A force born from Forsaken War (Story by KOAD)

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Well- here's my second attempt at making a story and this time im rather dedicated!

I wont be updated my odl story

and the Fanfiction Ark will recieve updates on a monthly basis. 

Read the story in a better fashion here on Google Drive! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kh025Ikt44i3zT0lVbYlVlMDlug5El6TmDeUjPa31T8/edit

There are some things there that I put up that I cant exactly transfer here, like good pictures and small data charts that will immense you fully in what i'd wish to offer, but I will post my story here for you guys! Well, here I go!

Oh, i will be updating chapters on my story via google drive every 3-7 days, and will load it to the Kixeye Post here biweekly. Here I go!

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    Prolouge Part 1

    There aren’t many records of the most recent years leading up to the Great Apocalypse. All we know so far is that it happened in 2050. Information from the Pre-War era is scattered, disorganized through the many small islands and outposts that have popped up throughout the many sectors of this world. Some say that it was caused when nuclear weapons of the olden days blew up so often in apocalyptic wars that the ice caps on those poles of this planet had melted over. Others say that aliens had brought the devastating flood to the world. And there are many other theories. But, as wide as the theories are the groups of people who have emerged all over the place...at first they barely survived, but then they managed to survive. Like old great nations, these individuals built up navies of various sizes and capabilities. Not all commanders and islands had the same ideals, and these forsaken seas were plunged into great wars. One of the first groups that had arisen after the post war were these mysterious people, known to us as the Draconian...or offically as the Imperial Alliance. They're all over the world...constantly patrolling the waters, and for some reason, seeking to get rid of anyone who has survived the great war. They are strong and highly advanced in their technology. Our struggles with them have gone back and forth, but they have brought us forsaken peoples a sense of...unity. The New Hope Alliance, or rather, the Forsaken Alliance, as some of our old members refer it to, is not really a united alliance at all. Rather, it is a group of hundreds of Alliances, and even un-allianced commanders, who had grouped in under a common cause- to defeat the “draconian” Imperial Alliance.
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    Prologue Part 2

    It is 2144, approximately 78 years since the Second Great Flooding of the world. The Imperial Alliance has ships controlling every sector of the world, and although this rich and powerful empire remains standing strong, it is well known throughout the seas of the world that the Imperial Alliance is a Draconian menace in the face of freedom and the very definition of oppression. In these stormy, oppressed waters of the worlds, however, out from the ashes, a small orb of light came about. This is the New Hope Alliance. The Alliance is not necessarily an alliance. They all share a common goal, to defeat the menace that is the Imperial Alliance. However, each individual faction within the NHA participate to further their own ends.  The setting of this story takes place in Region 501. Our main actors here will be the Imperial Alliance, the Balush Republic, the Korollian Republic, Arenia, and the Seringal Empire . All these actors on this stage will fight for control over 289.  Today is July 14. 2144. Today, Korollian Officials will meet with the Seringal Republic diplomats in the Seringal Republic’s grand port of Eukor, to discuss their dispute over the Sralla Island in the Balush Sea. Or rather...they were supposed to.
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    Chapter 1
    Eukor's Strikers
    Port of Eukor, SIC, 7-14-2144

