Battle Pirates: The Claw Island Saga

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Chapter I: Rise to Power

It had been years since the UEF/Kixeye War. Since that time, Commander Vassago has risen to power as Supreme Commander over the Draconian people, The New Republic continues to fight the Forsaken Loyalist, and sector 350 signed the Sector Treaty with the Draconians. Some people believe that the treaty was a mistake, while others have followed suit in signing similar treaty's with the Draconians. Some believe, that Commander Vassago has other plans, that noone knows of yet.

Sector 367: Coords 220938,333 Leviathan Battle Group (LBG) Fleet Commander:Admiral Medina 1750 hours

Alarms blared as the fleet moved to "Red Alert", and approached the Draconian supply fleet and its escorts. The four battle cruisers and the dreadknott turned to face the intruders.
"Sir,"the young helmsman said,"they are turning."
"They will be in firing range,"Weapons Mate Pearson said looking up from her console,"in 5,4,3,2,1..."
"All ships fire,"Admiral Medina said raising from his command chair."Helm hard to starboard and increase to flank speed."
"Aye sir, All ships fire at will."
The fleets D51-C's and Cutlass F-4's launchers fired, their weapons lighting the deck as they flew skyward into the night air. The fleet began a tight turn, except for the C.I.N. Devin. It came into the lead cruisers range. Before hit, it launched its missiles.
Missiles slamed into the lead cruiser blowing pieces of it high into the air, leaving only the burning hull to sink slowly below the sea. Draconian sailors dove into the water to escape the fire. Shrapnel tore into another cruiser's bridge causing it to lose helm control and turn into the other cruisers burning hull. The remaining two cruisers grouped closer to the Dreadknott.
"Sir, incoming," young Helmsman Logston said calmly,"Rudder still sluggish."
"Brace for impact," the captain said as the missile impacted.
They hit just high of the waterline, and slammed the starboard side of the command tower.
"Damage Control to the bridge," the XO shouted. "Comms contact the Ripley and tell them we need assistance, the captain is dead."
"Tell the Elizabeth and the Scotish to assist the Devin," Admiral Medina said slamming his fist on the console he now stood at."Tell Mercury to follow us."
"Aye Sir"
They had told him back on Claw Island, that the rudder control issue had been fixed. Now its captain was dead, and two of his Leviathans now had to aid it while the other two took on a dreadknott and two cruisers.
"What else could go wrong,"he thought to himself."Must be part of the replace the Leviathans with the Sea Wolves idea."
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    Claw Island: Naval Command Research Center 1800 hours

    "If anyone finds out commander,"came a strange voice from the shadows. "Than we will crush your entire island."
    "I understand," Commander Hight said with a smile. "But Commander Vassago, when I have control of Claw Island, you will get your peace treaty with us. And then you are free to take control of the sector."
    "Good,"Commander Vassago said. "My Draconian battle fleets will take care of Prince Stalker tonight on his way back from Micheal's Island in sector 73. You make sure that all ships sail to search for him. Then the other fleet will take care of King Randell in the early morning."
    "It is a deal then, I must go now,"Commander Hight said as he turned to leave. "Good day to you Commander"

    Sector 369/370 boarder: Draconian Battle Group (under surveillance) Stalker Recon Patrol 2100 hours

    "Ma'am," the helmsman said."We are at 600 meters and holding formation."
    "Very well," Captain Nyman said as she stood from her command chair. "Ill be in my quarters. Keep me informed if anything changes. And prepare the torpedo tubes, just in case."
    "Yes ma'am"
    They had arrived yesterday to re-leave the Predator Recon Patrol that first spotted the Draconian's gathering here. There was 10 fleets of battleships, 5 fleets of dreadknotts, 1 fleet of battle cruisers, and 2 fleets of destroyer/gunship mix. Sonar had picked up a Barracuda sub fleet staying just out of the Draconian sonar range. Another Forsaken surveillance group.
    "Why here,"she thought as she walked down the corridor. "What could we do if they moved towards Claw Island..."
    Her thoughts where interrupted by the screech over the intercom system, "Captain call the bridge. Captain call the bridge!"
    She quickly grabbed the comms link and pressed 1002
    "Yes,"she said and listened for to the comms officer. "WHAT?.... Take us due south 200 meters, surface, and make full speed for home. Ill be there shortly."

    The news shook every ship in the Claw Island Navy. Prince Jason Stalker's peace envoy, while on route home from sector 73 had ran into Draconian war fleets. Word was all ships where lost, and Commander Hight, along with King Randell, was ordering all ships to prepare for search and rescue mission.
    "Your majesty,"Commander Hight explained,"the Stalker family has long ruled this island. It is my job to see that they stay safe, and in a situation like this, I must insist that ALL ships join in on the search. Prince Jason must be found at all cost."
    "But,"King Randell stated with tears in his eyes. "To send the defense fleet would be dangerous don't you think?"
    "My lord," Commander Hight said with a half smile,"our islands new defense computer will keep us safe. More safe than you will ever know. Now you must try and rest sire."
    "Your right," King Randell said sadly. "Ill leave it in your capable hands. I must get ready for the meeting with delegates from other islands."
    The ships worked furiously getting ready for their mission. Commander Hight ordered all fleets to leave out at no later than 0430. The supply ships, where ordered to escort the battle fleets in the hunt for their missing prince. As they prepared, a storm started to move in from the NorthWest.

    "HE ORDERED WHAT?" Admiral Medina shouted as he read the orders from Commander Hight. "Captain Nyman is watching the largest gathering of Draconian warships we have ever seen and he wants all ships to go on this search and rescue mission. Has he lost his mind?"
    "Si..Sir he ordered," Comms Officer Kirk stated,"her to meet up with the fleet at her fastest speed. I have informed them already that we are repairing at a ME base, and will join up as soon as possible."
    "Very well, and order is an order." Admiral Medina worried if this wasn't a mistake in the making.

