How To Destroy A Hover Tank

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How To Destroy A Hover Tank

Plan A

  1. Use a air unit bait it (Must faster than it).
  2. Bait to a platoon of Hellfire to fire the missile and Hover Tank will shoot the missile.
  3. In meanwhile use a Laser Tank that can outrange it.
  4. Finally The Hover Tank is destroyed.

Plan B

  1. Use the shock such as Shock Trooper and Shock Tank .
  2. Makes sure the unit is scattered to keeps the Hover Tank get shocked.
  3. Use any powerful unit that have much damage such as Hellstorm & Gladiator .

Plan C

  1. Send an Elite Rifleman to tank the damage since it's cheap to build/repair and the armor type makes it able to withstand a few hits.
  2. Quickly attack it with a Gladiator or two (At higher level the hover tank takes two shots to kill) or other high burst damage units.

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