Noob is looking for help with space ships fits for AM fleets farm

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Hey all 

I am new in this game and looking for tips,-how to farm 20 lvl  or higher antimatters fleets. I dont know what space ships to use with what fits and how much ships of each type must be in fleet. Please help  i have all space ships until Rancor battle ship ( Rancor too) :)
plastell 1-5 lvl,
 tritanium 1-3 lvl, 
iridium 1 lvl, 
pulse laser 1-5 lvl, 
railgun 1-5 lvl, 
scatter.m 1-3 lvl, 
beam laser 1-2 lvl,
rear thrusthers 1-2 lvl,  
s. thrusters 1-2 lvl,
iridium magnets 1 lvl,
sweap louncher 1 lvl,
basic chargo 1-3 lvl,
rotation thrusters 1-2 lvl,
Plz help :)
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    what lvl are you? Do you need AM for an upgrade?
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    i am 21 lvl player and AM is needed for me for uprades. I am asking for help because cant find  it in forum :( fleet setup to farm Am fleets,- what kind of spaceships, number of them in the fleet, spaceships fits), thanks a lot for help
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    I recommend Gens or Harriers. Gens can have thrusters and PBs or such and use run tactics. Build up to Exos if you can as they are awesome at taking AMs. I use Beam Exos against AM 30s and take only enough damage for instant repairs.
    I don't play much anymore =(
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