Has Kixeye started a limited trend?

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I thought the point of "Limited" hulls was to stop players having fleets of Impossible to kill overpowered hulls by limiting you to one of them. Examples, Proto-Nemisis and Grimshine. But with the current raid the limited hulls ; the limit is the number of times you WIN it.
Whats next? A Javelin X that if you want 4 in your base you have to win it 4 times? A new ship weapon / special that you need to "win" multiple times to have more than one of?  Has Kixeye started a "Limited" trend that will soon apply to all weapons and hulls?

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    I did same thread yesterday. Glad to see someone else is on board. Your thread and mine to be merged next.

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    I understand what you're trying to say, yes they're limited you can only BUILD 1 ship on all limited hulls however if you win it more than once then you can build more than 1, but I do understand that.

    Also KIXEYE has always said if you win more limited hulls you can build them i.e. you could win nemesis 2 times even know chances are it will never happen. Same with grim and ecm and other limited hulls.

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