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Minor Nuisance
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War Commander Base layout designs @  Please support this site and click an ad ;) This site is useful if you are trying to plan a new base setup but need ideas.
  • funkdaddy
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    Nice to see how others defend, attached my base below (LeeBMC, Sector 30)
  • BladeSol
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    i like this. will help later on when i get to that lvl.
    Member of Alliance SAMY of sector 104
    current prizes: Elite Hellfire, warhawk, reg/elite gatling truck, laser tank, attack dog, halcyon, shock tank, drone silo, ERM, and working on gettting more

    wanted prizes:unique units, hs/ehs, EHF schematic, FAV, Elite Mega tank, reg/elite valks+ schematic, Plasma Turret, Elite Shock Tank, and anything else that will give me an edge in events to come.
  • Saska53
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    thks for the imfo
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    I have basically same design except I put 4 level 11 enforcer in my base, instead of laser tanks. flak tanks hidden under a few outer bldgs.

    Niced concept.

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