Attacker loses all ships but wins the battle?

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How can it be that an attacker loses all his/hers ships when hitting a base, but wins the battle and takes resources too?
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    that's because kixeye wants a forgiving play experience, that favors the attacker and not the defender. so they'll dumb down this game like they did bp. just wait it'll happen.  

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    I totally agree with Shaun341, now we see stupid attacks that just throws the fleet into the base. They get all destroyed, but the attacker wins anyway! Really stupid, and demotivational for gameplay.

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    I actually agree with the OP too... only the ships that survive should be able to fly home with cargo.

    and if you lose all your ships, seems like the operation would be a failure.

    But that makes logical sense...

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    Being ex-military I would consider losing all my combat units to be a defeat. Using the logic of this game, Axis powers won the second world war.
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    Well there is realism and there is gameplay. When it comes to realism, yes only ships left alive should be able to carry cargo, However, all ships stay alive, they just magicly warp out of combat when badly damaged(or else you would need to rebuild them A LOT).

    When it comes to gameplay, I believe the current way is better. When attacking a base and loosing 5 of your 6 ships, it could be you didn't even get enough resources to repair your fleet. It would eventually really reduce base attacks.

    If you paid attention, I also said nothing that is good about the current system, I only think making it more realistic would be worse for gameplay.

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