    Today is July 14, 2144. The seas seem calm, the weather is sunny and nice. The Port of Eukor, on the northern edge of Eukor, is a bustling port city, because any ship wishing to enter the island chain of Seringal must do so in the inner sea, unless they wish to be blown apart, and no captain would dare challenge the millions of sea and sub mines present along the other areas blocking the seas. Despite all of this, Eukor’s residents seem happy. At the naval academy, the graduation ceremony was about to start this morning. Captain Yusef usually goes to honor these captains, the most elite, into the navy. But no, not today. Today is a special day.+Driving past the Eukor Naval Academy, he heads towards the port at the north end of the city. Ports nine through fourteen are reserved for the navy today. He boards his longship, waiting for him at Port Thirteen. Yusef’s command ship is a Longship, and so are the 5 others in his division and the six others that will also be under his command today from the Southern Eukor Light Strike Division. +When Yusef was young, Longships used to dominate the Ship-to-Ship combat fleets of the navy, at least in numbers. Over 200 of them served under the SIC, and had amazing speed and a Light Havok torpedo payload. They were retired, reconverted to civilian use, or scrapped over time, but with the new Advanced Missile Strike System and the development of the Torrent Missile brought them back. Captains were so surprised at the potential the longship had with such a weapon, and now the SIC is mass-producing it, with 37 produced and 8 more every month. +The captain climbed up the steps on the Eukor port, and proceeded to board the longship. The longship is light, but extremely fast and maneuverable. However, it’s armor is appalling, and cannot take anything heavier than a light shell due to lack of space. Even though, it serves as a good fire-support lightship. The structure was fairly simple, but the ships still run an M2-FireChrome Artificial intelligence system, which made up for the technology on board the ship, which could be described as derelict compared to other ships beyond it’s class. +He arrived at the bridge, and checked all systems of his ship. A of a sudden, the ship's artificial intelligence, Iris, turned on.
    "Scanning life form... .... ...
    "Captain Yusef Petri detected"
    "Ah, good morning, Captain Yusef. How may I be of service?"
    "Scan all systems of every ship for any disturbances and malfunctions. Call all the crew members here for every ship. We leave in 37 hours."   
    "Understood Captain. Scanning... ... ... No problems or malfunctions detected."
    "Ah, for a fleet of longships, that is better than expected."
    Yusef saw a folder lying down on top of his table of the bridge. Taking notice, he finds the code for his mission.
    "25U, eh? What is this? Where is the mission briefing""I'm sorry sir, but that code is to be entered into my system via the control panel on your table. Mission breifings are to be carried by AI's now, Ishtar's new orders."
    "Ahh, how the old days have changed. Let's see...25U..."-
    "Mission Code 25-U detected. Loading..."All of a sudden, The screen projector came alive. Yusef, not used to this advanced technology, found himself on shock and awe, but he listened to the AI play the mission briefing"-[{{"Mission 25U, Light Strike Divisions 1 and 2, Captai.... ... (Static). Good morning Captain. In the upcoming week, the Korollian Navy is sending diplomats to Ishtar through the port of Eukor.There are rumors from intelligence that the rebels in Taxal seek to disrupt the negotiations, and it also seems that the Imperial Alliance has something up with it. The objective of your strike fleet is to escort the Korollian Triton-Class ship, the Endar. The Endar is traveling with two Superfortress Escorts, the Storm and the Terra. Assist the Storm and Terra in escorting the Endar, and protect the Endar at all costs, because all the diplomats are on board the Endar. Keep an eye out for unidentifiable vessels and open fire when necessary. Shoot any Imperial Alliance ships that threaten your party. Accomplish this mission successfully, Captain, and at all costs. It is imperative to improve SIC-Korollian relations.Ishtarian Naval Command and the SIC"}}]]-
    "Iris, scan the other ships in the fleet one more time, and call all naval captains. I have decided. We will leave port tomorrow.""Understood, Captain".
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    Chapter 2
    Small Ants of a Triton Giant
    Open Seas off the SIC, 7-14-2144
    Light Strike Divisions I and II, Escorting the Endar

