Base Attacking - Damaged Outposts and DP

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Over the weekend, a huge majority of the bases on the map got plundered and sent into DP. Which is fine, I suppose. It's faster, more gainful, and more engaging than mining. However, in the last two days, a lot of bases have come out of their initial DP and again become potential targets... or have they?

I occasionally find opportunities for attacking locally, but more often end up on ten-to-fifteen minute long trips to hit remote ones... Only to find that they're already flattened completely. I don't mind hitting a partial base and getting partial loot, but it's a huge time-waster to finally get to a target, enter battle, and have it end immediately. Plus, without a shot fired, it tells me "You damaged (name)'s outpost!" and sends them right back into DP.

Two suggestions:
First, if you click on a base that's been leveled completely, rather than giving the "Attack at your own risk!" message, have it say something else, and disallow attacking until the owner has logged in and started repairs.
Second, show the health percentage of non-DPed bases THAT ARE UNDER A CERTAIN LIMIT (say, 25% or lower) next to the username under the base. Possibly in red...

Such as: (35) William The Conquorer (16%)

The Damage Protection itself is another issue entirely, but I've seen that addressed elsewhere.
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    I totally agree with the first suggestion.

    But would this be better located in the Bugs and Suggestions forum?
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    The bigger problem, now that most of the map is in damage protection, and a lot of players appear not to be active and repairing, the problem of empty sectors has become greater
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