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are mass driver venoms any good with magnet 3 or should I use 2 to get higher dps

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    what for ?

    Usually for FvF (auto vega, but also reasonably ok for auto PvP like base guard) venoms are outfitted with lasers. 
    For base hitting they are usually outfitted with plasma.

    Maybe now that base lasers can get range upgrades, MD on venoms become more interesting for base hitting. Not too sure though since i believe the base lasers can outrange those too. Not worrying about it yet though, ill look into it when i actually run into such lasers making trouble for my circling battle ships.

    IF you use them for base hitting, the common argument is that bases dont move so you dont need magnets. That however doesnt tell the complete story. MDs without magnets fire again before their last projectile has hit the target. Circling venoms are quite a task to control as it is and you dont have time to prevent this by manually targetting another module when the last lethal shot is fired. So at least one extra shot will be wasted on each module. This can be prevented with magnets 2 but any higher would be a waste.

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    MD Battleships have a range of 6250. Optic V on Thermal = 500 shy of that if I recall (4500m + 1250). But to accomplish a good hit you have to skirt the edge of the module with your range arc and that is tricky even when you're sitting still.

    But yeah, with Magnets it is implied that this ship is for FvF. And I would also assume that these ships do not intend to get shot at (otherwise what is the point of the range?) So I'd go with lower DPS higher Magnets to ensure that the shots connect with potentially angular traveling targets.

    I don't play much anymore =(
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    For FvF gladious 1 and mag 1 go very well on venoms and autoing vegas.  The DPS is great and the speed catches almost everything but i got agree that in a base MD surpasses.

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