Major glitches!!!

Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell
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Alright, im in game, Im mining some oil, minding my own business, when someone comes and attacks me.
Im like "Alright, ill just go recapture the oil platform again right?"
Apparently, something is going on that prevents people from capturing, mining, attacking bases, and even recalling their fleets.
  • majestic
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    i am starting to get these glitches too. i am level 12 been playing for a couple of days, all of a sudden today game is messed up.
  • Asian_Gangsta64
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    Yeah Im having all these glitches right now and Im PISSED! It all started after the update, I had two fleets attacking a salvage, I couldnt join the battle though, I reload then It shows I never captured the salvage, I got stuck in base attack. WHAT GOING ON!?
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    there is a bug reports board...
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