[Feedback] Battle Pirates Update 6/6/2013

  • samsquanch1
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  • d039901
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    Games glitching pretty badly ... might want to take a look developers ... combat is kind of a wreck.
  • someonehere
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    LAG is Nasty

    Sticking in battles...

    And arrow commands (up arrow) not working atm
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  • davec415
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    why are the drac base's still bubbled. Is salvaging elite the only way to get reputation?
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  • Max Joe
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  • Jean-Pierre Despault
    Jean-Pierre Despault
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    game playing like a broken record now.
  • MagicSarap
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    We are investigating a number of the lag and stuck in battle issues that players are experiencing.
  • ParagonD
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    LAG is Nasty

    Sticking in battles...

    And arrow commands (up arrow) not working atm
    Definitely bad lag in battles - my ship's moving one step forward, half a step back - even the missiles are juddering, which makes battles fairly painful lol.

    Can't say about the arrows though, as I was only ranking up 1 MC-X.
    No chance of getting anywhere now. Most friends have left the game thanks to changes, and given the crazy chores now I'll doubtless join them.
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    Ok also getting kicked out of battle.  and the ships are jerky.  
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  • OdenTheBlack
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    stuck in battle, ships jumping back and forth lol
  • seth mad dog
    seth mad dog
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    Alot of people in sector can't control their fleets in battle. I tried a longship and I could control it kinda but was very jerky,like it was losing battle connection, every few seconds but corrected itself.
  • Max Joe
    Max Joe
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    CANT JOIN THE BATTLE THEY ARE KICKING MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The_Hand_of_Thrawn
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    Ascension said:
    Whatever it is, there will be people complaining about it within 20 minutes.
    Well, you would complain too if your fleet was stuck in battle for 20 minutes
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    Just hit repair
  • andy_v
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    It's broke.  LOL  
  • global 1
    global 1
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    stuck in a 55 OP lag is awful
  • The Gnome King
    The Gnome King
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    Glitch glitch glitch

    Stuck in battles

    thrown out of battles

    frikkin garbage
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  • tipstir
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    Make sure you test those lag from away from your location also since a lot of us are not at your company site. These issue plague all of us off site in our homes, business etc. Like something is not packet buffering correctly. 
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  • Mark.Baumgartner1974
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    Epic lag and stuck in Battle

  • Monarch1st
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    The latest release, the one that happened about 15 min ago, is unplayable.
    From battles that are empty, to ships that jump around the map, to ships that hiccup every 2/3 second in the tactical screen, this latest releast is unplayable.
    Please revert to the last one, and do some more testing.

  • Captn_Grumpy
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    when doing battle with another fleet or trying to take a salvage, weapons fire starts and stops mid air.  ships also are not moving as smoothly as they used to
  • Diesel_M
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    first lvl 37 and stuck in battle and when try to join says battle ended. this is happening all over sector. 
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  • DrFeelgo0d
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    went to hit a base took forever to engage tried to use my rocket after the 4th click it finally worked, yet my ships decided to move as well 
  • xdoghouse7
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    pull out, pull out. Fisting symbol sucks. God my arse hurts.
    Please pull back the upgrade immediately. Lost MCX and DNX fleets to masterbating boats. Please fix. Can't play.
  • Max Joe
    Max Joe
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  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill
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    so just let me get this straight still cant hit drac bases and 55 elites are the only way to get 10 crew points? what kind of bs is this?
  • david.jordan.626
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    Thanks again for messing with the big players Kix:

    • Once a player reaches Level 35 or higher, Salvage Fleets no longer give Reputation."
  • The_Jerk
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    Ships are jerky in battle, missiles are not even close to what is being targeted, phalanx are doing u-turns, long after a torpedo tower goes down it keeps firing, I mean for several more rounds.

    This is straight up unacceptable at this point, adding rogue crews should not create this much of a mess.
  • gelly
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    Your right about people complaining. Fleets are jumping backwards in battle, weapons not hitting target, so come on MODS, earn your keep and get it forwarded, ticket submitted


  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill
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    this is another kixeye moment.... when they say ohhh !@#$ we done messed up the game again.
  • Kickass BDS
    Kickass BDS
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    The CREW slot should NOT be at the end of the regular ship slots. It should be underneath on the right. condense the fleet stats and move the CREW slot on the right hand side. this should have been a no-brainer for the design team.... as it stands swapping fleets quickly will just be more of a pain now, just the same as the stupid message tab being right on top of the attack tab....probably the same brainwave that had both of those ideas...this is a pretty easy thing to see if you actually play the game. do you not consult actual players before u make big changes??
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