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I liked this one as it gave us insight a bit of how our bases work(We also have civilians) and also a nice way to announce the flash fleet winner

Also, Carter, is there any regular schedule at which these will come out?

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    Later that night, Simon was killed by a level 40 VEGA cargo because he was operating a Trident while attacking a cargo.  The commanders in the surrounding sector responded to the bases commander with "Lol kid I bet you're butthurt now that you have all those repairs lolz". 

    Lucy was assigned to a Voyager Corvette later that night to check if the bases commanders connection to the battle feed was still stable.  Lucy was, of course, killed by the level 55.

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    **** you cliff! Just when I started to have a crush on Lucy. **** you!

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    Did he just attack the VEGA fleet with a trident??? 

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    mmmm, I am gonna say no on attack another fleet with a trident.  In the start of the story Lucy expressed fears of going to war again and talked about how other rebel commanders had become jealous of DEADLY SIN new found wealth of resources.  So logically, Simon was about to attack another bridge, as for the all combat personal to report for duty, that would most likely be the back-up needed to guard the baser fleet and cover its retreat.  I really enjoyed this entry, the last was a little blah with some useful insight as how the war started.  We can fill in the pieces as to what really happened that started it all and also we can assume that VC is attempting to conduct a disinformation campaign on Earth to gain support. 

    However, if for some supernatural reason a player was to use a trident on a level 40 Vega, well just crazy or some super bullet sponges that cover for the trident otherwise Simon is dead.

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