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Our brand new take on Infantry, “Special Forces”, and Veteran Experience will be available very soon. To get a better look and feel for these upcoming features, we thought it would be great to provide everyone with a preview of what's to come in the March Event: GENESIS.

Special Forces

  • Incredibly strong units that bring Infantry back into high level gameplay
  • A Special Forces Team is comprised of Leaders and Members. Add a Leader to a platoon and fill its “Team” with Members.
  • Special Forces teams move in formation. Selecting one team member selects the whole team, and they will all follow the leader’s commands.

Building Special Forces

  • Once unlocked, click on your Barracks to view all Special Forces units you can build.

  • To create a Special Forces Squad, you must build 1 Lead Operator. The Lead Operator manages the squad and will have 4 available spaces for members.
    • Place the Lead Operator into a Platoon to get started.

  • You can click on the “Manager” Icon or the empty slots to place members into this Lead Operator’s Squad.
    • Only members that can be placed into the squad will be shown.
    • The Platoon’s capacity size will be displayed below, allowing you to add additional units to support your Special Forces Squad.
    • Placing your cursor over a squad member will display experience earned and all other stats.

Veteran Experience

  • Special Forces squads and Operators gain experience during combat. Experience will be earned while receiving or dealing damage. Unlike traditional “levels” in War Commander, Ranks allow you to attack any targets you want to earn your experience without having to go harvest Thorium or wait on upgrade times.
    • Each individual Member will earn their own experience.
    • Open the Academy window and select the Special Force unit type to view all experience earned.
      • If enough experience is earned, the Special Forces Team and Operators earn levels, which in turn increases their stats.
      • Players can also use gold to accelerate these levels if they wish, similar to old upgrades

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