    “Admiral lmmundvis, radar is picking up a small armada of ships, 75 miles out”
    Identify the fleet and keep a close watch, officer“Sir Yes Sir” Replied the head officer.
    Three hours later, Captain Yusef’s armada of ships is nearing the Endar. The head officer decides to patch in with the head of said fleet.
    “Good evening unidentified fleet, this is the KNS “Endar” Please identify yourself under standard procedure, over”
    “Yeah, um good evening to you gents as well. This is Captain Yusef on the SICS “Chrome-Flame”, over. I am in command of the SICN Light Strike divisions, I and II, and our objective is to escort you and your fleet to the SIC Port of Eukor on the main island chain, over”
    “Thank you for your cooperation, Admiral Yusef. I will patch in the Admiral Immundvis, over”
    “Roger that”
    “Good evening, Admiral Yusef, as you may know, this is commander Immundvis of the KNS Endar, over. I understand that you are here to escort us to Eukor. But why the armada of light strike longships?”
    “Aah, yes. Thank you for your concern. Ishtar Supreme command has detected that rebels on Snowfall Island seek to cooperate with the Draconians by launching an EMP or other ICBM-Related device at the fleet, and coordinate an attack, over”
    “Haha, im really glad they sent you guys over, then! Hahahaha...longships, as if they're going to hold out to anything larger than a violent shell! You may escort us, but there is almost nothing that can sink this fleet!!!”
    “Dont underestimate our light strike fleet, Immunvi-”
    Suddenly, Iris popped up on the Artificial intelligence screen
    “Captain, I am tracking several vessels of unidentified origin, over!...they appear to be Imperial alliance ships...but intelligence shows that 4 of them aren't operating under the Imperials…”
    Immediately, Immundvis reaches for the fleet pager. “Haha! Just the kind of action I was looking for! Attention, all KNS ships operating with the Endar, this is Immundvis speaking! There are several unidentifiable vessels approaching our fleet. Arm all the weapons and remain on alert status, over! If this is the fleet that comes to attack us, let’s show what we’re made of!”
    Captain Yusef was not about to let himself be outdone by a Korollian…
    “Paging all ships operating in a 12 mile vicinity under Captain Yusef, this is the SICS Chrome-Flame, over! We are tracking what seems to be several hostiles operating in the vicinity of the Endar. Keep all weapons primed and ready to fire, and all eyes on the unidentifiable vessels, over! Yusef out”
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    Chapter 3
    Invasion of Taxal
    Taxal, 7-13-2144
    Jungle outside Taxal Alpha Command Post
    July 16, 2144

    The regional Island of Talax serves as the central hub for communications for the Island chain, being able to transmit over a large area on the island chain and process both military and civil communications simultaneously, compared to Eukor, Ishtar and the other islands. but has a strong Hoplei rebel presence. Even at a time of peace, war has left a mark on the island due to Ishtar's efforts to crush the deep-rooted rebellion...but today, today’s events will change the course of history between Korollians and the SIC…
    “Clyde, this is Aribel, over. I am almost finished hacking through SIC security over”
    “I hear you, Aribel. Great work. Once you have finished breaking through SIC security, I will link you the launch codes for Snowfall’s decrypt missiles, over. Tell me when you do, and we will send the signal to the rest of the fighters...over”
    “Roger that...oh wait! Ahaha, we cracked their security real good. Their defense turrets are down and all the doors are unlocked.”
    “Great work as always, Aribel. Ill send word of this to high command...and when the Hoplei rebellion wins this war, you could become head teachnician? Ah yes...here are the launch codes...and ill send the invasion signal. Get to a safe away distance. Clyde out”
    “Admiral Spader, this is Clyde. The Taxal radio tower has been sucessfully hacked. Shall we commence the invasion?”

    “Yes, The signal is go. 4 Dreadnoughts will cover the northern edge of the island to cut off support and retreat, and to the south, Draconian invasion teams will come in through several I7-Light Cruisers and I2-Frigates. Hopleian rebels will swarm in from the western rebel-held island of Snowfall. Deal with prisoners by… standard procedure. Greta out”
    Ishtar City Military Command
    July 14, 2144
    Commander Bayani! Incoming transmission from Taxal-Alpha base, over! Not right now, Lansky. I’m talking to…SIR! With all due respect, this is a Tier-1 Message from Taxal-Alpha...the Hoplei has control of our main radar systems!They’re advancing on us?! Fine, let me see that transmission. Relay it to me. Here it is, sir. Doesn’t look to good down in the southern waters…It never does, Lansky, it never does.
    Sapphire, Open the transmission, code 9016Opening…
    ------INCOMING TRANSMISSION------Command Outpost TXL-Alpha

    Commander Eli Rahmaan
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    Chapter 4
    Fizzle-Crackle Ishtar
    Ishtar City, 7-14-2144
    Ishtar Military Command Center
    Commander Bayani, Officer at ICLRMDS, and Captain Lansky
    July 17, 2144