    Sector 369: Coords 220804,328 5 minutes till 368 boarder 0700 hours

    The Fleet Admiral stood on the deck of the C.I.N. Missouri. It was the newest warship in the fleet with D-55v and D-51r missile platforms. Her main goal was to hunt Draconian outposts, but today she was leading 45 ships on a rescue mission. Her sleek hull was better than that of the floating fortresses and her .....
    "Red alert, red alert," a voice range out over the ships comm system as alarms began to blare on all ships in the fleet. "Torpedoes in the water."
    As the admiral raced to the bridge, torpedo's slammed into two battlebarge cruisers, and one floating fortress sending water and shrapnel flying high into the air from the explosions.
    "Sonar report," the captain screemed.
    "Barracuda class submarines sir. They where laying on the bottom waiting for us,"the sonar specialist said with fear in his voice."
    "How many,"he asked
    "Looks to be about 100," he said now quivering with fear."Radar show's six incoming Draconian war fleets."
    "Its a trap,"the captain shouted."Get me the Missouri."
    Torpedoes slammed the hammerheads hull near its engine room. As water began rushing in, men scrambled to get the ships pumps working. Another torpedo would see them fail. The Predator subs exploded instantly from the onslaught of the Draconian Barracuda class submarines. A product from the sector 350 treaty in which Forsaken and Draconian would swap intel. The new subs where quiet, and the fleet never saw them till torpedoes left the tubes. Within 5 minutes, the subs had sunk 37 ships, 3 where lisping and 5 including the Missouri where a drift.
    "Captain," Commander Vassago said looking at the onslaught from his bridge."Tell our base to launch our Orion Missile. Target Claw Island Defence Center. Tell them launch the Floating Fortress fleet, and then radio Base 369-10 and tell them to order our Draconian fleets to begin Operation Dark Cover."
    "Aye sir,"the captain said with a salute."And of the Forsaken survivers?"
    "Tell the Dreadknott WilliamtheConquer to deal with them. And tell the rest of our fleet to head for home base, we need to prepare to set up our new outposts."
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    As the main fleet moved towards Home Base, the Dreadknott William moved towards the survivors. The other ships where well out of sight as the Draconians loaded their rifles and headed up the stairs to the main deck.
    "Full Alert, keep us at the lowest point possible," Captain Nyman shouted. "And put us between those bastards and our people."
    "All subs FIRE!!!"

    Claw Island: 0730

    The S&R Fleet had been gone nearly an hour when the storm hit several hours ago. It was so hard, that the island had to switch on its computer identification system. The islands deference system picked up five income ships and according to its signature beacon, it was the C.I.N Missouri. It was reporting weapon issues, and needed a few repairs. Command computer accepted, and navigated the ships safetly threw the channel into the harbor. The D-75S Mortars fired, right as the Missile Alarm sounded. Unable to detect the enemy ships, the computer never fired a shot. Mortars slammed the Castle Outpost as the rocket slammed into the Defense Command Center killing thousands of soldiers. The alarms continued to blare as people rushed to safety. Commander Hight smiled as he watched the castle burning on the monitor from his bunker. The ships aimed for the shipyard, dock, warehouse's and the Castle Outpost, as ordered.
    The Floating Fortress had began to retreat, when the Draconian Battle Group opened fire to help protect the now helpless island. Suprised by the attack, the Draconians aboard the Fortresses perished as the ships exploded form the massive bombardment. They had no clue when taking the Top Secret Mission, they where just bait, to allow peace with Claw Island, but start a war unlike any other.

    Ill write more later, Thanks for Comments and Complaints
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    Good story, Try spacing it out allittle
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    I wonder if this story will be somewhat parallel with mine. :)
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    I wonder if this story will be somewhat parallel with mine. :)

    Well, Im kind of using some of all stories to keep it like BP is a real world that everyone lives in. Work suddenly picked up so I havent had much time to work on it. Will have more up and running this weekend. Sorry for delay
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    Chapter 2: The New Begining

    Captain Nyman's Stalkers The Vasa and Stockholm surfaced under the Missouri's outer hanging decks. Two other subs surfaced under another Hammer Head class battleship, while the remaining sub scouted the waters do south of the fleet. They started search and rescue as the Vasa repair crew started trying to repair the Missouri engine room. Admiral Medina, had received word of the destruction, and sent word to Captain Nyman that he was inroute. He also informed all of Claw Island allies, who offered aid, that the island had fallen. The island, was now surrounded by Draconian warships, medical ships, and supply ships as Commander Hight, signed the Claw Island Military Control and Drac Peace Treaty. Things where never going to be the same again.

    Sector 273/274 Boarder: Royal Fleet (returning from Micheal Island)

    Prince Stalker feel back into his chair. His people, his father, his home, GONE! His kingdom was now aligned with the Draconians, and murdering other inhabited island of sector 369. Sector 367 allies where offering assistance, but the Draconian/Forsaken alliance called PGC, was taking its toll on them. His only hope was to get back to 369, set up a refuge for them, and take the island back. But how? His Sea Wolves escorts, and the predator subs that where always attached to the Hammerhead Battle Fortress was all he had right now. He didn't know the statues of Admiral Medina's LBG or Captain Nyman's SRG. He needed more ships, he needed to ..........

    "Sir Draconian battle cruisers approaching" the young helms man said. "The fleet commander is ordering the Sea Wolves to intercept and destroy"

    "Tell him," Jason said with a sudden gleam in his eyes,"to turn all ships and slow us into the turn. Prepare to release the predators, and get me their captain on the phone now."

    This was his chance, he had to do it. Failure wasn't an option he could afford, and right now they had the suprise element he thought. He finished giving out his orders to the captain of the predators, who disagreed, but would follow it throw. The Hammerhead Battle Fortess had just completed her turn, as the Sea Wolves pulled out in front to make it look as though they where running.

    "Two can play this game," Jason thought as the Draconian battle cruisers closed on the retreating fleet.

    The Draconians laughed at the Hammerhead as they gained rapidly. They could see them throwing things overboard, to make the ship lighter. It wouldn't work, they had the Forsakens engine plans, they had sleeker hulls, and in a few seconds, they would over take the retreating fleet. They where all powerful, they where unstoppable, they where .........

    Torpedoes slammed the rudder and propeller's of the Draconian ships, disabling them. Sonar now showed a fleet of subs, just behind the battle cruiser group that had fired up their engines, and begin turning. The Sea Wolves, where now turning hard and coming at the battle cruisers, as their rockets blasted the Draconian weapon's. Their ships where now powerless, as the Hammerhead Battle Fortress begin turning and prepared the boarding parties. With a few hours, all five ships, would be in-tow. Prisoners where taken to the brig to be interigated, as repair crews from all ships, worked on the battle cruisers getting them ready. Prince Stalker already had another plan brewing in his mind. To take a Strike Cruiser, using the battle cruisers to get them in closer.

    Sector 369: Coords: Unkown LBG, SRP, and refugees fleet.

    "Power has been restored to the Missouri," came a voice over the comms.

    "Very well,"Admiral Medina said."Tell Captain Nyman to meet me in the briefing room."

    "Yes sir," the voice came back.

    The fleet was steaming south, to an abandon island that was in-golfed in a dense fog. It was a island, that was once a stronghold for Blackheart when he tried to infiltrate this area. He had fallen, but still, the island might be salvageable enough to give them a safe haven for now. A few other refugee ships, from islands in the sector that was now being hit by the Draconian's, had joined the group. The war was growing rapidly, as the Draconian's started setting up outpost all over the sector.

