Thunder with out clouds

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Daniel: Lisa's,Isaac's father  40yo
Jane:Daniel's wife 41yo
Emilie: next door neighbor kid 17yo
Lisa: Jane's daughter 8yo
 Isaac:Jane's son 16yo

*on planet 1550*
*{it was a bright sunny day on Daniel's farm not cloud in the sky}*

*{jane steps out on the porch  of there makeshift home  made of an old
Tallon frigate }*

Jane: KIDS!! dinner!!

*{all 3 kids come running}*
Jane: Emilie what are you doing here? want your parents  be making you dinner?

 Emilie no ma'm my parents dont have the money for dinner tonight

Jane: well that's alright hun  your more than welcome to stay for our dinner, ISAAC FIX THE TABLE!!!

Isaac: yes mother......

*{isaac walks away to fetch another plate for Emile}*

Lisa: mommy mommy i here thunder bit i see no clouds in the sky!

Jane: ok dear go tell your father

*{Lisa runs to Daniel}*

Lisa: daddy daddy  i here thunder bit i saw no clouds in the sky!

Daniel: its okay honey we all here things once and a while

Lisa: but daddy.....

*{she was interrupted}*

Daniel: no buts! now sit down and get ready for dinner 

*{as every one was siting down at the table a low rumble could be herd it sounded almost like thunder}*
*{jane walks to the window}*

Jane: huh not a cloud in the sky the storm must be off in the distance

Lisa: i told you daddy i told you

Daniel: shush up girl and eat your veggies

*{Isaac and Emilie both get up to  look}*

Daniel: every one sit back down and eat its just a storm just  beyond the horizon

*{just as he said that BOOOOM an huge explosions rocks there make shift tallon house}*

Daniel: every one to back of the ship the storm  sounds like its going to be  a big one , Emilie you better go home  before it hits or your parents might be worried ... Isaac go with her

*{just as isaac and emilie start there journey  to Emilie's house at that very exact moment a flaming destiny Corvette plummeted in to there house}*

Emilie: what? noo MOM! nooo *(sobs)* DAD! NOOOOO!

{daniel who was watching all these happen rushes out and grabs Emilie before she could run to her house }*

Daniel: EASY easy there's nothing we can do now i dont think your parents would want you to kill your self by jumping in that fire now would they

Isaac: dad what the hell is going on?

Daniel: son get in the house now

{*Issac leaves to the house}*

Daniel: Emilie im sorry for your lose your parents were good people, but there is no time to morn now  get in the house now

*{Emilie and Daniel walk in to the makeshift house they had made out of an talon and Daniel climbs down into what used to be the  engine room}*

*Isaac fallows him*

Isaac: dad what are you doing ?

Daniel: im going to try and fly these old rust bucket out of here

Isaac: really? i thought you said these ship was worthless

Daniel:  i did, and it is, but i never said it couldn't fly

Issac: ahh i see

*{issac climbs out of the engine room to finds emilie with jane and lisa crying on the floor }*

Jane:whats going on? what is he doing *{she said sobing}*

Issac: he is going to try and fly the ship  why? i don't know

*{another explosion rocks the ship}*

*{lisa starts crying harder}*

Jane: whats causing the explosions? *{she said sobing}*

Issac: some one is killing a lot! of Vega up there because its basically raining ships down here

*{Daniel said while climbing up from the engine room}*

Daniel: eureka! i fixed the engine, isaac come with me to the cockpit 

*{isaac fallows him  to the cockpit}*

*daniel starts the engine and flys the ship off of 1550 and into orbit*

 Daniel: ETA  5 mins 

Issac: dad shouldent there be mining bases here?

*{Daniel looks out of the window on the port side in disbelieve}*

Daniel: there should be bases every were ! all i see is wreckage were is the vega processioning facility?  every thing is destroyed!

*{ as he said that there was a flash of light and the ship shook violently}*

Isaac: DAD! whats happening?

*{Daniel still looking out the window saw nothing but  a lifeless asteroid field}*

Daniel: son......our planet has just been destroyed *{he said almost not believing him self}*

Issac: what? no *{said in disbelieve}*

Daniel: what could do these?  ...... Isaac go back downstairs and comfort your mother

*{Isaac walks back down stairs as the same time daniel atempts to set a course for the nearest Vega processing center in an atempt to find out what was going on}*

*{ there was a sound of clamping like something docking to the ship}*

Daniel: what the.....


a farmer named daniel from the planet 1550  was forced to leave with his family and his next door neighbors orphan child  by falling debris
from space and after they left there planet and every one on it blew up

if people actually read these one i will make a seconded one
or not....LOL

yes i will be willing to write weekly stories about Vega for kixeye  because  i do try to keep them close to the game as possible

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