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Ready to begin building rancors and have a couple questions how to use them
1. should I use them for close range assault ships or long range fire support
2 should I use them primarily for base hitting, or FvF
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    I use mine for lv 15-17 npc's using plasma shots with a harrier to distract. Line up the rancors with the broadsides facing out, and you'll win. They should be good for base warfare too. Not so good in pvp, since they are too slow.
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    At your level and situation, rancors are great for FvF, especially holding positions, stalling and guarding your base. If you were to use them to FvF I would advise putting on Scatter Missiles or Plasma Batteries combined with Beam Laser for each one, this gives it the range necessary to outrange  Frigates and the DPS necessary to deal with enemy tank-ish ships such as genesis, or exodus depending on the state of your sector. If you are to use them for FvF, your task is actually very simple, due to the recent update their AI is superb and will likely pilot better than you do if you are a beginner pilot as the AI is sharp, can micro-manage perfectly (It is a computer afterall) and applies great flanking tactics.

    All you need to do for AI to take over is to engage with that fleet and wait, I would NOT advise checking on the fleet as doing so stops the AI movements usually at a critical spot, which can be disasterously at times.

    Rancors are also good for base-hitting but requires superior microing skills and piloting skills to be fully effective. The recommended weapons are the longest you can muster and for thrusters the preference is split between rotation and rear. The tactic here involves outranging your enemy's heavy beams while quickly outrunning the enemy gauss towers while going around taking the towers out/****, it is usually advised to use a few separate groups circling from the two directions in order to dodge fire best. For dealing with Plasma Batteries, it is slightly more difficult and in this case rear thrusters are recommended. 

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