    "Admiral," Captain Nyman said with a salute."You wanted to see me?"

    "Yes Sofia,"he said offering her a chair."I have received word, that Prince Stalker is alive."

    A sigh of relief came from her, as Admiral Medina continued.

    "He as already captured 5 Draconian battle cruiser class ships, and some new torpedos. However, that is not what I called you here about. We need to discuss what the plan is for now,"he continued. "I will take over the Missouri, as much as I hate the idea, and you are to be promoted to Commander of Defense. Let me finish before you get to excited. The battle barge class cruisers that are joining us, are going to be ordered to mine resources. The LGB will provide support operations to them. The Missouri, untill the base is rebuilt, will be the temporary command center for the island while we get it going. You will have to opperate without your repair crews, as they will be assigned to the rebuild. Missouri's repair crew will be assigned to refitting the ships for new operations. We are to maintain a low profile at this time. No engagement of enemy forces....."

    "Sir, she interrupted,"we need to nail their supply fleets. They are building these outpost at an alarming rate."

    "Yes I know,"he continued. "Prince Sta...., King Jason has ordered this. He wants to capture some of their outpost ships, and turn them into Goliath battle defense for our island. Keep a low profile till he returns. He also sent word, to tell you, he loves you and misses you."

    Sofia had been dating the Prince, now king, since she arrived on a training exercise from her home island in sector 60. Even though she had tried to keep it quiet, the media keep showing up everywhere to broadcast it to the whole sector.
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    Chapter 2 continues .............

    Sector 369: Blackhearts Island

    A thick mist surrounded the island stronghold as the last few ships of the once proud Claw Island Navy apprached. The channel to the old harbor was over grown with moss and debris from the last attack on it blocked a clear path. Vines and brush had grown up over the old islands main outpost and other buildings.

    "The Vasa," Admiral Medina said as he looked out the window of his flag ship, "is to begin patrolling North-West. Have the LBG, set up a closer perimeter to the island. I want all ships repair crews fixing the island."

    "Yes Admiral," Captain Nyman said as she saluted and left the bridge heading for her Stalker Class submarine."When King Jason arrives back, I would like to order the rest of my Stalker's to relieve the Predator Strike Force attached to the Hammerhead Battle Fortress."

    "You know it to,"Admiral Medina said with a smile."I thought only I knew what his plan was."

    "His plan," she said kind of questioned."I know not his plan, but he will go to full combat. And while the Hammerhead Battle Fortress has heavy fire power and armor, the Predators would be better at hit and run tactics than my Stalkers would sir. And I would feel better if our new king was sa...."

    "I know you would,"Admiral Medina laughed."I am sure, he will allow your request. Now go on patrol."

    "Yes sir."

    Suddenly the alarms blared, on all ships in the fleet.

    "Red Alert, All hands man your stations."

    Admiral Medina grabbed the comms and called the bridge. The voice on the other end told them fifteen war ships where approaching from the North West. They where Floating Fortresses, but unknown if friendly or foe.

    "Hail them," Admiral Medina shouted."Ill be there shortly."

    Captain Nyman was already running towards the main deck and preparing to rejoin her crew. She knew if it was a enemy, their fleet could not handle a major battle. It was her duty to get the Stalkers into position to defend the fleet. The LBG had already began turning to face the intruders, but they where way out of position if the Floating Fortresses attacked the main fleet.

    "This is the C.I.N Missouri to the Floating Fortresses approaching us," the comms officer said into his microphone. "Please identify yourselves. I say again, please identify."

    "C.I.N Missouri," came a voice over the speakers."C.I.N Missouri, this is the N.I.N Battleaxe. We where sent here by Queen Enyara, with supplies and mutual aid. I also have word, from our spy on Claw Island, that a rebellion is going on. Emperor Hight has he calls himself, has declared martial law. We have a few people on board, that we aided in getting off Claw Island. They wish to join with their own people."

    "Battleaxe, on behalf of the Forsaken of Claw Island,"Admiral Medina responded,"we welcome you".

    Cheers rang out through the whole fleet as the message was broadcast to every ship. It had been a week since the attack and now a glimmer of hope was with them. They might survive after all.
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    Sector 350/351 boarder: Royal Fleet

    The ships rapidly approached the boarders of 351. The captured battle cruisers and strike cruiser, leading the way. Their job was to keep listening to enemy radio chatter, and lead the main fleet safely threw. As the fleet crossed the boarder, radar detected a unknown fleet of ships. The fleet tried to avoid the large armada, but where followed. King Jason ordered the all weapons loaded and prepared for combat. They where heavily out numbered and out gunned. Jason ordeder the battle cruisers and strike cruiser to split and prepare to flank if needed. He then ordered the Hammerhead Battle Fortress and Sea Wolves to turn and face the threat.

    "Raise our colors," he shouted.

    "Yes sir, all ships hoist the colors."

    All ships in the fleet raised their flags, and prepared to fight.

    Approaching Fleet:

    "Sir, I do not know of that flag. I am searching data base now, but they are not from sector 350, or 351."

    "Hail them."

    Hammerhead Battle Fortress:

    "Sir they are hailing us," the comms officer said.

    "This is King Jason Stalker of Claw Island," Jason responded."We are returning to our home sector of 369 from Micheal's Island. Request escort through your sector."

    "This is the IDS Rainier," came the voice across the speaker. " Admiral Wyvern Ruhiel Evangel, commander of the Ninth Vanguard, speaking. We will grant your request. Stay close to us, as the Kixeye Union has been doing heavy recon into this area."

    "Understood," Jason said with a slight sigh of relief."Thank you Admiral Evangel. All ships stand down to condition yellow."
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    Getting good so far. :)
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    Sector 369: 45 minutes North East of Blackheart Island

    While the island crew unloaded the ships from Naughty Island, The LBG under Captain Logston command patroled the waters. The tiny Maurader class destroyer floated with the tide, a gapping hole in its side. The bridge was total destroyed, and its weapon turrents where missing.

    "Captain,"the young helmswoman stated,"no sign of life onboard."

    "Bring us along side her,"Captain Logston ordered."Tell the Devin to stay close."

    Logston had been promoted and put in charge of the LBG after his performance on the Devin after the lose of its captain. His first command, saw him on patrol, and he was determined to not screw it up. This new ship might be a sign of trouble.

    "Marines," he said over the ships comms, "prepare to board."

