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CM Sulaco 2
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War Commander has been updated to the Facebook 2.0 platform. Below is some helpful information about changes that you will notice with this update.


Users are no longer required to grant the app access to their friends list and email address. Current users can go into their app settings and rescind the app's access to their friends list/email address.


The following in-game features are reliant on friends list access to function correctly:
  • Friends
  • Friends Leaderboard
  • World Map tiles (green tiles for friendly entities)
  • Target Finder (friend bookmarks)
  • Relocate (relocating to friend location/sector)
  • Alliance invites (when that feature ships)
If a player does not grant (or rescinds) friends list permissions, these features will not work for them at all.

Additionally, any player that does not grant (or rescinds) friends list permissions will not show as a friend to other players that DO have them friended.

Players can grant or re-grant the app's access to their friends list by clicking the gear symbol to the left of War Commander under the "Apps" tab in the left pane of the Facebook home page and selecting "Settings".


Friends list permissions no longer grant the app access to a full friends list - rather, they grant the app access to a redacted friends list containing only friends that also have the game installed. The ability of the game to invite non-player friends is functional.

There is an in-game mission called "One is the Loneliest Number" that no longer functions. This is a known issue.


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