accounts Lord Daemonicus and Commandant Shadow had done a good job in "rail roading" the UEF down a single course and although Todd's people had not made contact with the UEF for almost a week he knew they could be nowhere else but where they expected. None of his Forsaken Allies or Draconian agents had reported contact with the UEF they had to be where he intended them to be.

    "Any word?" He asked reaching the table which dominated the room, like the Draconian's planning tables it constantly updated with information from the front lines in real time however glancing at it he could see there was little change.

    "Nothing at all. We had a draconian force stray too close to Ocean however our defences here took care of them." The officer reported Todd almost laughed, Kixeye's reserve force all he had left if Jessica's fleet failed was comprised of several fleets of Battle Barges and Leviathan Battleships supported by a single fleet of Floating Fortresses and Todd's own command of specially constructed vessels. They would have little chance turning away a major force such as the UEF.

    "Anything from Daemonicus or Shadow?"

    "Shadow reports Operation Scorched Sea continues unmolested with Forsaken forces falling back and mining operations being almost non-existent for several sectors. Daemonicus reports he is moving through this area" the officer said drawing a pointer over the map showing an area from the UEF's approach course to Sector Ten "he reports he is putting down resistance in that area and his sub commanders are eliminating other resistance in accordance to Scorched Sea."

    "Why take your fleet through this entire region when you could delegate forces under your command to do so?"

    "Unknown." The officer said, suddenly raising his hand to his ear he touch a communicator "understood I will pass this on." He said turning back to Todd "sir, within the last five minutes a force comprised of Battle Barges, Marauders and Leviathans smashed into Jessica's forces, she has engaged." He said on the map Todd could see Jessica's green counters spreading out to contain the attack while red counters appeared marking the UEF forces, immediately Todd was hit by how few there was.

    "Get me Jessica McGregor now" Todd ordered beginning to realize what was going on.

    Far out at sea in Sector Ten Jessica McGregor sat on her Floating Fortress' command bridge watching the battle unfold ahead of her ships were fighting and dying on both sides but more so on the UEF's this pitiful attack had no chance of succeeding, and without support of major capital ships it was a waste of ships and lives. "Mam, priority call from Captain Dredge."

    "Put it though here." She ordered moments later the communications panel of her command chair lit up, unlocking the channel she spoke to her superior. "Sir, we are containing the probe attack, no major losses on our side as of yet we are comfortably holding."

    "Are there any major ships? Fortresses, Wolves, Battleships?" Todd asked rapidly Jessica scanned the screens in front of her searching the information she saw none.

    "Negative, it is strange, I have dispatched a Predator squadron to scout the area and find the main fleet." She said making a mental note to do so as soon as possible.

    "Negative, leave forces to contain the forces attacking you there and proceed with your main force directly to these coordinates." Todd replied sending her coordinates half a sector away. "I believe the UEF main force will arrive somewhere along that line." He said it was over a week's travel from Jessica's position.

    "We will be ineffective striking there, spread out a force the size of the UEF will crush us piecemeal." She protested working the coordinates in her head then transmitting a series of values to Todd Dredge "if we intercept them here instead we can hit them in force in Sector Six."

    "Can you be ready when they arrive?" Todd asked sceptically it would be a hard journey.

    "Probably with more force then we could in ten."

    "Do it." Todd ordered "Commander, do not communicate this with either Daemonicus or Shadow, we cannot be sure of anyone but Kixeye's loyalties."

    "They continue to stream updates." Jessica began to protest, despite not knowing the men she did not want to pass judgement on them so quickly.

    "Possibly falsified. Do not communicate with them, I will deal with them once I have discovered if they have truly been helping or hindering us." Todd said quietly before cutting the link Jessica was quickly on her feet calling out orders breaking up her fleet they had a lot of work to do and a lot of travelling ahead of them.

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    Back aboard Ocean Dredge assembled his remaining few reserve force commanders all were veterans and Kixeye Corporation did not scrap ships or commanders. "Ladies and gentlemen, it appears what forsaken allies we had have now turned away from us and abandoned their oath. Instead we will revert to plan B." He said looking at the other commanders, with Ocean's position they were closer to Sector Ten and the UEF's new arrival point, they were able to reach the UEF before Jessica's force. "Our plan will be to slow them as much as possible buying Jessica McGregor's force enough time to get into position, we will also specifically pick out Lord Daemonicus' forces and eliminate them the UEF have made their way through our territory through his operational area. Daemonicus himself is to be considered an enemy of the state and eliminated with prejudice." Todd ordered the others nodded none questioning him, the coordinates were right at the end of the course being followed by Daemonicus' "clear-up squadron" if Todd was wrong he'd have wasted a fleet that could do nothing, if he was right he'd have unmasked a traitor.