    As the Leviathan dropped its boarding planks, the Marines rushed across. They searched every inch of the tiny ship. After it was secured, the search team boarded to hunt intel on it. They found it was a test ship. The hole blown in her side was from a malfunction in the weapon itself. The ship was being prepared for tow, when the LBG Devin sounded a warning alarm.

    "Sir," the sonar operator said. "Sonar shows five Stalker class subs approaching."

    "Their hailing us." the comms officer said.

    "On speaker," Logston replied.

    "Attention unidentified ships,"the voice cracked over the speaker. "This is the E.H.N. Alabama. You have seized property of the Hight/Draconian Alliance. Release it or face the consequences."

    "E.H.N Alabama," Logston began. "This is the C.I.N. Ripley of the L.B.G. under the command of Captain Logston. We wish no ....."

    "C.I.N. Ripley," the voice questioned. "We thought all of the fleet was dead."

    "No, we serve King Jason Stalker," Captain Logston continued. "Who is in sector 351 at this moment."

    "Torpedo's in the water," the sonar operator screamed.

    The Stalker sub in the rear, under a Draconian commander increased speed as he ordered his crews reloaded the tubes. Another Stalker, not sure what was going on began to assist. The Alabama, launched two torpedos into the haul of the Draconian Stalker as it passed. The E.H.N Wolf, which was closer, and heard the conversation, launched its torpedo's at the torpedo's take out three of them. It then turned hard to port and turned into the Stalker that was preparing to fire on the Ripley. The impact drove both ships upward, and onto the surface as the other torpedo screamed towards its target. As it closed range, it began losing speed and suddenly weaved back and forth then exploded about 15 meters from the Ripley.

    "What the hell," Captain Logston thought outloud,"was that?"
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    Sector 352: Draconian Base used by the UNION

    "I do not agree with Commander Vassago on this." Admiral Gleta stated as walked the corridor with her escort.

    "The Union is not that bad,"he explained. "Commander Vassago and the Unions fleets will deal with both our problems, and you will see that for yourself."

    "If I was Commander, it would be different. We would rule the Forsaken, Kixeye, and the Draconians,"she said with a smile.

    "Yes, and with this new ship, you will prove to everyone that you can control the future of the Draconians."

    Boarder 351 and 352:

    The 9th Vanguard and the Royal Fleet approached the boarder quit rapidly. Their radar had picked up a large Draconian battle fleet, but it was unkown the numbers. The plan was to sneak the Royal Fleet as close as possible, then it would break South as the Vanguard would turn North and head back towards base. They didn't know that Commander Vassago and the Draconians from 369 where there for the Royal Fleet. The total warships out numbered them 5 to 1, but stayed in close formation to give radar a smaller signal.

    "After we break South, I want all ships to make best speed. Our Strike Cruiser and Battle Cruisers have already broken from the main fleet and will continue home on their own. That way, the Draconians don't know we have them."

    "Admiral Wyvern, to King Stalker," came a voice over comms. "Those ships in the rear are not UNION warships. Be advised."

    "Scan that fleet," Jason ordered.

    "Sir its Commander Vassago's Fleets."

    His heart skipped a beat as the numbers where finaly being verified. It was obvious that their plan would not work, they would have to fight.

    "Admiral,"Jason said calmly." This is not your fight."

    "Bullshit," Wyvern shouted."Thats Union ships with him. That makes it our fight as well. The only question is that boat of yours able to pull its weight."

    "We shall see," Jason laughed."Shes got alot you haven't seen yet."

    "Remember, your highness," Wyvern stated. "They have railgun technology now also. Your old weapons will have to get closer than their range."

    "Got it. Helms stand by the Hydrofoils. All ships prepare for combat."

    Ill write more tommorrow. Have good day and enjoy.
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    Chapter 3: Disobeying Orders

    The Royal Fleet turned Southwest as if it looked to retreat, and engaged its engines to full speed. The hydrofoils caused the ships to begin to rise, and quickly leave the sight of the 9th Vanguard. With in a minute or two, the ships no longer showed on radar. The Royal Fleet turned hard South and then Southeast towards the 352 boarder. Their job was to sneak in behind the Union-Draconian armada while the 9th hit them head on. If sucessfull, the Royal fleet would be able to get into range before the Union or Commander Vassago even realised they where there. They shot past the boarder and turned due North. The ships where making up ground quickly as the radar beap picked up the battle.

    "Sir, we will be in range in 1 minute," the weapons mate said.

    "Incoming round, sir they know we here."

    "**** it," Jason said anger in his voice. "Those things have good range."

    The round missed the ship, as the radar picked up 3 more income. One looked to hit the Hammerhead Battle Fortress (H.B.F.) head on.

    "Prepare to drop the foils, hard port, slower starboard on my mark.....Mark" he shouted.

    The H.B.F dropped hard to port till its main deck almost lay on the water and look like it might tip over. The sudden change, cause the round to miss the ship by a few inches. The H.B.F port foil was brought back up and the ship continued on its coarse. Another round left the barrel of the rail gun from the Union ships.

    "30 seconds to range," the weapons mate called out.

    "On my mark drop the forward foils," Jason smiled. "MARK!"

    The H.B.F. forward nose splashed into the water causing it to disappear below the water as the powerful engines drove it under deeper, the predator subs turned their dive planes to surface, causing the ship to level with the main deck just 10 feet below water. The round missed the ship, but another caught one of the wolves to the starboard side ripping a hole in front of the engine room, the wolf dropped from foils, and began to turn away from the fight.

    "Great, I'm a sub operate," the young helmsman said with a laugh right before the ship was pushed back to the surface.


    "Fire everything we got,"Jason ordered.

    The 5 D53c's and 5 D53's launched their rockets, followed by the 2 large thud cannons. The 4 Sea Wolves also began launching their ordinance. As the H.B.F got closer, the predators where released and sliced quickly through the water. The ships where caught off guard as the torpedoe
    s slammed into their target, a battleship. They pierced the ships hull blowing it almost in-half. As the battle raged on, Jason kept asking the condition of the 9th Vanguard who had been engaged for 10 minutes while the fleet came in from the South. Their ships where tough, but they where taking heavy damage.
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    Admiral Wyvern had several ships pulling out, unable to continue on. The IDS Rainier was now in a slugging fest with Commander Vassago's personal Dreadknott. As the fighting continued, the 9th Vanguard and the Royal Fleet began to turn the tides. The H.B.F. had taken heavy damage, and along with the Predator subs, was the only ship of the Royal Fleet still capable of fighting. The Union and Draconian forces where down to 40%, and the Vanguard was down to 45%. The battle had gone on for 54 minutes already.

