VIDEO: Shadow Ops _ Ryu-Kai lvl. 20 vs Hellstorm lvl. 11 - No damaged units

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Set R.U.B.I. on , and and wait 1,5 minutest to finish the job :)

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    If u got banned or wanna report a glitch, send ticket....
    These aren't for the forum
    try to enjoy the game as it is and don't be a 100% pessimist
    don't post useless requests about 2nd or more dozers or attack replay video on the forum (cause kixeye won't listen)

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    use raptors lv 10+ 3 at least and orted to strike CC. 20 sec from star till getting 100 ponits. Minimal damage. Faster but minimal damage. After 10-20 bases you have to replace Raptors :)
    Need help with Warcommander check this

    if you don't find what you looking for post me, i will try to help.

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    I use e war hawks workshopped with napalm. Take some damage so need to pause after 40 bases for repair. Clear CC in 50 secs or less depending on which direction you come from. Do not use Rubi so as to minimise damage
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    this vid was made before they added the floating platforms, I use 4 raptors, 2 with corrosion and 2 with splitting missiles to hit the CC of these 20s now, I have 7 raptors and 5 mins repairing allows me to send a second set of 4 to hit another base before I start the 2 1/3 hrs repair time for the air squadron.
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