New Base Video Guide (All New Players View These!)

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Welcome to my video series showing you how to start a new War Commander base, how to set up the base itself, how to do missions, raids, and the best upgrade path for your base.  I won't be coining on this base, so it is truly a guide for those players who think you can't earn the "big toys" without coining.  

If you have any questions or would like to see specific videos, either post here or PM me and I'll try to get the video up as soon as possible.  

Video 1 (Base Setup and beginning upgrade phase):

Upgrade path:

First upgrade CC to lvl 2

Build all buildings you can, and upgrade any of them that are within the 5 minutes speed up range

Upgrade 1 of your oil and metal storages (so you can hold 320,000 of each)

Upgrade CC to level 3 (during this, research anything in your academy and tech center)

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