    "Sir Pred 1 reports, it only has 1 torpedo left. Our own weapons are down to 20 rockets and 10 cannon rounds left." The weapons officer looked up from his monitor,"we have to pull out sir."

    "Get me Admiral Wyvern on the .........." Jason's word where cut short as a lucky shot from the IDS Rainier, ripped into the bridge of Commander Vassago's Dreadknott blowing the command tower complete off the Dreads deck. The pure sight of it cause the Union Draconian Armada to begin to retreat rapidly from the area. A Predator sub, launched its last 2 torpedoes right into the Union Commanders ship, causing it to list and sink below the water in a matter of minutes. The IDS Rainier, was floating low in the water from the damage it had taken. A shot from one of the retreating ships rail gun had hit its engine room causing its engine to take on to much water and exploded.

    "Admiral Wyvern," Jason said over comms, "can you ready me."

    "No,"Admiral Wyvern responded,"but I can hear you."

    "What a smart ****," Jason thought. "Are you all ok over there."

    "We will be fine,"Admiral Wyvern stated. "But this old girl needs major work. It will give me time to test my new ship out. What is your fleets status?"

    "We will make repairs while underway. We going to salvage what fuel we can from the wrecks, and will continue on our way."

    "Be careful, 352 is still full of Union fleets and they will be mad over this battle. We will be making our way back to port."

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    Epic. :D

    Gets better and better. I liked it how they were in a kind of panic, but then the enemy flagship took a critical. :D
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    One week later: King Jason Stalkers HBF outside of New Claw Island

    "I don't care Admiral,"Jason said slamming his hand down on the table."We must prepare at all cost. I cann't let Admiral Greta get a stronghold on the sector."

    "But,"Admiral Medina stated,"sending our full force at a Draconian base, while we have so few is, for lack of better terms, suicidal, your majesty."

    Jason sighed, he knew the admiral was right. Since the death of Vassago, at the hands of the 9th Vanguard, Jason had felt that the Draconians where beginning to show signs of weakness. He didn't know Admiral Greta's abilities, but he had heard rumors of her new ship and its power. He had heard of its destructive test on a poor little base in sector 265, how she had let a single survivor to tell of its power. She was cold hearted, evil, and just pure hateful of the Forsaken people.

    "Very well," Jason said,"tell Commander Nyman to keep partoling the waters arround the base. I shall now adjourn to my chambers."

    "Yes your majesty."

    Sector 369: 50 miles North of New Claw Island

    She loved him, but this "Stand down order" was more than she could handle. She couldn't stop thinking of those on Claw Island still struggling to get off the island.

    "Helms," she said with smile,"I want us setting 32 miles of the Southwest corner of Claw Island. Tell the Alabama, Vasa, and Wolf to keep patrolling. The rest follow us."

    "Yes ma'am"

    Her ship the Stockholm and the other 3 subs speed off towards Claw Island, she had already sent request for backup from Capricorns Island to the east of Claw Island. Their fleets would be sending a small force to hit the island while Marines from her submarines landed on the island and helped free the people. She sent a coded message to the Ripley and the LBG. Captain Logston, unaware of the orders, agreed to rendezvous with her at the coords. His ships would provide fire support from enemy fleets. The word, reached President Mark Slattery, of Monkey Island and he ordered the navy to aid in all possible ways. The attack would begin in less then 10 hours 30 minutes.

    New Claw Island:

    The Hammerhead Battle Fortress was to big to enter the channel of the island. It was twice the size of the regular Hammerhead, with twin hulls. It carried twice as much weaponry and armor. The damage it took, during the battle with Commander Vassago, was almost repaired along with the docking clamps to allow the Stalkers instead of Predators, to be the submarine guards. The Sea Wolves, along with the Strike Cruiser and Battle Cruisers, where mourned in the docking bays. They where already repaired, and being fueled and loaded to take up patrol duties. Since ships where few in numbers right now, all ships of the resource division, where ordered to cease mining operations at night. The island defense's was in full operational and upgrades had been made to make sure nothing like Claw Island would ever happen again.
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    "Where is the L.B.G.,"Admiral Medina asked."They where to report in for supplies about an hour ago."

    "Sir," the Officer of the Base stated,"the Ripley and the L.B.G refueled in route to rendezvous point Alfa-Bravo 123."

    "Where the hell is that,"Admiral Medina asked with discontent in his voice.

    "Sir, Im not sure. They are under Commander Nyman order to be radio silent for the next 14 hours 15 minutes. We..we thought you already knew, sir."

    "**** her,"Admiral Medina said suddenly."She's disobeying orders from King Jason. Order all warships fulled and ready."


    "Shes going to Claw Island."

    "Shes doing what,"Jason asked as he entered the room."And who are we talking about?"

    "Sir, Commander Nyman,"Admiral Medina said with a little of sorrow in his voice."Is going to Claw Island, against your oders."

    "Figured, she would," Jason said with a smirk."Go back to the island admiral. Ill handle this myself."

    "But yo...,yes your majesty."

    Jason grabbed the comm set and called the bridge.

    "Are the repairs done he asked."

    "Just rapped them up sir."

    "Good, raise anchor and prepare to leave. I want us underway in 20 minutes."

    "Yes my lord"
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    Ill write more in a few days. sorry so short. Work has kept me busy.
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    Interested in reading more.
    Sector 474 "Bastards"
    "So Say We All!" << My fanfic Hope you enjoy!
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    "Sir here are the people qualified to be the Commander of the Specter Fleet of subs," the young officer said as he handed Fleet Commander Irwin the list.

    "I've already made up my mind on who will operate the fleet.  I want Commander Nyman," he said looking up from his desk.  "She's the best we got."

    "But sir, Commander Nyman has barely come out of coma, and just started walking without help again last week. Sure you ...."

    "I am the Fleet Commander," Leonard said with authority, "I want Commander Nyman.  We have been on the run for the last 15 months, and she is still the best sub commander in the whole world.  If we are going to have any hope of our people surviving, we need here and her submarine fleet ready to go as soon as possible.  And besides, it will be a moral buster for the crew of her old sub, to have her back in command."

    "Very well sir," the young officer said. "I will inform the SPG Mercy. Will that be all?"

    "Have Commander Logston take the SPGE Corvette to receiver her.  It will do her good to see an old friend."

    "Yes sir right away."

    Sofia stood on the deck of the SPG Mercy, her hair blowing in the wind.  Her mind still scattered with memories of the fight, that cost the life of her beloved Jason.  It seemed like only yesterday to her, as she spent over 18 months in a coma.  The sight still fresh in her mind of it all.  The sudden bust of light that cause her subs to surface, the sight of seeing 2 of her fleet blow up almost instantly as they surfaced, the felling of fear for the first time in her life, the feeling of powerlessness over her situation, and the bright flash before she was knocked out by the explosion on the C.I.N Stolkholm.  Her coming to, brought her to a whole new fight.  Not just for the islands of her sector, but for the remaining survivors fleeing for their live's Under a new form of goverment,  under a new tag, and new hope.  At least she hope they all still had hope.  