    Immediately, Commander Bayani felt something suspicious. With Taxal’s radar station down, he decides to contact the local radar defense station at Ishtar.
    “Oh dear…Lansky, Patch me in to the ICLRMDS”
    “Patching you in….” replied Lansky, linking a communication from the Commander to ICLRMDS. “Good afternoon, gents at the Ishtar City Local Radar Missile Defense System. I’ll be patching you in to the big man himself…”
    “The situation is Taxal has fallen to the Hoplei Rebels. I need you guys to make appropriate adjustments to strategic maps and information on the network.
    “Will do, Bayani!...wait a second”
    “What’s the matter, officer?”
    “It seems that Snowfall has launched an ICBM...Heading East-North-East at Mach 2 speeds… course trajectory is not towards the main Island chain?!”
    “Keep a track on that ICBM, officer! Identify it and alert the SIC-EBS and the President…”
    “Will do, Sir!...the ICBM is a cluster EMP, appears to be old tech from pre-apocalypse era...model M5A...known trajectory would be the Light Strike Joint fleet and the KNS Endar...time to impact would be 80 seconds…”
    “Oh dear...hmm, LANSKY! Warn Captain Yusef and the KNS Endar that an EMP is about to-”
    “Sir, I don't mean to interrupt but we have a problem of our own...EMP Cluster impacting Ishtar in 3...2...1…”
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    Chapter 5
    First Contact
    Open Seas, 7-15-2144
    Battle of the Endar

    “Let me handle this first, Immundvis” said Captain Yusef towards the KNS Endar. With no radio response, Yusef immediately gone to work.
    “Iris...scan and identify the fleet.”
    “Rodger… 5 I-7 Light Cruisers and 3 Longship-class Frigate vessels, and a M5A Battle Barge acting as flagship”
    “Haha, this will be fairly easy for us to deal with. We outnumber them almost 3 to one! Have they responded to the fleet advisory warnings yet?”
    “No, no they havent...would you like me to arm the fleet’s missiles and fire them myself, or will you leave that up to yourself to do? They seem to be making hostile maneuvers”
    “Ready the weapons systems, we’ll take care of the rest, Iris”
    “As you command, captain”
    Immediately, Yusef paged the entire fleet.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, we have 9 vessels approacing to our east at full speed. Consider them as hostile. Our hostiles include 5 I-7 Class Light Cruisers, and 4 hijacked Forsaken Alliance vessels, an M5A and 3 longships. Iris will prime the weapons, and you will fire at well. Yusef out”
    However, almost immediately, the Endar roared to life, beginning to fire the 3 C4 Cutlass Missile Launchers at it’s opponents. It’s not very accurate, but on small ships like this, it can deliver a blow.By 3 minutes time, the Endar has sunk an I7 and the longships.
    Captain Yusef still did not like the idea of being outdone by a Korollian. He ordered his fleets to move closer to the fleet...and with weapons in range, he ordered his fleet to fire the M2-T90 Torrent Missiles. They did so for amazing effect, and these blistering, hornet-like missiles dished out an awe-striking display of firepower, swarming the entire fleet and sinking 3 additional I-7’s and putting a noticeable dent in the M5A.
    Just as the fleet was reloading...an alarm sounded on the KNS Endar. Immediately, Captain Immundivis rushed over to one of the officer’s consoles. He knew the sound of that alarm before...and he didn’t like it.
    “Officer, I know there is a missile approaching. Page the entire fleet about it”“Yes Sir”
    He opened up his ship’s AI, Catrina.“How may I help you, Commander”
    “There seems to be a long-range ICBM coming our way...identify it, it’s point of impact, and how will it affect us”
    “Tracking….hmmm...an M5A ICBM. Pre-apocolypse EMP Weaponry. Time to impact...3 seconds”
    “3 sec-”
    Captain Immundivis scrambled to the windows of the Endar, and the ICBM exploded just a couple thousand fleet. off the deck of the Endar. But the effects have already been noticed. 90% of the Endar’s systems are down, and Yusef and Immundivis didnt have any contact at all. From visuals, he could see that the remaining I7 and the M5A are fast approaching...and, noticing their loadout, he fell down to his knees, saying prayers…”

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    Chapter 6
    Sitting Ducks
    Open Seas, 7-15-2144
    Battle of the Endar, following the EMP.

