SCUM - the FEDS - HGRD -Scourge , in 3300 to destroy it . (as stated)

  • Almighty Pitbull
    Almighty Pitbull
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    HGRD are a bunch of **** that cant win there own war and always ask for help

    you got kicked cuz you got a big mouth , nuff said. Dont whine about it. 

  • mason.dixen
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    I have a different point of view on all of this, its why we play the game.  We seek to dominate or work as a team, if that is not happening then we become board.  Vega Conflict will always need conflict in order to be entertaining. 

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  • Gemini_62
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    I agree with both VsUK and Mason. Nobody likes being ganked but you have to form teams in a game like this. you can be a loner and fly under the radar but eventually you'll be hit. for loners, relocating when trouble comes is your best defense, but when you're in a team you look out for each other even if it is as simple and throwing spam fleets up around your planet.

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