Beating the Titan

Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson
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The Titan is a huge advantage to anyone that was able to acquire this slab of metal, i personally feel it's the Havoc X lol but that's just me. It's an extremely tough beast to tame, however i believe it's possible. My base wasn't completely set up however i did a short video base test to see how it would hold up, at the time of this test i was still lacking 800 support space. 

Tips to combat this big guy, STINGERS have to be in your BUNKERS/TOWERS/STRONGHOLDS, I cannot stress this enough, EHUMVEE/STINGER/MAX RANGE/MAX ANTI AIR. In this Video this is a level 14 Titan hitting me, I have only 3 stingers in each stronghold, to allow for me to keep a few max range chain gunners in there to help repeal megas or ZOMBIE FAV, which was used against me as well as the Viper. Even though my base was flattened, i feel it did extremely well for a first test against 2 unique units that were maxed. 

Video is 720p Btw (HD)

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    Lookin good. I'm not sure what the customization on his cobra's are, but if they are all corrossion tell him to change a couple and mix with rocket launchers. I have 2 cobra's with corrossion and 8 with rocket launcher. Almost insta-kill on buildings

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