Battle pirates war room sector 1-500

  • TheSeaRatz-CAN
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    In case anyone get requests for help from a group called TAFO in 455.. they are ISH and here is their group photo....
    "**** the torpedoes,  full cheez ahead!"
  • treason
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    very mature. And we are ISH? now shall we be damned to the seventh lvl of the seventh hell. **** me, grow up
  • Lord-Admiral-T-Bear
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    Troll Chief,Gremlin Smasher,Bear Berserker.Whale killer.Leader of the Dark Storm Corsairs and Lord of Sector 392 .If you glitch repair you're a ****.If you don't like the truth and flag me cuz of it,SUCK IT.Tired of closed threads and over moderation, join a new forum where conversation is welcomed
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