The Mighty Hellstorm - stats, facts, tips

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    how come my hellstorm turns back to veteran 1 i just upgraded it an hour ago for lvel 2 veteran
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    Still the most useful air unit, even though they do not penetrate most thoriums and rogues without hellfires. I just wish they didnt use so much airspace and that I could occasional try a havok or something else!
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    For some useful Tips on How to Use the HS effectively see

    The Hellstorm WCwikia page and go down to "Tips on Hellstorm Usage" section.


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    the hellstorms  works great with the hellfires tanks in taking out a base even if they do have gats in it

    This is right. HS are good in a combined attack. To defend against them fill your base with ERMs. Although Storms have a greater range the rockets won't get through.

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    man the day we get hellstorm schems is the day pass out from happiness 

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    gatling Trucks are not a big deal for Hellstorms. to stop HS you need stingers towers and flak tanks. gatling damage is too low for HS big missiles. Herculies are better than gats for HS

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    If a player's base can be destroyed by 5 HS only, then that player needs to fix their base lol.

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