Mass Driver Revs for Basing. Opinion?

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I was thinking Mass Driver Revs with 2x Shock IV - Rear V and MDs (No mags) for basing. 

Opinions? Worth it or not?

The rev has more speed and manueverabillity but less power than battleship. It can more easily dodge Plasma and survive more hits. You should fly the Revs like battleships, circling the base. Make sure not to fly into Laser Vs. 

I think main problem is insufficient dps. 

  • chuckee49
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    you probably don't need rear 5 if your going to circle and snipe, you could save a little weight and add dps

  • Scruffy Nerf Herder HGRD
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    Using a cruiser for circling you are also missing the 25% range bonus for the battleships.  Not saying it can't work, but you will be closer to the action.

  • Krazie243
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    Nothing a Cruiser can hold will range a Laser. So while this would be relatively useful against a Laser-less base, it would get stomped by any normally built one.

    I don't play much anymore =(
  • TheHolyAsdf
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    Mass Drivers outrange Laser Vs - Need to be very careful and attentive when circling

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