Sector Eight Pirates Alliance

Kevin Cota
Kevin Cota
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edited 18 Apr 2011, 7:04PM
Just as the name implies we are the Sector Eight Pirates. If your in Sector 8 come and join us. No requirements except being in sector eight. There will be a probation period for new members.
In Sector Eight? Yes. Need an alliance? Yes. Wanna join? Yes.

  • Xturnal Pokey
    Xturnal Pokey
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    i'll join,lvl 22 and 3 fleets of BBs :)
    Aussie BYM alliance Join now! Aussie aussie aussie!!! oy oy oy!!

    Favourite post :p
    George: What the hell did you do to him? Never seen him work a day in my life.
    Luke: Demoted him and threatened his life. Works wonders.
    George: ****. I’m gonna try that sometime.
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