please help me fight frigate vs battle ship.

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Harrier vs Rancor at this point, but i suppose at higher grades the same principles might hold true.

with 4 railgun harriers, i can beat vagas up to level 17 without a scratch. Lvl 20 however i rarely succeed. If i succeed, it is because i used 1 ship to "steer" the enemy rancor while others kill it. But it is based mostly on luck and i am never really sure if my 'steering" efforts are gonna work out. And that is only against 1, against multiple rancors i am absolutely helpless.

Please help me, what tactics to use with harriers vs rancors. Obviously i am gonna need a different weapon that actually hits the rancors and the right shield. Then i suppose i can win by brute force if there arent too many of them rancors. I want to learn tactics though. I tried circling, but the rancor seems to turn faster than i can circle around it even flying forward, let alone strafing and shooting at it. I try using 1 rancor as decoy while the others are in its safe zone, but it seems to unpredictable.

What are your most important tactics, and in the case of higher level frigates that allow specials, what do you use to help you perform these tactics ?

Can formulate what exactly is the rancors AI behaviour. When does it just turn around unmoving? when does it move forward? what position limits in regard to its target where it will start or stop moving ? etc

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    First things first - Use Shock 2 shields on Harriers for cargos. Pretty sure it fits, or maybe it's Shock 1. But you want to have the explosive resistance and enough shields to survive a while. Additionally, using railguns has very low DPS and you might have some difficulty hitting them. Though it might seem like a pain you should consider lasers. Steer the ship with a decoy and race the others in. With sufficient firepower you should smite the Battleship before it gets a chance to turn and fire back much. Even with multiple you can just keep spinning around the ship staying in the blind spot. If you get into a situation where you are no longer in the blind spot split your ships and separate them by 90 degrees around the target. You'll lose the ones that stay in the firing arc, but the others will find their way into the blind spot and shoot the ship down.

    The Battleship AI is as follows - it tries to ensure that you will be in its firing range at all times. If you are too far away to turn and fire at it will move forward while maintaining one of its sides slightly towards you such that if you were to stay still the Battleship would come by you with its firing range directly on you and begin circling you. It basically moves to make it such that you are in the middle of the firing range at approximately 90% of the max distance it can fire.

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    Build automatic instant repair rancors for doing this
    have shock2, scatter missiles2, and rear thrust, 2 of them can do level 17s and under with instant repair
    if you have shock3, plasma battery1s, and rear thrusters, 2 of them can do level 17s and under with instant repair even better
    if you have shock3, 4 poloron guns, rear thrusters, optics1 and whatever armor you can fit, preferably iridium, 3 of them can take a level 23 and under instant repair
    if you have shock3, 4 polorons, rear thrusts, and optics2, a fleet of them can do all, 27 and under, instant repair

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    Thanx, the issue is that i dont have rancors yet :) 

    I just cant stay in the blind spot though with my harriers. Even if i am very close to the rancor, it turns faster than i can circle around it. :(

    I did now change one of my groups of harriers to be rancor fighters. They have a variation of weapons, some scatter, some lasers and 1 with a single plasma battery. Weigt filled with max plasma batteries. This will beat a rancor and thus a level 20, but i usually take considerable damage. Against multiple rancors i still fail :(

    Its just so anoying up to lvl 17 not getting a single scratch, lvl 20 is a disaster. I guess i now understand why they used to build battle ships with cannons to the side like they did centuries ago..

    superbeedy, you are talking auto attack ? 

    I should have rancors tomorrow i guess :p

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