How do you create groups?

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Does anyone know how to create a group.  The combat instructions don't work.  CNTRL 1 to create a group and SHIFT to add a ship to the group doesn't work.
  • Silligoose
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    When in battle:

    1) Select the ships you would like to bind to a number (left-click the first ship, right-click additional ships, OR hold spacebar, left-click hold and drag the selection box over the ships you would like to select)
    2) Press and hold ctrl, then press the number you would like the selected ships (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6)
    3) Release ctrl

    The ships selected should now be bound to the selected number and pressing said number should automatically select those ships during that battle.

    If this does not work, it is likely a bug.

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    i never use group controls before and never use that in future too

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    i never use group controls before and never use that in future too

    I bet you're one of the best combat fighters..
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    Without the use to keyboard number controls - You're micro is very, very limited i say. I rapidly bash the 1-6 numbers when pvping using Talons to get them strafe and turn in all different directions simultaneously. Takes far too long to select them with mouse. 
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