    I apologize, I have been away from the game for way to long, but now that I am playing again, I will continue the story.  Hope you all enjoy this is a warm up to what is coming.

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    SPG civilian fleet of ships  Sector 291:  Coords: Classified    

    "Who the hell does he think he is," President Medina said slamming his fist on his desk."Jason may have left him in charge of the C.I.N, but that was before the SPG alliance.  I am the president, I should be giving him orders."

    "Sir, its not an order," Commander Logston said calmly. "Its a request, and depends solely upon Commander Nyman's answer."

    "Commander Nyman, needs to stay here with the civilian flee," President Medina said while wadding up the papers Logston had handed him. "She is not going, period."

    "With all do respect," Commander Logston said looking down at Medina,"you have no authority over what the SPG-E does.  The power given to you was only over the civilian fleet.  Commander Nyman is needed to help keep the SPG-E fighting and sending the resources back to the civilian fleet.  If Commander Nyman does not want to go, then that is her decision and it will be respected, but you do not make it for her."

    He was right, and President Medina know it.  He knew he couldn;t keep her from going if she wanted to, and with Jason having made Leonard his eir to the throne, President Medina only got his power from Leonard claiming that someone else could run the civilian population.  And when Admiral Medina decided to leave the C.I.N. after the fleet began its flight from sector 368, people elected him there first president.  But the battle fleets answered to Fleet Commander Admiral Irwin.  And the civilian fleet needed the battle fleet to keep them moving and safe. Only 60 civilian ships and 20 battle ships where left of the SPG Alliance.  The battle fleet took the flag of the SPG-E.  

    "Your right," President Medina said standing up from his chair. "We shall see what she wants to do. Ill contact the Mercy and see if she can meet us here in about an hour."

    "Thank you sir.  I will use that time to take the battle reports to the Naval Command Records Officer then."

    Commander Logston saluted and left the room, leaving President Medina to ponder the situation in private.

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     SPG-E Strike Cruiser Battle Group (SCBG)  Sector 291 Coords:  174580x467   

    "Sir," the young communications office said looking up from his console. "The marines report they have secured the cargo ships."

    "Very well," Fleet Commander Admiral Irwin said,"Inform the Super Fortresses to begin loading operations.  I want them underway in 1 hour.  Have the Specter Recon Fleet stay between us and that base to the North.  Just in case they try and send reinforcements.  And tell all ships I want a weapons and ammo report on those new D 92 U launchers."

    "Yes sir," he turned to the radio and began passing on the orders.

    "I'll be in my quarters,"Leonard stated as he stood up from his command chair," going over the damage reports.  XO you have the bridge."

    "Ah sir.  XO has bridge."

    As Leonard walk the corridor to his quarters, he couldn't help but think of how much more powerful the Draconian's had become.  So much had changed since they started fleeing for their lives.  The new ships of some Forsaken and the Draconian's made the old SCBG look out of date.  And this new threat know as the Reaver's made everything that much more difficult.  Yes they had secured a few new weapons, and a few new ships, but still, how much longer would they have to continue.  How much longer, till they reached a safe haven for the civilian fleet.  If Sofia, did take over the Specter Recon Fleet, he knew she would take some of the worries off the SCBG.  This would allow them time to catch up on repairs.  If only, he thought to himself as he enter his quarters.

    SPG-Civilian Fleet   Sector 291 Coords: Classified

    Sofia entered President Medina's office and saluted.  She was feeling much better being back into a uniform.

    "At easy, Commander Nyman."  He looked up from his desk and said,"Commander Nyman, it has come to my attention, that the SPG-E has requested you to take over as the Sub Commander of the Specter Recon Fleet.  This choice is up to you, but I would like to say, that we have a need for someone of your talents here.  A few of the HBF's Stalker Class subs are still operation and I would personally like to keep you here as Commander of the Guardian Fleet consisting of 3 Stalker Class subs, 4 Goliath Class Battle Platforms, and the old HBF.  If it still has any fight left in it."

    "Sir," she stated,"if I may. It would be an honor to take the helm of the Guardian Fleet."

    "Not so fast Commander Nyman," Logston said walking into the room.

    Sofia turned and smiled,"Captain Logston how are you?"

    "Its Commander Logston now" he said laughingly."Meaning you can call me Jason since we rank the same."

    "Ill stick with Commander Logston then,"she said with a little swallowing in her throat."Jason is to painful right now."

    "I understand,"Jason stated."Before you take that offer, Fleet Commander Admiral Irwin....."

    "In a douchebag," Sofia blurted out."You remember how he was in the Naval Academy.  He flat out hated me.  I think his biggest joy was pissing me off."

    Commander Logston laughed,"yes I remember him giving you a hard time.  But he request you personally.  Said he wanted the best sub commander in the fleet running the SRF.  And he needs someone to be second in command.  Sofia he has pushed the SPG-E harder then King Jason ever thought of.  He has been pushing it to keep the civilian fleet safe, and supplied.  He needs you there, the whole fleet does, both civilian and militarily."  

    "I...I don't know," Sofia said looking down at the floor."Can I have a day to think it over?"

    She was confused.  On one side was the civilian fleet, with just a hand full of ships protecting it, and on the other was the war fleet.  Battling to keep supplies running.

    "Sure,"Jason said as he turned to leave the room."I'm not leaving to return to the battle fleet for a few more days.  Oh, and just a heads up, the civilians Guardian Fleet hasn't seen combat since we left Claw Island.  Just throwing that in.  I have to run, I hope to hear from you soon."

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    "Well what did she say," Fleet Admiral Irwin asked Commander Logston over the com lnk.

    "That you where a douche sir."

    "Well,"Leonard said with a laugh."She at least remembers me.  Did you tell her we needed her? That the SPG-E needs to repair or we will not last another month?"

    "No sir," Commander Logston reproted back."We where in front of President Medina, and I did not think he needed to hear that."

    "**** it.  The Super Fortresses are done loading and preparing to return to the main fleet.  We will escort them back, and I'll meet you 33 miles due North of the fleet. At max speed we will be there in 4 hours"

    "Yes sir. Commander Logston out"

    "Bridge, we shall escort the Super Fortresses back to the main fleet.  Tell everyone, they will get a few hours leave, to see their friends and families on the civilian ships."

    "Yes sir," came the young ensigns voice back over the comms system.

