salute to all old pirates

matt dark
matt dark
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i have played this game for many years in one form or another  determine  with ntac and krc  determine h3r  in the early years blackwater days  mass fights  and for that i would like to thank kixeye  i have fought the best there was in the game , the **** , big pat  doa dogs dogx ,nbk , kde , af1fa  swa , skulls you name them at one point or another i have battled with them ,,, then i lost my base i was banned by kixeye , i made a new base and made it stronger , and in the last few months have played less and less but now i feel that kixeye need to maybe sit up and take notice and give players back what they want FUN  take a look at this vid enjoy folks
  • matt dark
    matt dark
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    goodbye cnc was a pleasure watching your videos and your advice 
  • Doyen
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    Beautiful video.  Well done and farewell.
  • WatchMan235
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    Imagine, you drive your car with steam pouring from under the bonnet (hood) everyone tells you to fix the radiator, you fill with water and carry on, the steam gets worse, you pour in more water, everyone tell you to fix it before it dies for good, you ignore them and just drive faster, and then BANG, that's how this is playing out, I'm feeling my ride is almost over, this passenger just watching kixeye drive uncontrollably as i take in the final views.
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    I could agree with you, then we would both be wrong
  • claude.golden
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    cool vid good old days :)

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