    “Iris...an advanced warning could have helped out a bit, you know” Yusef screamed as he got back up to his feet, but to no avail...the electronics on the ship are dead, and he just took notice.
    “Officer, give me a sitrep, Yusef exclaimed”
    “We have absolutely no contact with the Endar, except for flagmen and light signals. We are restoring our communications equipment, but for the most part, our weapons are going to be nullified. Hostile I7 and M5A are on fast approach towards the Endar...carrying Piranha depth charges…”
    “Engineer, is there any way we can get these ships back online?
    “Well, our ships and the 5 longships adjacent to us are made in a rather...special way. I can cut off our ship’s power regulator and hopefully we can surge enough electricity to get our weapons and engine systems online...also, I came to you to report we have inter-fleet communications restored through short-wave and range radios...but we can’t communicate with the Endar yet…”
    “Well then, get to overloading those engines then!”
    “But sir, if we do that…”
    “Listen, do you not see the situation we are in right now. We are sitting ducks here!”
    “Sigh...fine. Ohhh boy…”
    A few minutes later…
    A head officer ran up and through the hull, with great fear and motivation. Storming into the bridge of the ChromeFlame, he exclaimed “Captain Yusef...the hostile I7 is 1 minute away from engagement range, sir! Our ships cant fire…
    Captain Yusef immediately rushed into the window of the Chrome-Flame, his eyes filled with fear. He’s seen the weapon’s firing himself, back when his allegiance was to the New Hope Alliance. He was there with Alliance Weapons-master Zoe Relios when she first tested it...and again when an Alliance Class Marauder-II Class vessel, with two charge launchers attached, completely obliterated 2 dreadnoughts at once with one firing cycle, where both were previously unscathed prior.
    A strategical officer on board pointed out “Theyre within firing range, in 3...2...1”
    Before the officer can even say that they had finally entered the firing range against the first ships of their fleet, the Snowfall and Draconian M5A and I7’s dreaded Piranha mounts roared to life. In six minutes, they had sunk 16 longships and were closing in on the Endar.
    All of a sudden, however, the fleet’s remaining longships roared to life. The Engineer was running up to deliver the news, but fell silent, one part because he had just taken notice- the other ninety-nine after noticing that many of the ships...were just gone.
    In half a minute, Iris restored herself back to operational ability...although badly damaged. Before Yusef can make a single word come out of his shocked mouth, another strategist officer brings decimating news…

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    Chapter 7
    The Only Witnesses
    Open Seas, 7-15-2144
    Post-Battle of the Endar, Open Seas, evacuation.

    “Sir!” The officer adresses the Captain “...the Endar is sinking. Approximate time until it goes below the sealine is 12 minutes...the enemy fleet has been destroyed, however they managed to get four charges onto the triton...one into the bridge, another on their ballast and lower hull, a third detonated on the middle of their deck, and a fourth one has just detonated in their lifeboat storage bay…”
    Immediately, Yusef goes over to the radio on the ship and patches in the fleet. “All surviving fleets, this is Captain Yusef speaking. I want all emergency C-1’s deployed to recover personnel from the sinking Endar. We need to move quickly, people!
    He sat down at a nearby table with his analysis, sitrep, and strategic officers, and Iris. They had calculated that out of the triton’s 700-member crew, only 400 will be able to board all the available lifeboats. Of course, they had many problems and were prone to sinking, but he didn’t care. All he cared about right then and there was evacuating the crew, especially the Korollian negotiators. If they were not saved...war would break out between two of Sector 900’s biggest powers.
    Immediately, the automated C1’s were rushed over to the sinking Triton. Soldiers who were lucky enough to survive the impact were lowered onto boats first, along with the Diplomats, depending on rank, medical status, and location. All seemed hopeful as the diplomat team arrived on one of the boats...until the alarms rang out.

