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    Then quit since you fail at life.. Boaz Shako rofl battle pirats it can takes a week to make a ship a few hours well buy some gold and speed it up

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    This topic was about antimatter!? I know it says it in the title and all but...nevermind. Time to get relevant.

    I fail to see the problem here in finding this item, the makers of this game have done everything EXCEPT hand it to players.

    Allow some light to be shed on this, and then I will gladly let this post die.

    First off, how rare is antimatter? Think hard, its something we as a species cannot even find let alone contain yet, but we know its there because of the marks it leaves.

    This is a space game, so we have found a way to not only detect it, but contain it and utilize it (somehow) in construction. It is and should be one of the most prized and valued resources in the game, and that can only be reflected by making it 1, rare or 2 VERY hard to liberate.

    Now before any kixeye devs get the idea that I am saying things are too easy and make antimatter guarded by a fleet of blitzing ultraharriers, I would venture to say its current availability is within acceptable margins.

     Its neither too common nor to sparse since we are forced to find it in the first place. If sectors become highly saturated an adjustment may be in order, however we have preexisting  proof that the game is balanced correctly to full capacity.

    I direct you to my proof of this, sector 100. As the first sector established they would become the first sector to reach capacity or be the closest to it. Seeing as the game has gone live and looking at planets in 100 I see no large gaps to fit bases into I dare venture that the sector is full. After fighting with sector 100 for as long as I have, I am inclined to say they are not lacking antimatter as their researches are progressing.

    This IS for the sake of feedback. All opinions are encouraged BUT remember that all opinions are subject to a cross examination by your fellow players no matter how harsh.

    Conclusion: Antimatter is currently fine as is. Revisit at a later date.


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