Base attacking problems

Burn Nad Alejandro
Burn Nad Alejandro
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edited 18 Apr 2011, 10:13PM
Cutlass not working properly
Attack time is too short
Damage Protection is too sensitive
and non compliant base like this:


water channels must be 2 blocks wide to be passable, but with the current building system, its possible to create a 1 block wide channel.
  • Backyard Bob
    Backyard Bob
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    Cutlass not working properly

    in what way?

    We're aware of the corners issue.
  • lerige
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    i did have some ships blocked at landfill's corner too
  • Vocal
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    I've had a few issues and thoughts.

    - Agreed on the time issue. It's mostly due to how slowly the ships move, there simply isn't the time to actually take someone's base down often.
    - The land placement is a big problem. Not just the corners thing, but the snaking-land-makes-moat issue. I've seen several base designs that I simply cannot mimick, presumably because the land requirement of 'that is too far from the center of your base' did not exist when they were built. That, or I do not understand how the 'too far' rule works. At all.
    - At the moment, you can make bases where it is essentially impossible to loot anything other than some outlying harvesters, not just down to illegal lang placement, but also the nature of moats and range etc, especially once you factor in flak. Short of searching for people who haven't adopted that tactic, there's not much point in base raiding right now.
  • Joshua Tinker
    Joshua Tinker
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    yes base design is becoming important now we can attack them. i rebuilt my narrow zigzag channel just in case it got auto adjusted. the base is a lot more easily lootable. but ....come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...
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