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Hey guys,

We are currently working on a better, improved way of communicating ship builds for you! This means you will see random builds pop up over the next few days, as we are pretty much starting over and making a library of all our ship build ideas for you in an easy to understand way.

To see what we've done so far, you can go to the link below

Please bear with us as we complete this library of builds for you, and if you have a need for a build that is not yet added, do message us and we will give you some advice! and dont forget to tune in 4pm PST on wed for our update show and friday for our community hangout.

Any feedback would be awesome guys 

Thanks in advance,

The BPC Team
check out the Battlepirates crib page  for real help advice builds and walkthroughs
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    this is awesome!!! a very good tool for any player!
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    I've done a lot of builds so far tonight. Took some from other admins, and put a lot of my own current builds. I've also put builds that I thought can be useful as the most popular in game at the moment. If you have a build you are particularly proud of, then message the page and we can include that too! It's a community page and I find that we all can use others knowledge as well as our own. So from looking at a few builds, you might come up with a crazy idea that we missed! 

    Pain (BPC Admin)
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    I know I'll be using it tons of times!!  And I won't have to keep asking for them over & over again!  :smiley: 

    Thanks for all the hard work!!  It is much appreciated by us!!

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    Thank you Steve (URF). What a great resource. You have proved to be one of the very best players in the game. It's not only the interactive part of the game, it's the skill of breaking down the game's components and understanding the mathmatical influence each one provides when figuring out the best combinations to use whether designing fleets or base defenses. Sure, there are others who are good at this aspect of the game, but you and your panel of moderators have proved your respect of the game by sharing these skills with the rest of the Battle Pirate community. I would think that KIXEYE would publically recognize you folks for your efforts. After all, this information can only aid in keeping the game somewhat interesting for all, including the majority of players who have little desire to spend the time developing the cerebral part of the game.
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    This is awesome and I will use it lots,  its definitely needed ::)

    loads of sectors..
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    Good Idea...   
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    The supreeme commandor,master of the universe,and god in his own underpants,Thanks for the effort as i never got to see in the volt!! and to poor to build ships like these LOL.but at least i know where i went wrong now!! Wahahaah keep up the info,URF.
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    I need a nova build for a dock 10 with lvl 1 shipyard
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    I need a nova build for a dock 10 with lvl 1 shipyard
    message the page and we will gladly help you 

    check out the Battlepirates crib page  for real help advice builds and walkthroughs
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