Hotkeys tips

Unicorn Overlord
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As we all know, we just got a new AI update.  I am posting this thread to help fellow players understand the basics and fundamentals of how the hotkeys now work.

The "R" and "S" hotkeys still work the same, but now we recently had "D", "F", "M", and "A" put in.

How to use "D": most buildings that you destroy produce last stand defenders, if you want a chance at killing them while taking less damage, use this hotkey since most units cannot move and shoot at the same time, but I'd recommend using something big with long range, like mega tanks.

How to use "F": this is sort of similar to the "Aggressive" stance, but only use this if your enemy has a poor set up, if your units have really high health, or if your enemies turrets to very little damage.

How to use "M": this hotkey doesn't serve much of a purpose, if any; it'll only get rid of the defending status above your units.

How to use "A": this hotkey works sort of the same as the "M" hotkey, except there is a minor difference.  It works almost similar to the "F" hotkey.

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