    Almost a week passed and still no UEF at Jessica's original position in Sector Ten, now her force was scattered between Sectors Ten and Six as they tried to regroup. Todd Dredge and his own reserve force were now the main force that would face off against the incoming UEF. Two hours ago scouts had reported contact with vessels belonging to Lord Daemonicus behind them multiple Floating Fortresses, Sea Wolf Destroyers and one unidentified vessel with a flat deck were visible, Todd had already called for air support from the Ocean and from Jessica's forces if it was available. Sitting on the bridge of his command Sea Scorpion Todd was quiet, his ship and its four sisters were unique constructed in secret by Kixeye Corporation they were like their bigger sister class to the Sea Wolf capable of carrying more weapons and armour, Todd had ordered them painted as if they were on fire, a fire that would consume an enemy who face them.

    With contact imminent Todd triggered the communications grid "all forces initiate order SILENT FIRE." He said "Report the Order is given for SILENT FIRE." Todd said quietly, SILENT FIRE was his final option, it was desperate but bold something that would give Kixeye a chance of surviving the UEF and perhaps eliminating the traitor Daemonicus. The sun had begun to set, it was the perfect time.

    All around Todd's Sea Scorpions Battle Barges began to move forward, to each of the Barges two Marauders were assigned as an escort turning each of Todd's fleets into fleets of three ships instead of five. The massive wall of ships that was the UEF began to come into view just on the horizon to an unknowing observer would almost think each ship was connected allowing one to walk ship to ship, Todd knew more however he knew that there were individual ships out there and individual ships sunk under enough fire.

    The UEF under the guidance of Lord Daemonicus had fought their way to the border of Sector Ten as promised the North-west Passage had provided them with the resources required to survive the journey and had kept the UEF together and ready for battle. The sun was setting on the horizon when the initial call came in a sighting on the ocean surface too small to be a major ship it had initially been expected to be a mining fleet, unfortunately they could not have been more wrong.

    As the sun disappeared the UEF ships were silhouetted against the moon made for little more than targets on such a peaceful night. Anyone could have been forgiven for missing their enemy running with no targeting sensors, no running lights or even active engines the UEF rode straight up to them until lookouts with bare eyes saw their enemy and the fire.

    At point blank range the first Battle Barge exploded into flame the ship stripped of their weapons, with reinforced armour and cargo holds full of scrap metal the ship had been turned into little more than a sailing bomb. Within twenty metres of a UEF Floating Fortress the Battle Barge exploded engulfing the UEF vessel in flame while showering others in shrapnel causing yet more casualties. At almost the same time the Marauders assigned to escort the Battle Barges erupted with cannon, rocket and missile fire tearing into yet more of the UEF's ships sowing further confusion.

    Half running onto the bridge of his Floating Fortress the Captain saw a scene of pure mayhem in front of him as the third Battle Barge exploded within the fleet consuming a Sea Wolf destroyer, the light combat vessel designed for swift strikes and were not designed to sustain a heavy hit and continue to fight, hit by the massive explosion and shrapnel from the Battle Barge the UEF Wolf had no chance. "Transmit to all ships activate all floodlights and sensors all hostile Battle Barges and Marauders are to be sunk without a second thought. Pass it quickly light up the sea!" The Captain ordered moving to his chair, throughout the fleet lights lit up the massive fleet revealing further Barges still moving into their positions. The Captain had ordered all the UEF's Marauders and Barges, supported by anti-ship Leviathans, to assault the Kixeye forces assembled at the border of Sector Ten as a distraction to keep their enemies attention away from the main fleet, now it appeared as if Kixeye's commander had seen through this ruse. It did however make countering this latest assault far easier with no known friendly ships close the UEF were free to fire at will.

    The massed firepower of over seventy ships bore down on the few Barges and Marauders Kixeye had deployed against them, two more Barges exploded before they could be targeted however as the UEF ships were aware of them and had pulled back they did little more than shower their targets with shrapnel. The cannon, rocket and missile fire from the Marauders caused little damage as they too were cut to pieces under the UEF's fire.

    "Commodore, further contacts at maximum range, missile fire incoming." Someone reported on the bridge the Captain looked at the screens seeing the red and gold coloured Sea Wolf-like vessels supported by Floating Fortresses they were continuing to fire missiles at the fleet however they were also moving away from the UEF.

    "They are done." The Captain whispered low enough so no-one could hear, he looked at his screens three Floating Fortresses crippled two Sea Wolves destroyed several other ships damaged too much to continue not to mention the hundreds of sailors injured by shrapnel. "Now Kixeye shows its colours" the Captain said.

    "Sir, message from Daemonicus flagship they are pursuing the retreating enemy vessels with or without us."

    "Tell him to enjoy himself, we're in no condition for a pursuit. Contact Enterprise have the Admiral set up some air cover for us. All ships to maintain full lighting throughout the night, we are not being caught out again. Have Sub-master Angelique watch the depths, I don't trust Kixeye not to arrive with further surprises." The Captain warned.

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    "Lord Deamonicus, some did not know if he was to be trusted others thought he was miss guided, the truth may never be known"

    - Dr Rachel McManus, Michaels Island

    On the bridge of his command Floating Fortress the Captain watched as the events unfolded. The final "fire-ships" sent by Kxeye had been destroyed by the remaining UEF units and their surviving escorts had begun to retreat towards a larger assembled force deeper in Kixeyes waters. The Captain watched silently as Lord Daemonicus' thirty ships accelerated beyond the UEF, the Draconian designed hulls faster than the majority of the UEF's forsaken hulls.

