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  • Iskabibble
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    Sector Control will turn into Sector Police which turns into Sector Bullies NOT a good idea for financial stability of the game. Other games have tried this and basically went the way of the Doo-Doo bird as players left in droves.

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  • SatanSpawns
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    The sector control crap is just that crap the smaller groups will get farmed and it will cause them to quit the game. And are you talking about the guard in the base or the one outside when you talk about changing it out. 

  • Weresquirrel
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    It's about the external guard.

  • Luis Rebelo
    Luis Rebelo
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    Not excited about the insector hitting. I like the team work in "protecting" a sector and the battles with other sectors. It will diminish the TEAM effect in a sector I believe, but hey I suppose you can also say its a fighting game and fight is the name of the game. Still prefer the idea of sectors battling with other sectors and not in house.

  • DeV-CoS
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    Don't make the dredges any effing harder....I swear....

  • Prashant
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    Good move rethinking that guard base process...but its too late and too little

  • Chillabong
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    idea for control? a time modifyer. everything that gold would speed up is has its time reduced by 5% and each week in a row your alliance has controll it goes up by 5% and caps out at 25%. then there should be a second place spot giveing out 4% per week and capping out at 20% and a 3rd place giving 3% per week and capping at 15% and 4th place giving 2% per week and capping out at 10% and a 5th place giving 1% per week and capping out at 5%. 

  • Geronimo1964
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    Forced insecting is a crap idea but I absolutely LOVE the thought that spamming gunboats won't work any more..... Always thought that was a pathetic thing to do!! If sector control comes down to players vs Dracs then that would be good. 

  • OsamaDontSurf
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    So with no more proximity guarding and a delay between being able to place a guard fleet what your really doing is giving all the whiny whales an easy ride into a base.  Ok spamming not so good, but a delay between placing guards, WHY?  Oh I know, the WHINY WALES.

  • Geronimo1964
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    You can still hit the attacking fleet once it has beaten the guard fleet. By the time that fight is over a new guard can be in place...... I think the delay is the only way to stop gunboat spammers.

  • Sturm
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    Gazza17 said:

    You can still hit the attacking fleet once it has beaten the guard fleet. By the time that fight is over a new guard can be in place...... I think the delay is the only way to stop gunboat spammers.

    so what happens when an alliance has 5 or 6 flts waiting outside your base do you hit all 6 at once? i think a better idea would have been to set a minimum level that you could use for a guard.

  • Nick Heath
    Nick Heath
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    love the stopping of GB spamming and spammed base guards..........not too happy with alliances running a sector

  • per.haraldsson.1
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    What about Frubbers ( friendly bubbles) If U are adressing one of the problems U need to adress the other problems as well!

  • michael2642
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    Cooldown on guarding,

    ( because some ppl dont like hitting gunboats.  :'( )

    - Then less FvF fights to get in = less fleets will be sunk = less coining of repairs. 

    That sounds like a good & well thought business plan  B)

  • malcolm.lashley
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    CM Robot - I assume by the language in your screen-grabs the August WIP also includes updating the TOS so that I can eff and blind as much as I want in comms?!? ;)

    Fcking Aye!

  • carl.wear.3
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    Great. More stuff we DIDN'T ASK FOR. How about REDUCING the BUILD and REPAIR TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kixeye keeps adding more crap to kill off your fleets but gives us NOTHING to enable us to get our fleets built and repaired faster.
    GAME is getting BORING. 5 min of fun, 16h repairs and 3 months to build a fleet of a hull you won 4 months ago which is now outdated.
    FIX the REAL ISSUES and stop adding crap.

  • KIXEYE CM Robot
    KIXEYE CM Robot
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    CM Robot - I assume by the language in your screen-grabs the August WIP also includes updating the TOS so that I can eff and blind as much as I want in comms?!? ;)

    Fcking Aye!

    HA, I don't think our UI team noticed that text in the screenshot when the sent me the wire frames. I'll let them know, although I should have caught it :P

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  • WSkipper
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    sector control gives the controlling alliance members a bonus of say 5% on resources from salvage, mines, and....dredges.

