is shipyard 2 retrospective

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just wondering if i built something then upgraded shipyard would it decrease its weight. i suspect not, but wondering since retro-lab is retrospective, is shipyard too.
  • virego
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    yes, it will decrease the weight, well that is if at least one weapon or armor slot is filled with forsaken tech. (also i think the word you are looking for is retroactive x3)
  • chihau
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    yes thinking of building four crusaders with arb. thinking of building them first so i can use 3 at a time to rank while shipyard is upgrading. 
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    1. 1.
      looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.
      "our survey was retrospective"
      synonyms:backdated, retroactiveex post facto
      "the government introduced retrospective legislation"
    1. 1.
      an exhibition or compilation showing the development of the work of a particular artist over a period of time.
      "a Georgia O'Keeffe retrospective"
      synonyms:look back, reflectionreview
      "a two-hour retrospective on the Great Depression"
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    Yes, it is retroactive to all the forsaken weapons on previously built hulls. But only on forsaken tech.

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