    "Sir they are ignoring communications." One of his officers reported the Captain nodded watching the chase unfold. He must have watched for an hour then a second before as they reached the third hour contact was made. Extended range missiles and mortars from kixeyes massed fleets cut into Daemonicus fleets forcing the together as they continued to charge.

    The Captain could imagine chaos on Daemonicus' ships as Kixeyes fire-power seemed to increase as the two opposing forces met. The Battleships flanking Daemonicus formation were first to fold cut down by the incoming fire, ship after ship seemed to crack, split and sink reducing Daemonicus numbers and reducing the Draconian's number of targets.

    As more and more of Daemonicus ships disappeared from view the two opposing almost appeared to merge into one, the Draconian ships turning in on Daemonicus' surrounded ships.

    One of the large Dreadnoughts and a pair of the nimble battle-cruisers appeared like they may make it all the way through the Kixeye formation however before they hit open water they disappeared like the rest near the rear edge of the kixeye fleet. The Captain wasn't sure if it was because they had moved beyond radar range or if it meant they were destroyed either way it didn't matter. "What a waste" muttered all Daemonicus had done was mess up the Kixeye formation, so much for the pirates wish to live a peaceful life. "All ships, prepare for imminent contact with the enemy." The Captain ordered "How many do we count..." He whispered looking at the numbers of enemy ships on the table it must have numbered about twelve hundred ships a little under twice as many as the UEF's forces. The Captain quietly questioned his earlier decision to send the Barges and Leviathans away when they met Daemonicus and changed course, the decoy attack had caused no real damage to the Kixeye formation there and most of his people had been forced to retreat and were now hopelessly out of position. "There's an old saying" he said louder so the bridge could hear "fortune favour the bold."

    "Sir, incoming Forsaken contacts bearing 270 mark 3 speed 25 knots." The Radar operator shouted out the Captain looked at the map as it updated with the new information a significant force was moving into position off our eastern flank."

    "Incoming hail!" The Communications officer reported moments later the bridge speakers came alive with a man's voice.

    "UEF, this is Rear Admiral Alfred Johnson, we are the Legionaries. I bring you greetings from Admiral Lucy Campbell." The Captain also smiled she'd disappeared shortly after contact with Daemonicus he'd wondered when she'd appear again. "We want to assist you in fighting Kixeye Corporation, our forces have travelled from sectors eight to one hundred, we are ready to make our journey worth it and our voices heard."

    "Comms, send in response, this is the UEF to Legionaries force, your assistance is most welcome remain on our east flank, hit the Kixeye forces there." The Captain said in response he watched as the fleets of the Legionaries moved into position, their numbers almost matched the numbers the Captain had sent as a decoy although their size and fire-power far outreached what had been lost. Instead of Barges and Leviathans the unit had numerous Fortresses and several Draconian hulls including several Battleships.

    "Sir, Duinhir is sending up his fighters and bombers, ten minutes until contact with the enemy. Sealing all pressure doors, encrypting communications." One of his crewmen said. Now it was a waiting game... the clock counted down above the bridge door.

    The first to engage Kixeye were Duinhir's fighters, high above the fleet Kixeye's advanced tilt-rotor aircraft against Duinhir's propeller driven aircraft it was the high technology of Kixeye against Duinhir's numbers. Missiles passed between the forces then machine gun fire as the two closed and aircraft began to fall from the sky. On the surface combat was just beginning with missiles and mortar fire traded between the two forces as they closed. With Kixeye's massed Fortress, Leviathan and Hammerhead type craft against all the forces of the UEF and the Legionaries.

    The Captain's Fortress had taken a series of hits but it was still operational he stood on the command bridge watching the battle unfold his XO Commander Harsell directed most of the bridge commands while he had stood back and looked at things from a broader view. An hour ago Admiral Duinhir had reported his Enterprise had taken damage from torpedo fire, it was either a Kixeye vessel or sub that had been missed or friendly fire but the carrier was damaged and couldn't stay with the fleet, it was now slowly slipping back in the formation. Duinhir had promised his fighters would cover the fleet for as long as possible as they continued to fight off Kixeye's tilt-rotor aircraft however the big flat-top would be a major miss for the fleet.

    Off on the eastern flank a group of Legionaries Longboats supported by Battle Barges carrying long range missiles were running off a fleet of Kixeye Fortresses. The smaller Longboats equipped with torpedoes and upgraded engines allowing them to dart into and out of range of the Fortress' mortars and cannons while the group of Battle Barges provided covering missile fire, the Captain had to admit the inclusion of the Legionaries forces had evened the battle slightly. The Fortress rocked from another hit but the Captain ignored it his eyes instead caught something on the map table. "Magnify Section 62 by 14" he ordered the map took moments to change, the Captain still marvelled at the technology, captured from a destroyed Draconian vessels he sometimes forgot he used to stand over a table with paper maps.

    Looking at the map in front of him he saw a group of five Kixeye Fortresses turn away from battle heading across Sector 6 at great speed, so far they had remained out of the fighting and now they appeared to abandon the battle "I wonder where you are headed?"

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