    Open Seas, 7-15-2144
    Post-Battle of the Endar, Open Seas, evacuation.
    Captain Immundvis, Deck of the KNS Endar
    “Dammit...how did we let this happen! One of our navy’s prized ships...sunk by an I7? What am I supposed to say the the higher ups?!”, the enraged captain exclaimed, preparing to board his own personal lifeboat with his officers.
    All of a sudden, the lights on the ship turned from emergency-generator red and blacked out. A loud, screeching alarm blared throughout the ship, and some rumbles came out of the ship.
    Quickly, one of the Engineers reacted, shoving his Captain and the other officers into the lifeboat
    This made the Admiral angry, and he got up to take out his temper on such a disrespectful crew member. But before he was able to, the engineer said “The ship’s nuclear reactors are failing, Admiral. I did it so you can escape the...radiation”
    As the hatches were being sealed, the radiation wave roared throughout the entire ship, and the Engineer was instantly hit with lethal radiation doses. As he was falling to the floor, he launched the boat and primed it’s underwater rocket boosters, hoping it would get the admiral to a safe distance...before the ship blew itself into oblivion.
    Immundvis struggles to handle the situation he was just put in. He’s in his modified C-2 Lifeboat, propelling him quickly out of the Endar’s secret storage bay...he looked back at the ship.
    The KNS Endar has been in service for over 9 years, carrying some of the most advanced technology out there. It had already updated it’s outdated Class-2 Type-R Assault Mortars in for the updated version of the Type-2 Negotiator Mortars. It’s reliable but outdated missile systems branded some of the most leathal versions of the Cutlass Missile...and it was supposed to be refitted to the M2T90 Torrent Missiles right after dropping off the diplomats. The Endar sported advanced aerial interdiction systems to counter airborne missiles and mortars, and held advanced Engines, Plated armor, and a lot of Ablative and Reactive armor layers. It was a decorated killer, a monster on the seas. And now, to meet it’s demise because of three short-placed Depth Charges? The Admiral found it hard to believe…
    But he would not be able to sustain such a regulated level of disappointment and failure for long...two giant fireballs on the back of the Endar...followed by a loud road as the entire ship was engulfed by an explosive fireball racing through it's horribly damaged hull. People all over the fleet watched as more explosions sprang up all over the place...and then...a giant boom.
    The ship roared into one final, giant fireball and sank straight to the bottom...screams can be heard from sinking survivors, and the windows and electronics of the nearby longships were disabled, and on most of these large swaths of their crews were knocked down to their knees.
    When the smoke settled...Captain Yusef immediately ran back to the console of the ChromeFlame, attracting Iris.
    "Iris, what's the status of our lifeboats?"Iris replied in her usual voice "We don't have any lifeboats, captain."
    Yusef made sure to double checked. He checked radar as well, paged other ships, go no avail.
    He went back up to the window of the vessel...Iris was horrifying right.
    There lifeboats. Are gone. Like they had never even existed.
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    Chapter 8
    Stormy Seas
    Open Seas, 7-16-2144
    Open Seas

    Captain Yusef called the nine remaining ships to float together for protection. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. An outnumbered, outsized fleet manage to inflict one of the worst naval disasters the navy had ever seen in more than three decades. He knew the depth charges can tear the very essence of hulls apart...but the fleet had more than enough firepower to destroy them three times over. His fleet held it’s position over what was once the Endar for over six hours. The night after the battle had gloomy, dark, cloudy skies. Thunder and lightning clashed over the seas, along with heavy rain and moderate winds. There was no trouble though, the ships were fine. Yusef himself just woken up, and proceeded down to the dining room of the ship. Tonight was N-Rations, a simply packed food ration all the naval units got. The N-rations are some of the best rations that can be had, and are very similar to the common “bento-boxed” lunch, from a great nation of the pre-apocalypse days. The crew seemed fairly demoralized- there were many casualties today. Captain Yusef even overheard one of the fire teams talk about it.
    “I feel so lucky to be alive…”“May those poor souls down in the water rest in peace, save for those sons of bi**hes. Get what i’m sayin?”“I hope they wont end up as shark food…”“There was a loud explosion from the Endar just before it sunk, and the dial on my RadMeter suddenly went up a bit...did you notice anything odd?”“I heard some of the flag-signalling crew on the outside of the ship became a little ill...and a few men are in the psycological trauma unit”“Id like to know where those bastards launched the attack...i’d like to use this K5 Spotfire SMG before i go down...and imma take loads of them with me. Hehehe”
    After he had finished his N-Ration, he immediately went up to the bridge. As soon as the captain was about to enter, one of his officers ran out. Finding the captain, he turned to him and said, “Sir, it’s High Command. They want to see you on the bridge. It’s Priority-1. Serious stuff.”
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