  • WSkipper
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    sector control could give build/repair time bonuses.

  • Grayingwolf1
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    Don't we have enough to do already Kixeye? Man I barely hit bases now because of all the stuff in the game, and now you are going to force it? 

  • Traducer
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    Yet another example of Kixeye Quality Control. 

  • Pride001
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    I think the changes to the guarding are way over due and very welcome;  however I suspect we will see an increase in "frubbling"... more so to maintain sector control.  

    Not overly excited with the notion of being forced to hit draconian bases to maintain control...think it should be entirely pvp experience.  

    by changing the "guarding" aspect , they are going to significantly reduce PVP ... if there is a timer on alliance members not being able to guard , then you need a timer too on a player who hits the base from getting away without a fight .. so he will have to bring friends with him to keep from being hit when he leaves , or be prepared to fight when he leaves or hit and hope nobody is around to see it or get him as he leaves !

    The proximity thing is fine to change , even spamming gunboats needs to stop , tho ALOT of todays pvp occurs at them bases ... but to keep alliance members also from being able to guard , just pushes us closer and closer to a PVE style of game play ! 

  • The Immortal1
    The Immortal1
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    To me an ally control of the sector, should be variable.  Perhaps based on the size of the alliances in that sector, since even the smallest alliances who get their pts would have NO chance in a sector filled with groups of 50+  I mean an alliance of 10 getting 1k a week means 10k.  a group of 50 needs to each hit one base to match that.  Personally the biggest thing I want to see is people of the same alliance being incapable of frubbling bases.  If a friendly in your alliance hits no matter how much damage, I dont think it should give a bubble.  But then again there are a few "elite" groups out there who would be screwed then and likely rage quit......

    If your alliance controls the sector you should gain uranium at a rate proportionate to by how far ahead of the rest of the sector you are.  Also, another thing that would really get alliances going would be to offer say 50% build time reductions and 50% repair for the alliance in control of the sector.  Meaning the ones who control the sector can build a ship faster and repair and thus stay in the battles better.  That would definitely draw more people to actually fight, but the 1k per week cap would need to be removed for ally pts since not everyone in an alliance can always kill.  For lack of tech, or lack of money to keep up, people are behind.  So I would remove the cap for the players who can put up bigger numbers.  Perhaps setting the 50% build time reduction for players under lv50 to allow them to build fleets and get war ready for when they hit that 50 line of execution.  And offer 50% repair for the entire alliance.


  • BladeII
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    removing the proximity guard will only lead to peeps just setting repairs and lofg off while thier dock or base repairs, so less time playing the game, also less chances an ally member sinks an enemy or 2 wich will coin thier fleet back.

    sector control i dont give a shyte just like medals dont care for those either if i get more then 200 from somebody dying in my base i dump them on a little dude any way so the big "coined uber fleets owners" dont get a single medal from me, thats just fun, give them repair and not made it worth their time lol

    dredges, i could care less, the uranium need on the retro's and the few dredges wich appear on tuesday and friday dont justify getting more then 3 hr dammage per dredge, if i get more, then bye bye dredge hitting retro's will just get on the back burner, and since i cant dump my resources in the retro lab then, no need for me to play really, loading up for 1 boat a week or 3 weeks i can do on the weekly mission anyway

    Not sure who thought up all this stuff, but it's not improving the game experiance, its chores aka a job now to keep up, best reduce repair times and stop adding dumb shyte to the game nobody asked for.

    just my 2 cents, wich is all coin you get from me anyway

  • Trickster2013
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    edited 4 Aug 2014, 10:11PM

    First, once a Base Guard has been destroyed. we are going to be adding a short delay before a new Base Guard can be applied. 

    Is this the "In base guard" Or where ally's can put fleet guards on a base? Please make this more clear CM. 

  • robb.sachelle
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    Vanguard BABY :D please dont be a huge let down after all this time plus id like to know the stuff that wasn't included in the WIP that we are sure to see 

    but u know it WILL require uransium and prolly large amounts of it ...

    kixeye - play hard - pay harder :)
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