Account migration-2 identities synced- lost post/topic count- games stats/lifetime resources reset

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Bean said:
It's come to our attention that there has been some issues logging in and having all your account info. We'd like to get this fixed for you as quickly as possible. To do so, please tell us what method you used to login and what account info you are missing:
  1. Login with Facebook or Forum name or Email?
  2. Are you games working?
  3. Is your forum account the same?
  4. (WIngdragon) Usernames are now case-sensitive. 
Our crack team of developers are chomping at the bit to get this one fixed.
My post and topic count is missing from my wall, also my "lifetime resources" in "game stats" have been reset to zero.

1) logged in with forum name originally (remember me ticked), but since then I have logged in with facebook (I thought this may of fixed the issue)

2) my games are working

3) ?

The thread that I made linked below may shed some light on the 2 seperate entities that were linked to my forum name/account, this thread also shows my post and topic count.

To save you chasing threads all around the forums I've pasted the two entites that are noted in the above thread in seprate links below.

1st entity with post and topic count <~~~click on this one and then click "forum replies" you will see my forum name in replies to other threads

2nd entity shows all my correct Battle pirates info minus post and topic count. <~~~~~This entity is the one that displays now, but has all the missing information from the entity above aswell as the missing lifetime resources that I have added in the Addendum below.

My lifetime resources looted has been reset to zero, although when I looked at it yesterday it was @ approx 24,000,000,000 (logged in on the facebook platform and it confirms this to be 24,539,733,610 and rising)
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