Community Competition - Operation: Rising Tide Finals *Closed: 30/10/2014*

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Greetings Captains,

Congratulations to everyone for making it up the second and final stage of the community competition Operation: Rising Tide.
Here qualifying entries will be put to a community vote and the entry with the most votes at the end will win themselves 100 gold!

Voting will conclude on the 30th of October, 2014 at 18:00 AEST (UTC+10)

I will try to promote this poll through an update post in General Discussion, when and if permission is granted by Robot or another CM (as advised by forum Moderators). This is because creating a thread solely to direct traffic to another is actually a violation of the forum rules and I would ask you all to please bear this in mind when promoting your entries.

Good luck Captains! :)
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Community Competition - Operation: Rising Tide Finals *Closed: 30/10/2014* 36 votes

Shadow of Omega's Grimeshine's Hellstrike
Shadow of OmegaSectionHCLIArma-Get-It-OnSNAKE-PLISKENG Starlaurens.vandervelden1Hyperiusdamon.wilks 8 votes
Dirty-Scallywag's Nash's Mercury
Benjamin BeckerTyrannuletCaptain336Bruce McleayMike Atkachonisraymond.vandineTyrannulet2Sidewinder55sheltodawgeandjmartintegetthoffcaleb.latham.9AwesomeDude3 13 votes
ANUBIS_6SA's Missile Cruiser S
ClaSH--ClaNS 1 vote
Le Wulf's HH-Wulf
Le WulfPocket LizardOsamaDontSurf 3 votes
Siohm PHAN's Osiris
SirBootyStealerSiohm PHAN-TACOSjeremy.breton.311john.dodd.925Petri_A2KrozeRdeni.tay.7elder_kingkixeyeuser_1373614863308_16889_33922650kixeyeuser_1373360268617_9573_41000416kixeyeuser_1402305169720_100008373373411 11 votes
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