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I would like to know exactly how do you straff in combat. I've read the battle buttons thread and it's not real clear. I get the right click and drag thing but not the straffing. I have straff propulsion on my ships too.
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    all you need to do is selct all ships then use the right mouse button..point to an empty spot to the left or right of your fleet. to strafe just keep clicking left and right it will m ove the ships 
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    There is no SELCT ALL............

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    Tall Guy said:

    There is no SELCT ALL............

    Yes there is.  It's a button in the bottom of the screen beside the "X" button that stops the movement of your currently selected ship(s).  When you strafe, you have to select the ships you are going to use (or select all), and click right on your mouse for them to strafe.

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