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What are ‘Tactics’?

  • Tactics are unique and significant powers that certain characters have. Tactics can be an inherent special Hero power, like inspiring leadership, or a unique ability gained from equipped component technology, like an underslung grenade launcher.

Ability bar

  • Tactics a Hero can use will be visible on the ability bar.
    • The ability bar will only be visible during combat, when your Hero is selected.
  • Clicking on the Tactic ability button, or using the key indicated, will activate and use the Tactic selected.
                                       Ability Bar without Tactics                  Ability Bar with usable Tactics

Types of Tactics

  • Active & Passive Tactics
    • Active Tactics - Active Tactics must be manually triggered in order to use.
      • Throwing a grenade
    • Passive Tactics - Passive Tactics are always active.
      • Sheila’s Buff

Who can use Tactics?

  • Heroes, Commander Units *, Specialized Units *, Units with Tactics Component Slot.
    • Commander Units - Provide a Passive Bonus (Tactic) that is applied to similar, non-Commander units on the battlefield.
      • Units must be within buff area (ability radius) to receive bonuses.
    • Specialized Units = Ronin - Passive Bonus Applied to Ryu-Kai units.
      • Units must be within buff area (ability radius) to receive bonuses.

Using Tactics

Active Tactics

  • Tactics can only be used within the Ability Radius shown. Clicking outside of the Ability Radius will force the unit to move towards the area indicated, to use the Tactic selected.
  • A Blast / Projectile template, shown in orange, will be visible when clicking on a selected Tactic to use.
    • Example - Throwing a grenade which explodes in target area, dealing damage to everything caught within the blast radius.

Tactics Ammunition

  • Tactics can only be used a finite number of times. Each Tactic will have a specific number of uses that will be indicated on the Ability Bar and on the Component.
    • Example: The Concussion Grenade Tactic shown below can only be used 2 times.
  • There will be 3 distinguishable colors that indicate how much Ammunition a Tactic has:
    • Green = Ammunition Full
    • Yellow = Ammunition Not Full
    • Red = Ammunition Empty
      • Tactics cannot be used until replenished!

How to Refill Tactical Ammunition

  • Tactical Ammunition can only be replenished through repairs.
    • Tactical Ammunition can be replenished through coined repairs.
    • A Hero cannot be used while Ammunition is being replenished.
      • Ammo must be replenished like normal unit repairs. A Hero cannot be used at the same time Ammunition is being replenished.
    • A Hero can still be used without replenishing Ammunition.
      • Tactical abilities will be unusable until Ammunition has been replenished.
        • Tactical Ammunition can be micro repaired to use Tactics in battle.

Tactics Cooldown Timer

  • What is CD Timer?
    • A Cooldown timer is a period of wait time before a Tactic can be used again.
  • Where is the CD Timer Shown?
    • The Cooldown timer will be visible on the Ability Bar and in the Component details.


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