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During the event it was not only playing for cores that was good it was the 3x amount of Sector spawns that I liked most for BP farming.  

If you can do it for the event without any real server or lag problems could you not just triple the spawns of normal Sector Vega's?

Things that speed up the game are always welcome among the community and having Vega spawns in your solar system every ~10mins instead of this horrible ~30mins would keep you player-base more occupied.  35's & 33's get took out instantly, its not worth traveling to other solar systems because players form the planets in that solar system will be hitting them, next to go are 37's for the guys with the setups to manual (or AUTO) them.

So plz Kixeye - triple the spawns so we can all move forward with this game.  Each day more and more people are finishing their fleets for hitting sector Vega's, and more and more ppl are getting to higher levels to handle them so make the game more enjoyable for FvF and triple spawns.

More action ultimately means more coins spent on repairing fleets so we all win.  Finishing Tier 4 still takes along time with the methods used to take the 50's down so BP's will be a part of our gaming experiance for a long time.

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    Put in wishlist

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    fail… Don’t Blame Lag

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    A lot of folks had connection problems / lag. I was one of them and received compensation for this problem. Please don't ask for Kix to make it a permanent arrangement :(

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    You can hit other sector vegas if you know where to look. I flushed out tier 3 killing fleets in home sector 1100 and neighboring sector 1300. Actually because the 35 lvl vegas I hit were almost always taken in 1100 I got the bulk of my bp pieces from 1300.

    besides, too many vega fleets turns the game into mostly a farming game I'd think. when you're done with the vegas, then you have to wade through them to do FvF or FvB.

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