Operation deadpoint 2 quick tip

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In DP1 we had issue with platoons spawning just in turrets range in fortress waves. Most of you that managed to get to 84 probably found this very annoying. I dont know if it will happen on normal servers, but if...heres one tip how to deal with it. 

All you need to do it to make platoon with 4 squads. Squad 1 and 2 always landed in fire zone(at least in my case). 3rd and 4th spawned behind 1 and 2 spots, making it safe. I've sent ticket to kixeye back then but just recived "mass response" without any helpful information
In squad 1 and 2 put one erm. I choose erms because they use least space. Most important units put in squad 4.


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    Thanks for this tip, it will certainly save some repair times :)
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    Thanks for the tip just in case it happens.
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