Isn't it about time...

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That I just posted a topic that is being discussed several threads a day.

You know like build times isn't it unfair and everything.

And repair times too they are really unfair because they are not fair.

And another thing while we are at it why dont we have mines in bases so that would make everything fairer and increase the land too because if you don't think about it too much it just makes sense and if anyone disagrees we should just keep repeating that it does make sense then resort to rage typing and catchy slogans.

And isn't it about time we got rid of frubbles because if we dont think about it if we get rid of them we can be all really manly and tough like real pirates and that brings me onto another thing don't you think its lame how there are bubbles anyway in game. We should just get rid of them.

Plus i want an increase in dock sizes because if i had more space for ships i dont have to wait for them to be repaired so much so i can go and sink more noobs.

and isnt it about time we got something to fix all the lag worldwide I mean seriously if kixeye are that great as they make out surely they can fix world wide lag and fix the internetz for everybody.

Seriously guys get your fingers out or the game will end!

Please discuss.

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