How to take SS bases with only 5 Raptors level6 [PATCHED]

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    i'm sure you're stuck at lvl5
    level up first then say it's exploit and your hope will never be true
    kixeye knows this better than anyone else

    It is an exploit, and besides it should be fixed if people use it on player bases. For SS it is useful to use it but people will spam bases with this and thus it needs to be fixed. Shame that people have to exploit such things to win over other players, or even use exploits on players period.
    Also for some reason it put this in the quote box...

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    do parents really not teach their kids things like good sportsmanship any more?

    it is a glitch.

    targeting a building and then ending attack involves ZERO skill.  I don't even know why people are saying 'good job'.  

    it doesn't seem like much now because you are attacking a rouge, but when peoples bases get attacked like that people get mad.  and they should get mad.  Its a cheap way to win and is not supposed to happen by the rules in the game.  If such an attack style was allowed in the rules of the game NO base would be safe no matter what you did.  Then the game would get boring and people would leave.

    you might as well just design it so the raptor takes zero damage no matter what at that point.
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    I didn't saw the video... but how come u said (No lose)...Flack Turrets and Gats and bunkers and (No Lose)
    I am sure there is some thing wrong....loool
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    LooooL.. I saw the Vidio.. U call this (No Lose).... if it is.. I can open it with e-RifleMan...... loool

    Hit...End.. so on

    But It's a good Idea 4 players who don't have strong units
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    What'll happens when the game freeze or u DC?

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    Mr. Islam2227, please watch the video and understand it before you spam the comments with useless remarks. Learn proper English and stop spoiling our Religion's name.
    The OP is using what is called the "Raptor Glitch". Because Raptors have a long range but fly over their target, someone with a good clicking reflex can end the attack right before the raptor takes damage, meaning it takes no damage. It is considered a Noob tactic, much like spamming ERifles.
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