    SPG Civilian Fleet  Coords: Classified

    Sofia Nyman was walking down the hallway, when Commander Logston came out of the communications room. He kind of startled her a little.

    "Capt..I mean Commander Logston, you startled me,"she said with a smile. 

    "I apologize Commander Nyman," he said with a chuckle. "It is good to see you again Sofia."

    She smiled again,"and you as well.  Jason, why would Fleet Commander Admiral Irwin really ask for me?  All through Naval Training, he stated I had no business operating subs.  That I should be a mining fleet captain, and now he wants me to operate the Specter Recon Fleet.  Why?"

    "Sofia, Admiral Irwin will be here shortly," Jason said with a quieter tone in his voice. "You can ask him yourself then."

    "Why is he coming here," she asked."And why the tone change?"

    "We have had it rough the last few months.  The SPG-E is out of date.  The Draconians are growing more powerful, and the Reavers are..."

    Sofia cut him off quickly, "Reavers? Who are they?"

    As they continued walking down the hallway, Jason started telling her about the Reavers.

    "A more powerful group of people then the Draconians,"Jason stated."They use Uranium enriched equipment to attack the Draconians and have allied with several Forsaken who use their technology to pray on other Forsaken, as well as Draconians.  We have engaged several of them, and to be honest, they are tearing us apart. Only a few of the SPG-E are equipped with a D 92 U rockets, and we do not have time to stop and refit a few more ships with them.  Admiral Irwin is hoping, that you, will take the S.R.F. and make it a war fleet like you did with the Predator Recon Fleet when you had it.  That you could supply the fleets while the SPG-E Strike Cruisers finished getting refitted, updated, and repaired."

    "Well," she said in the same kind of tone Jason used,"when he gets here, I will give him a few minutes to convince me before I tell him, you already had."

    Jason and her both laughed.

    "Oh he will hate you for that,"Jason said laughing still."I have to go, so I will see you in a few hours."

    "Nite," she said as she realized they where in front of the quest quarters where President Medina said she could stay.

    She felt bad.  She knew that the fleet had been running for almost two years while she was in a comma, but she did not know the SPG-E was in that bad of shape.  If the Draconians had gotten more powerful, if the Reavers where even more powerful, and joined with Forsaken who attacked other Forsake, how would they ever survive even if they found a new home for the civilians.  The Goliath's where the only things protecting the civilian fleet, and if the SPG-E was in that bad of shape, anything that would take out the Goliath's would walk right over the SPG-E.  

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    Chapter 4:  Back In Command

    Strike Cruiser Battle Group  Sector: 291  Location: 33 miles north of SPG Civilian Fleet

    "Fleet Commander Admiral Irwin," Commander Logston said with a salute as the admiral approached the SPG-E Corvette.

    "At ease Command," he said as he stepped on board. "How is this thing running?"

    "The old girl has her issues,"Jason responded. "But she will keep doing what she does."

    "Good, when you get time, scout to the South East of here.  We ran into another Draconian listening tower."

    "I will do my best. But sir," Jason asked quickly,"why don't we just take it out with the Specter Recon Fleet?"

    Leonard sighed,"we right now do not have anyone qualified to operate the Specters as a war fleet.  I was hoping Commander Nyman would take that job over."

    "Perfect choice sir, but shes a little rusty," Commander Logston replyed.

    The ship was released and slowly backed away from the SPG-E Raider.  Jason loved the SPG-E Corvette, and slowly eased into the open water so he could open up its engine.  The SPG-E Corvette reared to life as he shoved the throttle forward and with in a few seconds, you couldn't see the SCBG behind it.  It was a scout ship, with a slightly modified engine to make it the fastest possible.  He still wished he had a scout engine from a Reaver ship, but right now the fleet couldn't spare one for it.  With in a few minutes, they where seeing the outline of the first Goliath Battleship, and then it was gone as they zoomed past it and approached the main fleet.

    "Is Commander Nyman awake at this hour," Admiral Irwin asked.

    "Probably not sir,"Jason replied."She was going to lay down for a few hours when last I seen her.  She is on the old HBF so she might still be."

    "Let her rest,"Admiral Irwin said,"take me to the fitting ship.  I want to see if they managed to get that new strike cruiser finished.  That will give us another ship to work with."

    "They just tested its D 92 launchers yesterday," was Jason's response."Can't wait to see it in action."

    "Well, good,"Leonard said with a laugh,"cause shes your baby when it gets into combat."

    "Me sir,"Jason asked with a bit of confusion in his voice."I am honored you would chose me.  Thank you sir I will not let you down."

    "I know you wouldn't, and I'm tired of seeing you run scouts and supply ships."

    "Can I keep the Vette sir?"

    Leonard responded with a laugh, "Sure, keep it in the ships hull unless your scouting."

    Jason smiled and said, "I shall call her the SPG-E Ripley."

    "Good name for a good ship,"Leonard stated.

    It was customary for the commander of a ship to name it. Jason Logston was captain of the C.I.N Ripley Leviathan class battleship before it was destroyed protecting the fleet from marauding Forsaken in sector 321,  Jason ordered abandon ship, then fought it out for 10 minutes with just him at the command post before  a Cutlass class missile blew the back section  completely into. He almost didn't make it out, before the might ship went under.

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    "Sir, we can't promise its our best work yet," Scotty said,"but she is ready."

    "Good, Commander Logston will leave with it to meet the rest of the SCBG tommorrow then," Admiral Irwin said."And Scotty, I need you to rejoin the recon force of subs..."

    Scotty cut him off, "Sir you know I can't.  I do not like being on a submarine since the battle over the sector. And with permission to speak freely about it sir."


    "Those idiots in charge of it, wouldn't know the difference between "fire the torpedo" and "fire in the cargo bay". I can't do it."

    Leonard laughed,""those idiots" as you call them will not be in charge of it. Commander Nyman will" 

    Scotty looked confused,"But she just came out of comma ."

    "Yes but I am going to go talk her into it.  Shes going to need your help Scotty.  You will be reinstated and give the rank of Chief Engineer. What do you say?" 

    Scotty sighed,"If Commander Nyman takes over, deal!"

    "Great,"Leonard said and turned for the door,"and see if you can get us a little more speed out of those D 92 U launchers fire rate.  Those Draconians are getting tougher."

