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OG Kush
OG Kush
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Hello, just started playing yesterday and forgive me if this has been asked a lot as I haven't had much time to look around in the forums as of yet. I've been able to get up to lvl 14 in about 1 day and i have built up 4 harrier fleets that I use to just sit and auto attack the 1-5 cargo fleets basically non-stop with hardly no damage at all to my fleets. However They will not succeed when trying to auto attack 7 - 10's. Now if I command them I can do 7 - 10's just fine but I'm looking for a way to auto attack them so I don't have to fight it out with them and farm them like i do the 1-5's.

Question is can I spec the harriers in a way to succeed the auto attacks on the 7-10's or will I have to get carriers to do that? If so is there a good guide or site that can help guide my build so that I can be prepared to auto attack the even higher ones 13 - 17's?

Thanks in advance for helping out a noob!

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    Well OG Kush, up until the update about 24h ago, people were able to auto on their cargos with rancor ships fitted with blaster (beam previously known) 3's, shock shields, and all that jazz. Before that, it was known that people can do lvl 35's with two full fleets of harriers (shock II, 2x beam 2's, and Iradium Armor I) or less (for those who are better) while piloting (manual if you will). When I first started, I used to hit cargos 1-5 with 2 rail 1's on both slots corvettes in an away and stop fashion (since they have that 360 degree strike view), and 7's with a full fleet of them in the same fashion. Now with this update in place, who really knows. We are also finding ways to auto our cargo, but the returns are small. So you're stuck with one of two options: 1. you can play this half-assed game and hope you can find that niche that will suit you, or 2. you can find a game that is worth playing in the meanwhile until KixEye fixes this mess.

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  • OG Kush
    OG Kush
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    Cool, thanks for the advice, I'll just play around with some things til I can get it to work. Right now I just have 6 harrier fleets split up between 2 vega bases autoing the 1-5's constantly. It's a rough way to make res but i can pull in about 1.5mil an hour with it and only a few seconds of repair on a fleet with full cargo. It's enough for right now as i'm still a low level but the easy upgrades aren't going to last for long I can see that now.

  • Blazzztor
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    i just started too, farming lvl 1,2,3,5 cargos, lvl 7 cargo doing 50% dmg to my fleet and i have to go back and re-pare and lvl 5 cargo didn't do any dmg to me.

    lvl 1 cargo 5k res

    lvl 2 cargo 7k res

    lvl 3 cargo 10k res

    lvl 5 cargo 15k res

    lvl 7 cargo 28k ses but need repare ...

  • Cliffsam98
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    You can't auto level 30 to 40 VEGA cargo anymore with Rancors, you might be able to do it o planet cargo.

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  • Kaiya
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    You can auto anything in planet with rancors now, though you may or may not get insta repairs depending on your set up. and you CAN Auto 33 vega sector fleets with rancors as of 5 minutes ago I am doing it. Search the forums and look for posts with the set ups.

  • Superbeedy
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    You can auto anything inplanet with instant repairs , AM discluded after update, but still autoable. you CAN auto sector vega but youd need specific builds in a certain fleet order to minimize damage and even then they might split wrong, better done with venoms, or mixed

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