Poem of pirate honesty

Potential Threat
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The Morning I wake to check on my base and make sure nothings out of place~
 Then check on the repairs i started the day before sometimes i think this games just greed and more~
But yet i still go redeem this plastic card i got from the store~
 So i can have fun and spend even more~
Against others who are really fake an don't have a dime in the dam bank~
I report and report till i'm blue in the face to try to get even with all of these fakes~
Sometimes they get caught and other may not~
However it not matters there still saved a slot~
Same exact thing been doing for years~
While playing in honesty while others play **** ( verb
informal spoil or ruin (an agreement, event, or situation).
Not more to say on this exact matter~
Now coins i must load and bases must splatter~

Enjoy ;)

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