    Fleet Commander Admiral Irwin left the refit ship and headed for the HBF with Commander Logston.  The old Hammerhead Battle Fortress was now the lead ship of the civilian fleet.  Its better days behind her, as she now pushed threw the waters.  Her old Stalker Class subs the forward power, as her old engines where in-opertive.  Her weapons removed and sent to ships that where now at the bottom of the endless sea. She looked sad, a might warship who represented the power of a great island, destined to carry the last remaining survivors.  When Jason Stalker became of age, his father presented him with the HBF cause he couldn't keep Jason from the sea.  Jason used it to rain terror on the Draconian fleets  for 20 years.  It had been farther than any ship still afloat in the fleet today.  Her grim hull reminded Leonard, of just how far they had come, and how far they must go.  He remembered Jason telling him about the Union in sector 352, and about Admiral Wyvern helping him get past them.  Admiral Wyvern told Admiral Irwin, that the Union wars where still going strong and helped protect the fleet till it got to sector 349/350 boarders, then turned back to face a pursuing fleet of Draconian Dreadnoughts and Forsaken Maulers from the Union Forces.  

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    "Admiral Irwin, call the SPG-E.  Admiral Irwin call the SPG-E flag ship please," came a voice over the ships radio system.

    "****," he thought as he was just about to knock on Commander Nymans door."What could be wrong now?"

    He grab he fleet communication device outside the door and had the call transferred there.   The voice on the other end told him that a Mercury class vessel was found adrift for the Mighty Quinn alliance.  This alliance was from sector 206, and they where treating a few survivors.  When asked how they got so far so fast, they where told that they tele-ported here by mistake.  

    "Tele-ported, here by mistake? How did they do that," Leonard asked.

    "It seems those listening towers are really jump relay towers sir.  He also informed us, that they have several old abandon islands that we can set up for our people. If we wish and they will show us how to use the towers."

    Admiral Irwin's jaw hit the floor.  He could not believe that the towers he been dodging would allow them to jump an entire fleet of ships across great distances.  

    "Ready the ships, and inform President Medina, we found a home."

    You could here the cheers on board the SPG-E Raider, as hope filled them with joy.

    He hung up the phone and stood their stunned for a few moments.  The crisis was almost over, just like that.  A new sub commander for the recon fleet, a home for the civilians, new ships could be built, and he could relax, finally.  He turned to walk away from the door, when Commander Nyman exited the room.

    "Admiral Irwin," she said with a salute." Good morning sir.  You ok?"

    Confused he turned and returned her salute.

    "Umm, yes, Command Nyman," Leonard responded. "I just got some great news.  We found a home for our people."

    "Really," she said with a little excitement in her voice,"well that is great news sir."

    "Yes it is, but your not off the hook yet," Admiral Irwin said, getting his focus back."I need you as my Second-in-Command and Commander of the Sub Recon Fleet."

    "Sir, Commander Logston already convinced me to come back," she said with a giggle. "I accept."

     Strike Cruiser Battle Group  Sector: 291  Location: 33 miles north of SPG Civilian Fleet  0800 hours

    Alarms blared a crossed the SPG-E as a Draconian battle fleet approached from the NorthEast.  

    "Radar report?"

    "40 Dreadnought class warships, 2 Hurricane class warships, 25 Battleships, and 3 Destroyers sir."

    Captain Davis sighed, "Prepare for combat, we can't let them get a fleet that size any closer the the civilian fleet or we are done for."

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    As news of the massive Draconian battle fleet reached the civilian fleet, the Goliath Battle Platforms began moving to the north side of the fleet. Commander Nyman and Admiral Irwin rushed for the SPG-E Vette, where Commander Logston was warming the engines to head for his new Strike Cruiser the SPG-E Ripley.  Commander Nyman suddenly stopped.

    "Sir, the Stalker Subs under the HBF.  I will launch them."

    "Good idea, see you in the battle."

    Sofia turned and rushed for the lower bays of the HBF.  She made it in record time, as President Medina began making a speech about everyone preparing to fight off boarders if need be.  

    "Prepare to release the clamps," she ordered as she hit the bridge of the old subs.

    "Under who's authoritative power," the young officer asked.

    "Commander Nyman, Second in Command of the SPG-E,"she stated fastly. "We don't have alot of time, so lets get going."

    "We don't answer...." he was cut short as Commander Nyman knocked him out.

    "Anyone else," she asked."No?  Then release the clamps."

    The Stalker subs shook violently as they released from the HBF, leaving the HBF to suddenly stop moving.  President Medina was almost thrown to the floor from the sudden stop.  

    "What the hell was that," he asked.

    "Sir, Command Nyman has confiscated the Stalker subs and turning them towards the incoming fleet,"his adviser said as he relayed messages form the comms officer."We are stuck here."

    President Medina shook his head,"Well if anyone can stop them, its her and Admiral Irwin."

    Strike Cruiser Battle Group  Sector: 291  Location: 34 miles north of SPG Civilian Fleet  0820 hours

    The Draconian battle fleet rapidly approached the SPG-E and her 5 ships.  Captain Davis ordered the Specter Recon Fleet to head south and act as a last line of defense for the civilian fleet.  He had heard, that Commander Logston, Admiral Irwin, and Commander Nyman where on their way, but didn't know if they would make it in time.  The Mercury class warship they had helped was slowly floating south also, as it was in no shape to fight.  

    "Sir, weapons range in two minutes."

    "How far out is Admiral Irwin and the SPG-E Vette?"

    "Three minutes sir.  It will be tough for him boarding under fire. Commander Logston is five minutes out with the new Strike Cruiser."

    "Order Admiral Irwin to board the SPG-E Chicago, he can command from there and tell it to stay behind us."


    "It will make it easier for him, as we are going to meet these guys head on."

    "Raider to the Chicago, stay back and wait for Admiral Irwin."

    Stalker Subs 10 minutes South from battle zone

    Commander Nyman worried as the Stalkers crew prepared the old torpedo tubes with the few torpedoes they had.  The pressure from this depth had not been put on these old hulls for over a year, but the Stalkers crews seemed to be in good sport about it.  Well trained, well organised, and in good spirits about going to war.  She continued to give them orders and they where following it through.  She had to help point out a few mistakes, as this crew had never been in combat.

    "Well," she thought to herself,"first time for everything."

    "Sonar, ma'am, we have subs incoming.  Specter Class."

    "Take us up to comms depth and lets see who they are," she stated.

    "Yes ma'am"

    The subs dive plane shock suddenly as she turned to head for the surface.

    "Easy on the stick driver."

    As the Stalker sub came up to 100 meters, the Specter lead sub followed suit.  He began informing Commander Nyman of the size of the Draconian fleet, and she could hear the fear in his voice.  She immediately ordered a docking command and ordered a "trading of crew" command.  She already felt her young crew would be better in the fight.  Which took almost 20 minutes to set up and put back underway.  

    "Oh this is so much nicer," the young sub driver stated as he set behind the control panel.


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