Giant Thorium with Watchtower, 2 Strongholds and a Bunker in Cross Formation

Gareth Aspin
Gareth Aspin
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I actually thought that this new design of Giant Thorium looked easy until I lost Three Platoons of Tanks and Four Platoons of hellfires lol!!!!

The design has all the bunkers next to each other in a cross formation and contains a Watchtower with two strongholds in front of it and then a bunker in front of that. All these are surrounded by the turrets.

Has anyone got a video on how to do this design?
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Sickles:- Collossus, Havoc, Behemoth, Vanguard

Wishlist:- Valk Schematic, FAV Schematic, Enforcers,  Hover Tank

  • emadnz
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    this is the easiest one i have ever did. from left side use hellstorms to act on the flak turret. By same time use 1 toon of megas to distroy two of the ground bunkers. noting that u gonna lose these two toons. before acting on the whale thing u need to take out the suciat tanks and distroy them. after this step do what i mentioned above. 

    am thinking the version with the air bunker and full of elite megas is the most diff. since i donna have the hellfires to support.
    this is my personal openion,

    best of luck
  • Politto_Land
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    I do this configuration with elite hellfires + hellstorm. All of the turrets on the left can be leveled this way easily just target the plasmas/mortars with hellstorm, and target the machine guns/flak turrets with your hellfires. After that the 4 bunkers are prone to your megas, or hellfires whatever.

    You can bait the snipers in bunkers with 1 mega tank, I use one lvl 11 enforcer for that.
    Also you can hit the cyro with your hellfires, you just need one unit to bait its attack.
    Take a mind on that the bunkers have shock troopers in them. I mostly charge my hellfires, one disabled hellfire is not much.
    If you feel the anti air is too strong you can lauch one skybolt missile to disable the bunkers. Effect guaranteed.
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