Opening a lvl40 (new) cargo with free repair.

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Setup is at end of movie, thx for watching :D

  • TheRealJudge
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    nice demo Boermojo  :D

    Order in the court !

  • Kaiserz
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    Sadly not everyone have NH =/ (i do)


  • Krazie243
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    Strafe 5? Wow... not sure even we higher level people want to waste the time getting to that point just to knock these back. I congratulate you on your victory without repairs, but I can do it for roughly the same repair time with Rear 4 which can be researched far sooner. Heck, because I've prioritized other things I'm nearly level 39 and I don't even have Strafe 5 yet. This is an endgame fleet, not exactly something people are going to be using often.

    I don't play much anymore =(
  • BoerMojo
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    True, not everyone has strafe5, i have almost all the tech and still need to research revs lol while im level 37. With strafe 4 it can also be done but then you need little bit more DPS on ship 4 and 5.

    I had that setup before this setup and didnt use armor on 4 and 5 with shock1so i could fit 3x md3 :D. That also works fine with free repair.

    I like this setup because it goes quicker then rears.

  • Ashenista
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    BoerMojo  well done, good video

    figjam, cann't you ever just say "well done", and not comment how you can do it better, this is not all about you or "we higher level people" as tho you are god's gift to VC.

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    Nice boer.  Thanks for your time.

  • Tony Luff
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