If Katy and Taylor played this game..

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If Katy Perry and Taylor Swift played this game, what would it be like?
In the roiling seas of BP, few players inspire, even few become legend, and fewer less become famous. Then there are these two....

0800 zulu....sighted the Dark Horse Fleet heading to intercept the White Horse Fleet. Dark Horse is comprised of 2 pink DNX, 2 pink Kodiaks, and 1 pink ECM destroyer. White Horse has 3 White Kodiaks, 1 white mastodon, and 1 white ECM destroyer. 
Dark Horse captain goes by the name KPcaligurl and White Horse captain goes by the name SwiftSilentDeadly.

KP: "I see you made it Swifty. I hope you brought your backup dancers?" 
Swift: "I brought some nukes, I doubt you are going to leave shaking anything off except that smile off your face."

0930 zulu..battle commences..many bases nearby hear the racket and file a support ticket claiming they lost coin...Kix..sells tickets to the fight. The fleets exchanged fire with launchers, missiles, and rockets. A whole lot of fireworks. 

1030 zulu...battle ended with a draw and heavy damage to both sides....total losses..incalculable since it is a digital game.

KP: "I got 1 boat left. I got the eye of the tiger. I can take you down blondie!"
Swift: "I got 1 boat left too. I am going to smack all that glitter off of you!"

1100 zulu..final battle commences...unfortunately both fleets are just ECM destroyers with thuds and no armor. As soon as they each got in range, both fired, both sunk simultaneously. Las Vegas had to pay a whole lot of money to some obscure player who placed the unusual bet. 

KP: "This is not over Swifty."
Swift: "Indeed, we will settle this after the concert tours." 
Justin Beiber: "Can I play?"
Kixeye: "No, err..maybe..if we find out how many would watch."
BP players: "Post your coords Beiber, then we believe. har har  >:)
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